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Tue Jan 17 22:34:04 HKT 2017


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Tue Jul 04 00:36:50 HKT 2017 From /weblog/%E6%97%A5%E5%B8%B8%E7%94%9F%E6%B4%BB


寫在沙中線通車前幾年,我最喜愛的土瓜灣十間食肆 -[..]

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Mon Jul 03 01:03:21 HKT 2017 From /weblog/software_engineering


Painless Functional Specifications -

How to write a project specification -

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Wed Jun 28 11:11:29 HKT 2017 From /weblog/learning


How to prevent "um...." -

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Tue Jun 27 17:11:29 HKT 2017 From /weblog/career/jobs

interviewer tip

The best way I've found to interview candidate developers is to pair program with them to do real work on the actual code of the project that is hiring. If not possible, give programming exercise which is:

The exercise must involve working with current development tools.
The exercise must require the candidate to apply important features of the language.
The exercise must involve understanding and working with existing code.
The exercise must involve error handling.
The exercise must involve testing.
The exercise must offer scope for domain modelling.
The exercise must involve asking questions.
The exercise must be realistic.
The exercise must involve changing requirements.
The exercise must offer the candidate enough rope to hang themselves.
The exercise must test many different skills and practices.

A good interview programming exercise takes at least an hour. -

The other interesting reading -[..]ass-kickin-interviewscreening-questions/

Phone interview -

Questions that somebody like to ask... although I think this guy is a bit arrogance -[..]y-favorite-java-developer-interview.html

Another interview question and answer -[..]/howto-pass-silicon-valley-software.html

How about lie at CV?[..]mon?entry=lying_on_your_r%C3%A9sum%C3%A9

Interviewing in google -

What interviewee should asked at interview -[..]programmer-should-ask-on-a-job-interview

What should not waste time to ask the candidate -[..]303_use-technique-ace-job-interview.html

Beware of the small things during interview -

The concern of putting negotiable in salary -

how-to-carry-out-technical-recruitment -[..]s/how-to-carry-out-technical-recruitment[..]ing-Process-is-your-engineering-process/

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Sat Jun 24 01:29:36 HKT 2017 From /weblog/health/food


甜菜根冰皮月餅 -

parmesan-spinach-cake -

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Tue Jun 20 13:06:05 HKT 2017 From /weblog/java/performance


A case showing java is faster than C++ -[..]mgroups#!topic/comp.lang.c++/7aNw3PzPvMI

Case show how to improve GC time spend on a java application -[..]11/java-vm-beware-of-younggen-space.html

A case study of solving thread contention -[..]fighting-thread-contention-in-your-code/[..]-of-java-application-performance-tuning/

Notes about measuring map performance -[..]ronicle-map-and-yahoo-cloud-service.html

High Performance Java - Binary instead of Objects - John Davies -

jemalloc, look like a really nice tool -[..]c-to-get-to-the-bottom-of-a-memory-leak/

story of finding why there is so many GC -[..]horough-jvm-thorough-analysis-ygc-part01

GC thread blocked by system call -

We always need benchmark -[..]2017/06/15/forward-vs-backward-loop.html

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Sat Jun 17 00:56:16 HKT 2017 From /weblog/love


How to encourage chile? use imagination :-)

And also by not doing something normal :-)[..]-mother-helped-launch-my-writing-career/

父母該如何輔導孩子做作業 -

總體策略是這樣的:家長不應該只關注孩子做了些什麼﹐而應該先確定他們想在孩子身上看到哪些行為 -

Maybe a good idea to take a video for our child -

What should we do if we have argument before kids -


相對而言,鼓勵是更好的方式。減少單純地讚美,更多地進行有意義的激勵。 -

父愛,保護女兒遠離危險性行為的關鍵 -

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Sat Jun 17 00:39:28 HKT 2017 From /weblog/health/food/fruit


蘋 果 能 減 少 吸 收 熱 量 , 美 國 賓 夕 凡 尼 亞 州 立 大 學 的 一 項 研 究 , 將 體 重 正 常 參 加 者 分 成 三 組 , 在 五 個 星 期 內 , 一 組 人 在 午 餐 前 不 吃 任 何 東 西 , 第 二 組 在 午 餐 前 吃 一 個 蘋 果 , 第 三 組 則 吃 蘋 果 醬 或 飲 蘋 果 汁 , 三 組 人 再 進 食 相 同 的 午 餐 , 研 究 人 員 在 餐 後 15 分 鐘 為 各 人 進 行 熱 量 測 試 , 結 果 發 現 餐 前 吃 蘋 果 的 人 熱 量 攝 取 少 187 卡 路 里 。 研 究 結 束 後 這 一 組 人 的 體 重 更 明 顯 下 降 , 研 究 更 發 現 吃 整 個 蘋 果 的 減 肥 功 效 ,遠 超 過 飲 蘋 果 汁 。

Other than that, 蘋果鬆 is good -

早上吃水果,可幫助消化吸收,有利通便,而且水果的酸甜滋味,可讓人一天都感覺神清氣爽。人的胃腸經過一夜的休息之後,消化功能不強。因此要選擇酸性不太強、澀味不太濃的水果,比如蘋果、梨、葡萄等。 -

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Wed Jun 14 18:34:19 HKT 2017 From /weblog/unix/script


A bash debugger -

Really really good tips -[..]3/10/shell-scripting-best-practices.html

Style guide -[..]og/2012/11/14/defensive-bash-programming

Script checker -

How to write a shell -

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Wed Jun 14 11:13:47 HKT 2017 From /weblog/unix


How to get the system thread version - getconf GNU_LIBPTHREAD_VERSION[..]wse_thread/thread/81ff4b5d1ea3372d?hl=en

How to prevent module getting load, by edit /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf :

Standard Linux error code -[..]11/03/linux-performance-monitoring-intro

Discussion about why Linux is way faster than Windows for huge number of small file processing -[..]s-to-go-as-fast-as-linux-for-compiling-c

"sync; sudo echo 3 > /proc/sys/vm/drop_caches" -[..]ow-to-clear-cached-memory-on-ubuntu.html

Funny linux commands -

25 years of linux -[..]acts-about-linux-c8d8ac30076d#.m6b9wnhni

basic-principle-of-Linux-privilege-control -[..]sic-principle-of-Linux-privilege-control

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Tue Jun 13 10:45:44 HKT 2017 From /weblog/history


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Mon Jun 12 15:00:14 HKT 2017 From /weblog/ai


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Sun Jun 11 19:36:25 HKT 2017 From /weblog/software_engineering/SCM


Suggestful github project -

GIT to SVN command guide -[..]vs-svn-commandline-syntax-reference.html

pretty cool guide -[..]e-to-an-ioke-dev-env-from-source-part-1/[..]rticleId=240160261&siteSectionName=tools[..]&siteSectionName=architecture-and-design

Some comments about possible issues -[..]an-streamline-your-writing-projects.html

Several ppl blog about why GIT better than SVN -[..]tages-of-git-over-subversion-svn-a-brief[..]03/09/its-time-to-stop-using-subversion/

A suggested branching model -

Some advantage of GIT over Mercurial -[..]hy-i-switched-to-git-from-mercurial.html

#undo last commit
git reset HEAD^

#show files in a given commit
git show --pretty="format:" --name-only rev_number

#remove untracked files and directories
git clean -f -d

#track remote branch
git branch --track branch_name origin/master

# given you created a new local branch 'branch_name'
# pushes 'branch_name' to 'origin/branch_name', creating the remote branch for you
git push origin branch_name

#delete remote branch
git push origin :remote_branch_name


Some more suggested workflow -

Move from SVN, experience of JIRA -[..]from-subversion-to-git-and-the/240009175

Merge or Rebase?[..]13/10/git-team-workflows-merge-or-rebase[..]ntial-tips-for-git-and-github-users.html

change-default-git-commit-message-template -[..]nge-default-git-commit-message-template/

Git cheat list -[..]re-development/git/git-commands-tutorial

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Wed Jun 07 00:33:28 HKT 2017 From /weblog/history


A History of Hard Drives -

【Lynn 寫點科普】你知道你正在用的電腦是 70 年前發明的馮紐曼架構嗎? -

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Sat Jun 03 17:02:54 HKT 2017 From /weblog/hardware


Inside Fermi: Nvidia's HPC Push -[..]m/page.cfm?ArticleID=RWT093009110932&p=1

GPUs don’t support interrupts and exception, and less branches -

Example of running stuff at GPU -[..]icles/which-gpu-to-get-for-deep-learning

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Sat Jun 03 16:44:50 HKT 2017 From /weblog/hack+and+faq


s3 tutorial -

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Fri Jun 02 17:55:34 HKT 2017 From /weblog/java/libraries


Introducing LALR parser in java -

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Thu Jun 01 23:13:08 HKT 2017 From /weblog/languages/c


Optimizing Pixomatic for x86 Processors part II[..]tom_forsyth/papers/pixomatic_gdc2004.ppt

Fast way to add null after each char from a string -[..]wse_thread/thread/51d0f84dd22ad734?hl=en

Move 80 bytes asap -[..]520/copying-80-bytes-as-fast-as-possible

Pass by value maybe faster than pass by reference -

Why is java consumer/producer so much faster than C++, a lot of analysis and optimization tips for C++ coding -[..]mgroups#!topic/comp.lang.c++/7aNw3PzPvMI

case study of optimization with asm output -[..]2016/04/boosting-zopfli-performance.html

Thread-Local Storage -

There are chance that remove branching make code run faster - Other articles in same series -[..]86-high-performance-programming-pipeline[..]igh-performance-programming-optimization

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Sun May 28 21:19:36 HKT 2017 From /weblog/photographic/tools

free image processing

A nice article about image processing at Linux, seem all tool are cross platform[..].php?node=Digital+Photography+with+Linux

After some research, see neat image is the best tools for noise reduction. See if it able to use with GIMP

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Tue May 23 17:28:31 HKT 2017 From /weblog/learning


1. Create a structure for requesting feedback.
2. Get specific.
3. Act and report back.[..]ee-tips-for-getting-better-feedback.html

3 Undisclosed Tips for Digital Creatives, 2 are getting feedback -[..]isclosed-tips-for-digital-creatives.html

5 tips of getting feedback quicker -[..]/04/02/5-tips-for-getting-replies-faster

Negative feedback antipatterns -[..]942984306/negative-feedback-antipatterns

How to give feedback -

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Tue May 23 15:55:04 HKT 2017 From /weblog/google/development


GWT websocket -
Javascript websocket call -[..]web-sockets-now-available-in-google.html
pwa -

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