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Sat Oct 28 13:15:21 GMT 2023


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Fri Aug 11 23:55:58 GMT 2023 From /weblog/career/jobs

nice advice of how to get a job

There are four ways of going about this…

[1] – Submit your resume to a job site like Monster, and wait…

[2] – Attend various on-campus recruiting efforts…

[3] – Work with a recruiter…

[4] – Get recommended by a friend on the inside…

[1] and [2] are most ppl doing, [4] is nice if you have such friend, the best choice to trying [3]. More detail at[..]inding-a-programming-job-on-wall-street/

Focusing is important -[..]-do-other-things-before-my-job-hunt.html

Focus on suitable company -[..]4/04/job-search-trap-spray-and-pray.html

5 ways to build your career strategy on LinkedIn -[..]o-build-your-career-strategy-on-linkedin

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Wed Aug 09 13:38:35 GMT 2023 From /weblog/science/animal


Bear hibernation: More than a winter’s nap -[..]d/2022/bear-hibernation-more-winters-nap

Bears avoid muscle atrophy during “hibernation” — and it’s mainly due to their superblood -[..]-its-mainly-due-to-their-blood-18072022/

fascinating-little-known-facts-about-polar-bears -[..]-known-facts-about-polar-bears/?view=all

Snoozing in flower beds? Behold the bears of summer --[..]n-flower-beds-behold-the-bears-of-summer

China zoo says its bears aren’t people in bear costumes -[..]its-bears-arent-people-in-bear-costumes/

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Fri Aug 04 06:16:25 GMT 2023 From /weblog/health/sport


Standing on one leg is a sign of good health – and practising is good for you too -[..]alth-and-practising-is-good-for-you-too/

8 Examples of Isometric Exercises for Static Strength Training -[..]lth/fitness-exercise/isometric-exercises

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Fri Aug 04 06:06:08 GMT 2023 From /weblog/health


Study: Watching TV as a Child Linked to Adult Health Problems -[..]-a-child-linked-to-adult-health-problems

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Wed Aug 02 14:31:35 GMT 2023 From /weblog/health


Aloe -[..]reatments/ss/slideshow-aloe-uses-dangers

A Day in the Life of Psoriatic Disease -[..]soriasis/psoriatic-21/surprise-psoriatic

什麼是狼瘡? -

After two hours, sunscreen with zinc can lose effectiveness and become toxic -[..]/?goal=0_3b5aad2288-859ad49abd-242734313

Petroleum Jelly: Health Benefits and Uses -[..]tments/ss/slideshow-petroleum-jelly-uses

"slip on a shirt, slop on sunscreen and slap on a hat." -[..]-why-childhood-sunburns-are-so-dangerous

Leprosy: the ancient disease scientists can't solve -[..]he-ancient-disease-scientists-cant-solve

Bad Bugs Slideshow: Identifying Bugs and Their Bites -

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Tue Aug 01 13:03:49 GMT 2023 From /weblog/health/food


Omega-3 fatty acids are more critical for your health than we thought -[..]e/omegas-reduce-inflammation-lung-health

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Sun Jul 30 14:11:08 GMT 2023 From /weblog/learning


These 3 Hacks Will Make You Remember More -[..]will-make-you-remember-more-b30a3d9b3136

When trying to memorise new material, it’s easy to assume that the more work you put in, the better you will perform. Yet taking the occasional down time – to do literally nothing – may be exactly what you need. Just dim the lights, sit back, and enjoy 10-15 minutes of quiet contemplation, and you’ll find that your memory of the facts you have just learnt is far better than if you had attempted to use that moment more productively. -[..]effortless-way-to-strengthen-your-memory

This one is funny: "Distract yourself. You might feel like you’re being super productive and focused by sticking to your work, but you’re less likely to recall it later." -[..]-and-it-can-actually-be-fun-99a9c9b95d5b[..]proof-techniques-to-enhance-your-memory/[..]-make-you-smarter?ocid=global_future_rss

Drawing something makes it easier to remember than writing it down -[..]drawing-better-than-writting-memory-0432[..]s-your-memory-is-stranger-than-you-think

Frustrated at forgetting stuff? Some simple tricks could have dramatic positive effects.
1) Walk backwards
2) Do a drawing
3) Do some exercise, but get the timing right
4) Do nothing
5) Take a nap[..]-ways-you-could-become-a-memory-champion

In animals, weight training appeared to promote the creation of new neurons in the memory centers of the brain. -[..]w-weight-training-changes-the-brain.html

The method works something like this: you use a familiar environment, such as your home, and walk through the environment associating information (like words or digits) you want to remember with various objects or scenery. In order to recall the digits in the right order, you simply have to do a mental walk through your mind palace. In Lu’s case, he devised an intricate story, and assigned images such as a chair, a king or a horse to two-digit combinations of numbers ranging from “00” to “99.” -[..]e-but-theres-something-that-comes-close/

Most students take a laptop with them to lectures. But are there times when they might be better off taking a pad and pen? -[..]en-the-best-way-to-take-notes-is-by-hand

Use hand for memory -

“This was because using the device shifted the way that people used their memory to store high-importance versus low-importance information. When people had to remember by themselves, they used their memory capacity to remember the most important information. But when they could use the device, they saved high-importance information into the device and used their own memory for less important information instead,” Dr Gilbert explains. -[..]e/digital-devices-memory-aides-84634345/

跟福爾摩斯學記憶法 加拿大團隊用VR打造「記憶公寓」 -

The results were intriguing: those who were in the curious exploration mode performed better on the memory test. They correctly recognized more paintings and their associated values.
On the other hand, the group in the urgent mode proved better at remembering the paintings with the highest value compared to the people who were scouting the museum. Although they remembered fewer paintings, the total value of the paintings they could remember was about $230 higher than the collection of the 'curious thieves'. -[..]/?goal=0_3b5aad2288-3363a97685-242734313

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Sun Jul 30 14:04:42 GMT 2023 From /weblog/unix/script


An question about how to remove unused package from MacOSX turn out to be an example of "find" command:[..]find-command-in-unix-examples-basic.html

File Search tips in Linux -[..]iscussTopicParent=18272&ixDiscussGroup=3

Another search tip, example of find base on time and size, and how to compare with other files -[..]e-useful-unix-file-finding-commands.html

Like search by name, depth, size -[..]5-practical-linux-find-command-examples/

use 'find' to delete branch of file:

By time -[..]unix-linux-find-command-examples-part-2/

Use of empty -[..]010/03/find-empty-directories-and-files/

Find Anything You Need with fzf -[..]the-linux-fuzzy-finder-tool-f48dfd0092b4

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Fri Jul 28 07:43:45 GMT 2023 From /weblog/trip/travelling

south america

阿根廷的觀鳥天堂 -[..]

magnificent-torres-del-paine-national-park-photos-you-absolutely-have-to-see -[..]tos-you-absolutely-have-to-see/?view=all

Hotel next to Perito Moreno Glacier -


世界獨一無二 哥倫比亞彩虹河奇觀 -

【一生人一次】阿根廷最美行山路線 2日1夜無導遊欣賞Mt. Fitz Roy絶景 -[..]yle/20200304/M24ENXKLYKI7GI5VSDYIDC3LUQ/

【南美自由行】自駕遊阿根廷小瑞士40號公路 一次過睇晒七湖國家公園絕景 -[..]yle/20200310/3CTQQFMALEXULELXU2CAXBDTXY/

galapagos -[..]climate-change-impacts-iconic-creatures/

Peru -[..]/travel/destinations/south-america/peru/

Where on this warming planet, you ask, is the southernmost tree? Look no further: National Geographic sent a team to hunt it down. -[..]the-wind-blasted-trek-to-find-it-feature

Discover 10 secrets of Machu Picchu -

Archaeologists discover forgotten structures in Peru’s Machu Picchu -[..]n-structures-peru-machu-picchu-21012022/

An intact tomb revealed royal secrets of an ancient people in Peru -[..]yal-secrets-of-an-ancient-people-in-peru

Untouched by time, this pristine world soars high above the Amazon -[..]orld-soars-high-above-the-amazon-feature

Tepuis -[..]outh-americas-islands-in-the-sky-feature

Here’s why every foodie you know is heading to Peru -[..]c-dining-experiences-sacred-valley-cusco

Pakal the Great transformed this Maya city into a glorious center of power -[..]maya-city-was-a-glorious-center-of-power

Explore Inca life beyond Machu Picchu on this South American trail -[..]a-life-beyond-machu-picchu-on-this-trail

Saddle up for stellar views and gaucho culture in Patagonia -[..]f-the-grid-at-horse-ranches-in-patagonia

Visit the best beaches in South America -[..]/travel/article/best-beaches-where-to-go

The paradise in Brazil you don’t know—yet -[..]e/paradise-in-jalapao-state-park-cerrado

Chile’s new national park offers a glimpse of life in the cosmos -[..]ational-park-climate-change-super-blooms

The ultimate Andes road trip, from Chile to Bolivia -[..]ltimate-andes-road-trip-chile-to-bolivia

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Thu Jul 27 13:51:51 GMT 2023 From /weblog/science


Graphene -[..]/graphene-superconductor-insulator-43242

Around 40% of all the plastic we use is packaging. Single-use, plastic packaging. -[..]esign-revolution-plastic-design-02082018

Diamond -

Gold -[..]gold-that-might-just-amaze-you/?view=all

metallic-wood -

recycled plastic -[..]what-should-we-do-about-recycled-plastic

Scientists make an 18-atom ring of pure carbon -[..]sts-make-an-18-atom-ring-of-pure-carbon/[..]e/pumice-uses-structure-feature-geology/[..]are-alive-and-double-as-hi-tech-sensors/[..]t-are-its-main-types-a-simple-explainer/[..]/geology/roman-concrete-seawater-043432/[..]material-we-stuff-our-wine-bottles-with/

Volcano-dwelling beetle inspires new ‘passive cooling’ material -[..]e/longicorn-beetle-coating-heat-9325234/

Metal-eating bacteria discovered in dirty lab glassware -[..]e/metal-eating-bacteria-manganese-05235/[..]s-the-worlds-first-un-cuttable-material/

Persians were making proto-stainless steel 1,000 years ago -[..]ng-proto-stainless-steel-1000-years-ago/

Marine sponges inspire stronger, lighter skyscrapers and bridges -[..]tronger-lighter-skyscrapers-and-bridges/

The ancient fabric that no one knows how to make -[..]ary-fabric-that-no-one-knows-how-to-make

Citrus fruit stands poised to make transparent wood more sustainable, stronger, and more transparent -[..]ent-wood-citrus-monomers-upgrade-232524/

Algae-based material could revolutionize the fashion industry -[..]ould-revolutionize-the-fashion-industry/

New “meringue” material could make air travel much quieter -[..]/material-makes-flying-quieter-18062021/

為什麼義大利名琴的音色難以複製? -

To find shortcuts in material science, researchers are increasingly looking at artificial intelligence. -[..]aterials/ai-discover-materials-15072021/

Scientists turn water into shiny metal -[..]/?goal=0_3b5aad2288-551dd2c0a8-242734313

Strongest glass in the world can scratch diamonds -[..]/chemistry/strongest-glass-world-052352/

Barnacle-inspired glue can seal wounds in seconds, save lives -[..]cience/barnacle-glue-help-save-25082021/

Batman cloak-like chainmail switches from flexible to tough on command -[..]tches-from-flexible-to-tough-on-command/

The next innovative material for clothes? How about muscles -[..]erials/material-clothes-muscle-31082021/

Roman concrete from noblewoman’s tomb still stands strong 2,000 years later. Here’s why -[..]tands-strong-2000-years-later-heres-why/

Algorithms could help usher in a new material revolution. -[..]als/machine-learning-materials-18102021/

It may save your sandwich, but plastic wrap pollutes the planet. Is there a better solution? -[..]f-plastic-sticky-problem-of-plastic-wrap

The traditional building material is cooler, cheaper, and requires less energy to make. But convincing villagers in Burkina Faso to stick with mud isn't easy. -[..]ican-architects-choose-mud-over-concrete

3D printing living materials with bioink made entirely from bacteria -[..]with-bioink-made-entirely-from-bacteria/

Damascus steel: the forgotten metal used to forge some of the world’s most amazing blades -

What is stainless steel? -[..]science/what-is-stainless-steel-feature/

What color is a mirror? It’s not a trick question -[..]or-is-a-mirror-its-not-a-trick-question/

Why does bottled water have an expiration date? -[..]/water-bottles-expiration-dates-feature/

A new perspective on geology: scientists create incredibly detailed catalog of the origins of Earth’s minerals -[..]talog-of-the-origins-of-earths-minerals/

The story of how plastic was invented, and how it’s turned into a big problem -[..]d-and-how-its-turned-into-a-big-problem/

The secret to stronger cement has been hiding inside waste shrimp shells all along, says a new paper -[..]nt-shrimp-shell-nanoparticles-246245245/

Bricks made from waste oil stick to each other without mortar and could soon build a house near you -[..]cks-waste-oil-sticky-ecofriendly-623423/

Engineers use 19th-century photography technique to create stretchy, color-changing films -[..]to-create-stretchy-color-changing-films/

A new, super-tough hydrogel could be the knee replacement material of the future -[..]gel-knee-replacement-cartilage-92462452/

Scientists find unique material with its own memory, similar to human neurons -

Why plastic doesn't dry in the dishwasher -[..]why-plastic-doesnt-dry-in-the-dishwasher

How if we stop using plastic? -[..]would-happen-if-we-stopped-using-plastic

How cold welding works: fusing metals without heat -[..]elding-works-fusing-metals-without-heat/

Why is the Statue of Liberty so green? There’s more to it than just a pretty color -[..]res-more-to-it-than-just-a-pretty-color/

How Gold is made and how it got to our planet -[..]science/how-gold-is-made-science-064654/

Researchers uncover the secrets behind the insane durability of Roman concrete -[..]the-insane-durability-of-roman-concrete/[..]neering-has-lessons-for-the-modern-world

Ukrainian researcher who fled war shows how recycled concrete can help his country rebuild -[..]d-concrete-can-help-his-country-rebuild/

What’s behind lithium mining? Here’s all you need to know -

Why Game of Thrones’ Dragonglass is so deadly (obsidian)-[..]-post/game-thrones-dragonglass-obsidian/

What plastic is difficult to recycle -[..]most-plastic-cant-be-recycled/a-64978847

3D printing promises to transform architecture forever – and create forms that blow today’s buildings out of the water -[..]todays-buildings-out-of-the-water-198954

Archaeologists find the secret ingredient of Maya lime plasters -[..]secret-ingredient-of-maya-lime-plasters/

How did ancient cultures first discover iron? It fell from the sky. -[..]ancient-cultures-discovered-iron-feature

Can ‘enhanced rock weathering’ help combat climate change? -

New material can soak up record amounts of moisture from the air -[..]record-amounts-of-moisture-from-the-air/

Real-life invisibility cloaks are already here. But how do they work? -[..]entions-1/real-life-invisibility-cloaks/

Self-healing metal can repair itself just like human skin -[..]l-can-repair-itself-just-like-human-skin

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Mon Jul 24 13:01:15 GMT 2023 From /weblog/entertainment


讓我狠狠想你——王家衛電影的思念與愛情 -[..]%9D%E5%BF%B5%E8%88%87%E6%84%9B%E6%83%85/

十大最浪漫電影 -[..]A3%E5%B9%B4%E8%8F%AF-%E4%B8%8A%E6%A6%9C/

不按牌理出牌!影史10大即興演出 -[..]02/top-10-deadliest-horror-villains.html

歎為觀止的一鏡到底!影史著名12顆長鏡頭畫面 -

你是動作科幻迷嗎?影史40把知名槍械大集合! -

「我要打十個!」 回顧甄子丹7場精彩武打場面 -

喜劇之外:班史堤勒 -

中土世界的魔法師:彼得傑克森 -

Famous robots -

Robin Williams -[..]-actor-and-comedy-genius-robin-williams/[..]ilarious-stand-up-comedy-jokes-from.html

鈕承澤 -

Matrix -[..]hings-you-probably-didnt-know-about.html[..]/what-does-an-engineer-see-in-the-matrix

[專題] 從黑澤明的《七武士》淺談剪接在電影發展裡的奧祕 -

About Pulp Fiction -

Johnny Deep -

Inception -

Evolution of sound in movie -

聽到聲就知影!8 首知名角色登場配樂! -

[專題] 跟著老師動疵動!十部你不能錯過的歌舞電影 -

[專題] 最熟悉的陌生人:六位你一定要認識的電影片頭設計大師 -

傑克葛倫霍, Jake Gyllenhaal -

About "Back to the future" -[..]facts-you-probably-never-knew-about.html

Star war fact -[..]s-to-bring-out-your-inner-jedi/?view=all

Alan Rickman -[..]should-know-about-alan-rickman/?view=all

10 個不露骨卻讓人臉紅心跳的床戲-

[新聞] 亞洲電影大師之作!釜山國際影展評選出影史最佳亞洲電影前十名 -

Classic movies -[..]d%5B%5D=collection%3A%22feature_films%22

The Irishman -[..]%9B%E7%88%BE%E8%98%AD%E6%AE%BA%E6%89%8B/

超好用的看剧平台汇总 豆瓣热门连续剧电影推荐 -

[專題] 空虛寂寞覺得冷?影史10部知名寂寞電影作品 -

[新聞] 那些與我們成長的經典作品!IMDb 網站公佈近 25 年觀眾票選最佳電影 -

Francis Ford Coppola’s $100 Million Bet -[..]ord-coppola-50-years-after-the-godfather

“The Fabelmans” is a lightly fictionalized dramatization of the famous director’s childhood -[..]the-making-of-steven-spielberg-180981184

“It’s Going to Be Epic”: The Oral History of James Cameron -[..]ames-cameron-oral-history-titanic-avatar

菲利普·塞默·霍夫曼仍然是“大師”:記住他的 15 部最佳電影表演 -[..]formances-ranked/a-most-wanted-man-2014/

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Thu Jul 20 23:55:26 GMT 2023 From /weblog/trip/travelling


Europe at autumn -

Coldest city! -[..]tsk-in-russia-coldest-city-in-world.html

fascinating-facts-about-modern-greece -[..]ting-facts-about-modern-greece/?view=all

things-that-will-make-you-want-to-visit-greenland -[..]ke-you-want-to-visit-greenland/?view=all

If you've never been to Norway, this is what you've been missing out on. -[..]yone-needs-to-visit-norway-at-least.html

Great church -

Tips -

「世界最美海灘」的Navagio -[..]realtime/international/20140709/52671530

【夏日芬蘭】落水玩漂浮 氹氹轉望藍天 -[..]om/realtime/supplement/20140624/52619256

芬蘭的隱世桃源-在千湖之國尋找傳說中的姆明谷 -芬蘭的隱世桃源-在千湖之國尋找傳說中的姆明谷/

ALPS -[..]ns-you-should-definitely-visit-the-alps/

european-places-so-beautiful-you-might-cry -[..]ces-so-beautiful-you-might-cry/?view=all

In the mountains of the Czech Republic lies a 55 meter observation deck with a gigantic slide. Franek Company Architects built the slide in collaboration with Taros Nova and it stands at 1116 meters above sea level. -[..]-czech-republic-has-giant-slide-and.html

canary-islands -[..]-should-be-on-your-bucket-list/?view=all

Parthenon at Greek -[..]ting-facts-about-the-parthenon/?view=all

Alps -

prague -[..]ng-in-prague-is-not-a-bad-idea/?view=all

【托斯卡尼】Arezzo 阿雷佐・踏進電影《美麗人生》的山城場景 -

exotic-places-in-eastern-europe -[..]ces-in-eastern-europe-you-have-to-visit/

西伯利亞鐵路 2017, Travel to Russia with Train -[..]%259E%25E9%2590%25B5%25E8%25B7%25AF-2017

巴爾幹半島路線圖 - 實用篇 -

巴爾幹醉人風景 -

Best Fall Destinations To Visit in Europe -[..]5826429103&blog=12905715&frame_type=none

HIKING UP TO HIDDEN URSA BEACH – PORTUGAL -[..]5835773213&blog=11713667&frame_type=none

博物館化之斯德哥爾摩 -博物館化之斯德哥爾摩/

croatia -[..]s-about-croatia-you-probably-didnt-know/

絕代佳麗波圖 遺世之美耐人尋味 -

astounding-fairytale-like-european-castles-and-chateaus -[..]-european-castles-and-chateaus/?view=all

漫遊保加利亞 - 出發前資訊總匯集 -[..]%E7%B8%BD%E5%8C%AF%E9%9B%86-14f4fabfa389

This clifftop monastery is surprisingly accessible -[..]ore-clifftop-monasteries-meteora-greece/

Denmarks 300-year-old-homes-of-the-future -[..]enmarks-300-year-old-homes-of-the-future

Discover the secrets of London’s oldest Roman road -[..]e-secrets-of-the-citys-oldest-roman-road

The Wadden Sea -[..]/destinations/regions/wadden-islands.htm

Whales, myths, and Arctic lakes: Explore Iceland’s new road trip -[..]c-new-road-trip-on-the-arctic-coast-way/

梵蒂岡博物館「密鑰守護者」:日行七公里、解上百道鎖 -

Lake Ohrid -[..]of-living-fossils?ocid=global_future_rss

In Switzerland, sledding is a national pastime -[..]itzerland-sledding-is-a-national-pastime

Greece’s river to the ‘underworld’ now lures adventure travelers -[..]underworld-now-lures-adventure-travelers

Winter storms and a massive underwater canyon in Nazaré, Portugal, form some of the wildest waves on Earth. To ride them is to be awed by them. -[..]ts-like-to-surf-the-worlds-largest-waves

Hop aboard Europe’s best family train trips -[..]com/travel/article/family-train-journeys

Is this Danish city the fairy-tale capital of the world? -[..]city-the-fairy-tale-capital-of-the-world

Eat, drink, and herd cattle at this Austrian festival -[..]an-alpine-cowherd-tradition-and-festival

In the town that Lego built, kids rule for the day -[..]wn-that-lego-built-kids-rule-for-the-day

In tiny Andorra, you can explore jagged peaks, forested valleys, and glacial lakes—and help researchers study climate change. -[..]ostate-adventurers-contribute-to-science

These ancient Dutch sunken roads hide stunning natural beauty -[..]unken-roads-hide-stunning-natural-beauty

The Alps’ magical ice caves risk vanishing in our warming world -[..]k-vanishing-in-our-warming-world-feature

At these free cabins, Sweden goes wild -[..]article/at-these-cabins-sweden-goes-wild

Explore 3,000-year-old hiking trails on this remarkable Greek island -[..]/article/sifnos-greece-island-new-trails

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Thu Jul 20 23:18:37 GMT 2023 From /weblog/software_engineering/team


What We Expect From Software Developers on Each Level -[..]re-developers-on-each-level-f7b44abb71da

How To Build the Culture of Delivering Clean Code -[..]ure-of-delivering-clean-code-182b6563b1f

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Thu Jul 20 12:52:59 GMT 2023 From /weblog/%E6%97%A5%E5%B8%B8%E7%94%9F%E6%B4%BB


life-hacks-that-could-save-your-life-in-a-catastrophe -[..]ave-your-life-in-a-catastrophe/?view=all

survival-myths-that-could-actually-hurt-you -[..]grooming-hacks-to-make-your-life-easier/[..]eful-home-remedies-that-you-should-know/[..]websites-that-you-wish-you-knew-earlier/

掌心Feel漏水 唧膠防墜機 詹Sir教路四招家居風後執漏 -[..]local/realtime/article/20180919/58696871

Surprising Uses for Tea Bags -

Slideshow: Bust Your Clutter Hotspots -[..]/ss/slideshow-bust-your-clutter-hotspots[..]ps-what-they-are-and-should-you-use-one/

Surprising Uses for Cornstarch -

砂纸竟然有这么多妙用!99%的人都不知道! -

Want Your Jack-o’-lantern to Last Longer? Stop Cutting a Hole in the Top! -[..]es/how-to-make-your-pumpkins-last-longer

25 Things You Didn’t Know Had Special Uses -

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Wed Jul 19 14:29:52 GMT 2023 From /weblog/science


What are the strong chemical bonds? -

Science confirms ancient alcohol-measuring technique -

What is the atomic number, and how did it manage to change the world? -

Deadly, dirty, indispensable: the nitrogen industry has changed the world -[..]-nitrogen-industry-has-changed-the-world

What is Borax and is it safe? -[..]ine/what-is-borax-and-is-it-safe-432432/

There are actually two kinds of water, with slightly different properties -[..]nce/physics/two-types-of-water-30052018/

The reason why ice floats -

112 Elements from the Period Table Illustrated as Characters -[..]llustrated-elements-periodic-table-0423/

How did the first sugars appear? A question as important as the origin of life -[..]e/news-science/how-first-sugar-appeared/

Click chemistry: building molecules like LEGO blocks -[..]plied-chemistry/what-is-click-chemistry/

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Tue Jul 18 13:37:10 GMT 2023 From /weblog/science/math


What are prime numbers and why do they matter — yes, even in your day-to-day life -[..]re-post/what-are-prime-numbers-15122020/

Pattern of prime -[..]h/prime-numbers-crystal-lattice-17092018

How to Build a Big Prime Number, A new algorithm brings together the advantages of randomness and deterministic processes to reliably construct large prime numbers. -[..]ow-to-build-a-big-prime-number-20230713/

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Mon Jul 17 14:43:59 GMT 2023 From /weblog/history


How the Americans with Disabilities Act transformed a country -[..]sabilities-act-transformed-united-states

How the wheelchair opened up the world to millions of people -[..]story-innovation-technology-independence

How wheelchair basketball changed these women's lives -[..]asketball-changed-lives-battambang-roses

For autistic youths entering adulthood, a new world of challenges awaits -[..]aiting-a-new-world-of-challenges-feature

How the Paralympic movement evolved into a major sporting event -[..]vement-evolved-into-major-sporting-event

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Sun Jul 16 13:24:44 GMT 2023 From /weblog/learning


How could the pilots have missed or disregarded all of these potentially salient clues? Several factors likely contributed, but it’s worth noting first of all that humans tend to judge whether a situation looks “wrong” based on what we’re expecting to see, rather than objectively analyzing whether everything that should be there is in fact present. -[..]ngapore-airlines-flight-006-61128fc6b8ee

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Top 10 ultimate places to see wildlife: Belize,Bolivia,Botswana,Great Barrier Reef, Australia,Costa Rica,Everglades, USA,Kenya,Galápagos Islands, Ecuador, Madagascar, Malaysian Borneo -

遊搜好行:蜜月尋夢  63,000公里 -[..]20120421&sec_id=12187369&art_id=16266814

看北極光、鐘乳石、瀑布彩虹、動物大遷徒、泰姬陵等,都是美國有線新聞網絡( CNN)精選的人生必遊景點 -

尋找心中的最後一塊淨土 -

The best sun set -

Nice places at various places on earth -[..]0dad2d4ac0e22b0f5459e87f1ab5a3b2a7238ee2

地球最深的影像 库鲁伯亚拉洞穴探险 (Krubera Cave,又名Voronya Cave) -

restaurants-with-jaw-dropping-views -[..]urants-with-jaw-dropping-views/?view=all

places-that-look-like-they-are-from-another-planet -[..]e-they-are-from-another-planet/?view=all

places-you-can-get-away-from-pretty-much-everything-and-everybody -[..]-much-everything-and-everybody/?view=all

earths-most-breathtaking-natural-wonders -[..]t-breathtaking-natural-wonders/?view=all

craziest-things-found-in-nature -

amazingly-unique-walks-around-the-world -[..]-unique-walks-around-the-world/?view=all

popular-landmarks-that-are-creepy-suicide-hot-spots -[..]t-are-creepy-suicide-hot-spots/?view=all

unique-travel-destinations-most-travelers-have-no-clue-exist -[..]st-travelers-have-no-clue-exist/view=all

unique-spring-break-destinations-you-have-to-visit -[..]destinations-you-have-to-visit/?view=all

amazing-places-to-watch-the-sunrise-from-around-the-world -[..]-sunrise-from-around-the-world/?view=all

most-dangerous-hikes-treks-and-climbs-on-earth -[..]ikes-treks-and-climbs-on-earth/?view=all

best-countries-to-live-in -[..]to-the-human-development-index/?view=all

street-food-from-around-world -[..]eet-food-from-around-world-that-you.html

placed-star-wars-was-filmed-that-you-must-visit -[..]was-filmed-that-you-must-visit/?view=all

most-visited-museums-in-the-world -

11 Popular Tourist Attractions That Might Kill You -[..]11-popular-tourist-attractions-that.html

mountain-ranges-you-need-to-visit-if-you-are-a-fan-of-nature -[..]sit-if-you-are-a-fan-of-nature/?view=all

beautiful-mountain-passes-you-should-make-a-point-to-travel-through -[..]make-a-point-to-travel-through/?view=all

most-visited-cities-in-the-world-you-should-visit -[..]-in-the-world-you-should-visit/?view=all

most-extreme-climates-and-places-on-earth -[..]e-climates-and-places-on-earth/?view=all

most-generous-countries-in-the-world -[..]enerous-countries-in-the-world/?view=all

volcanoes -

These places will keep you awake at night. -

incredible-country-borders -

natural-photos-you-wont-believe-are-not-photoshopped -[..]t-believe-are-not-photoshopped/?view=all

Nice bridge around the earth -


most-charming-alpine-towns-youve-probably-never-seen -[..]owns-youve-probably-never-seen/?view=all

crazy-awesome-festivals-around-the-world-for-every-taste -[..]ound-the-world-for-every-taste/?view=all

unforgettable-adventures-that-youll-be-glad-you-went-on -[..]that-youll-be-glad-you-went-on/?view=all

least-visited-island-countries-in-the-world -[..]-island-countries-in-the-world/?view=all

amazing-uninhabited-islands-that-are-strikingly-beautiful -[..]-that-are-strikingly-beautiful/?view=all

most-visited-countries -[..]visited-countries-in-the-world/?view=all

Atolls -[..]st-amazing-atolls-in-the-world/?view=all

White Christmas -[..]aces-to-have-a-white-christmas/?view=all

Romantic -[..]es-to-ask-someone-to-marry-you/?view=all[..]edding-youve-always-dreamed-of/?view=all

most-remote-places-in-the-world -[..]ost-remote-places-in-the-world/?view=all

Incredible Deserts That Will Make You Wish It Never Rained -[..]-make-you-wish-it-never-rained/?view=all

worlds-most-colorful-cities -[..]cities-to-brighten-up-your-day/?view=all

About canyons -[..]inspiring-canyons-in-the-world/?view=all

ancient-architectural-wonders -[..]-ancient-architectural-wonders/?view=all

Dangerous roads -

countries-to-visit-that-you-didnt-know-existed -[..]it-that-you-didnt-know-existed/?view=all

scariest place -[..]-few-are-brave-enough-to-visit/?view=all

Fall Color -[..]at-are-remarkably-breathtaking/?view=all

Winter -[..]s-to-spend-your-winter-holiday/?view=all

beautiful-cities -[..]he-world-to-see-before-you-die/?view=all

volunteer-travel-experiences -[..]vel-experiences-you-should-try/?view=all[..]ferent-ways-to-travel-in-angkor-wat.html

13 FASCINATINGLY UNUSUAL MUSEUMS AROUND THE WORLD -[..]=5828047371&blog=1583376&frame_type=none

7 Travel Destinations Inspired By Game of Thrones -[..]5833387553&blog=13997320&frame_type=none

endangered-historical-sites -[..]rical-sites-being-destroyed-by-tourists/[..]el-Spots-5-DESTINATIONS-MADE-FOR-ROMANCE[..]he-caribbean-is-king-in-fall-and-winter/

2014年值得體驗的戶外冒險 -[..]abandoned-places-you-wont-believe-exist/[..]famous-mausoleums-from-around-the-world/[..]ou-didnt-know-existed-and-theyre-amazing

Lost Cities Worth Exploring -[..]ndoned-amusement-parks-around-the-world/[..]ome-places-to-spend-a-relaxing-vacation/

Six Dive Destinations to Get More Value for Your Money -[..]nations-to-get-more-value-for-your-money

Someplace worth to travel -[..]/features/startup-space-hotel-travel-spd

Volcano tourism is booming, but is it too risky? -[..]m/travel/article/is-volcano-tourism-safe

Volcano Safety Tips -[..]/environment/article/volcano-safety-tips

7 Famous Trees You Should Know About -

See these gravity-defying architectural wonders, which span spectacular depths, reach dizzying heights, and offer thrilling views. -[..]com/travel/article/best-bridges-in-world

19 of the most romantic destinations in the world -[..]article/world-most-romantic-destinations

10 of the world’s best destinations for blooms -[..]ful-flower-destinations-around-the-world

12 mind-bending playgrounds around the world -[..]t-playgrounds-around-world-family-travel

Dinosaurs to gladiators: 10 World Heritage sites for families -[..]orld-heritage/article/kids-family-photos

19 iconic trees around the world -[..]el/article/iconic-trees-around-the-world

5 places to visit if you love ‘Star Wars’ -[..]l/article/star-wars-film-movie-locations

Soak up the sun at 20 of the world’s best beaches -[..]le/your-shot-amazing-beaches-photography

Upgrade your summer with these 15 epic trips -[..]/travel/article/epic-family-summer-trips

Top hikes for dazzling views—and no crowds -[..]le/10-north-american-hikes-of-a-lifetime

These World Heritage sites will spark kids’ imaginations -[..]orld-heritage/article/kids-family-photos

25 breathtaking places and experiences for 2023 -[..]om/travel/article/best-of-the-world-2023

The hottest hot springs: Around the world in water, heat, and geology -[..]post/the-hottest-7-hot-springs-07082010/

World’s largest pyramids: exploring the monumental wonders of ancient times -

Asteroid craters: some of the most impressive places where asteroids hit the Earth -[..]he-most-impressive-asteroid-impact-sites

Explore the world like Indiana Jones at these 11 destinations -[..]cle/11-places-explore-like-indiana-jones

Travel delays? These airports and train stations actually have great food -[..]m/travel/article/best-airport-train-food

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【地球放大鏡】除了台北101,世界上還有哪些知名防震建築? -

澳洲建筑垃圾怎样处理?其实很有讲究 -

How India's lattice buildings cool without air con -[..]s-lattice-buildings-cool-without-air-con

How ancient 'skywells' are keeping Chinese homes cool -[..]-skywells-are-keeping-chinese-homes-cool

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Wed Jul 12 22:52:59 GMT 2023 From /weblog/science/human


Not all noise is created equal. According to a new study, a background of white noise can enhance how well you hear other sounds. These findings could be used to design new and improved cochlear implants that provide better hearing. -[..]medicine/white-noise-enhance-sound-0423/

We can literally hear the sound of silence, scientists say -[..]edicine/mind-and-brain/sound-of-silence/

Can we reverse hearing loss? Yes we can, here is how it works -[..]ng-loss-yes-we-can-here-is-how-it-works/

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Wed Jul 12 22:51:23 GMT 2023 From /weblog/science/animal


The skin of these bizarre deep-sea fish is among the blackest ever seen -[..]ea-fish-is-among-the-blackest-ever-seen/

Tongue-Eating Fish Parasites Never Cease to Amaze -[..]ing-fish-parasites-never-cease-to-amaze/

Likely several hundred pounds heavier than the record-holding Mekong giant catfish, the ray reportedly weighed nearly 880 pounds.[..]e/giant-stingray-biggest-freshwater-fish[..]save-some-of-the-biggest-freshwater-fish

The unique diversity of cichlids in Africa’s oldest lake could help unlock the secrets of evolution. -[..]ing-parents-builders-and-dancers-feature

The Amazon’s horrific candirú fish that swims up the urethra: fact or fiction? -[..]at-swims-up-the-urethra-fact-or-fiction/

Dolphins Taste Their Pals' Pee to Identify Them -[..]aste-their-friends-pee-to-identify-them/

Dolphins wait in queue for rubbing their skin against corals -[..]e-for-rubbing-their-skin-against-corals/

Stingrays recorded making sounds for the first time—but why is a mystery -[..]ecorded-making-sounds-for-the-first-time

How smart are dolphins? -[..]nces/animals/mammals/are-dolphins-smart/

Dolphin moms use ‘baby talk’ with their calves, rare among non-human species -[..]le/bottlenose-dolphins-mothers-baby-talk

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Wed Jul 12 12:48:18 GMT 2023 From /weblog/trip


By hiking at night, nature lovers gain new perspectives while escaping crowds. -[..]s-the-outdoor-activity-we-need-right-now

跑山是必需品 「毅行先生」陳國強的跑山哲學 -

Here’s how to avoid mosquito bites this summer, according to experts -[..]-bites-this-summer-according-to-experts/

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Mon Jul 10 01:11:05 GMT 2023 From /weblog/history


Revealed: the ancient propaganda war that led to the triumph of Christianity -[..]ews-propaganda-archaeology-b1832070.html

Germination of Effective Propaganda: The Egyptian Dynasty XII -[..]ive-propaganda-the-egyptian-dynasty-xii/

Congregation for the Propagation of the Faith -[..]egation-for-the-Propagation-of-the-Faith

Pamphlet wars -

First World War Recruitment Posters -[..]rces/first-world-war-recruitment-posters

World War II Propaganda -[..]experience/features/goebbels-propaganda/

These Soviet propaganda posters once evoked heroism, pride and anxiety -[..]nda-posters-meant-to-evoke-heroism-pride

How Hitler Conquered Germany
The Nazi propaganda machine exploited ordinary Germans by encouraging them to be co-producers of a false reality. -[..]asses-to-co-produce-a-false-reality.html

Joseph Goebbels’ 105-year-old secretary: ‘No one believes me now, but I knew nothing’ -[..]-nazi-joseph-goebbels-propaganda-machine

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