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Wed Jun 12 07:45:41 HKT 2019


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Wed Jun 12 07:45:55 HKT 2019 From /weblog/misc


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Sat Sep 29 13:33:50 HKT 2018 From /weblog/misc


How to program with wikipedia -[..]worlds-largest-encyclopedia-c08efbac5f5c

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Sun Jun 24 23:03:56 HKT 2018 From /weblog/misc


Project template for quicker start a project -[..]-a-software-project-as-fast-as-possible/

LaTeX -[..]o-begin-learning-and-applying-latex.html

Online tool to convert word document to good HTML -

Online IDE -

Lot of productivity tools -[..]op-27-startup-tools-of-2017-aa9e98fc4a34

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Sat Jan 27 23:43:42 HKT 2018 From /weblog/misc


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Fri Sep 08 16:09:35 HKT 2017 From /weblog/misc


Short tips of regex -[..]know-to-become-a-regular-expression-pro/

Let regex more readable -

Useful Regular regression

Match username - /^[a-zA-Z0-9_]{3,16}$/
Matching an XHTML/XML tag - {]*>(.*?)}
Matching an XHTML/XML tag with a certain attribute value (e.g. class or tag) - {]*attribute\\s*=\\s*(["'])value\\\\1[^>]*>(.*?)}
Matching a URL - (a very long one... refer to article...)[..]ssions-every-web-programmer-should-know/

The danger of bad regex -[..]o-kill-java-with-regular-expression.html

You have a string “BEFOREAFTER”. If this string has a ‘x’ in it, you want to capture everything before the ‘x’, else you want to capture the whole string. So,
”BEFORExAFTER” gives “BEFORE”[..]apture-with-optional-delimeter/#solution[..]/regular-expressions-introduction-part01

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Tue May 23 12:56:50 HKT 2017 From /weblog/misc


Why we need tools design for provisioning -[..]anagement-and-provisioning-are-different

Cloud or not?[..]/why-does-gitlab-persist-in-using-clouds[..]/03/02/why-we-are-not-leaving-the-cloud/

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Thu Feb 23 18:39:36 HKT 2017 From /weblog/misc


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Sat Sep 24 09:58:02 HKT 2016 From /weblog/misc


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Tue Aug 30 23:42:51 HKT 2016 From /weblog/misc


China Law technology

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Fri May 27 19:24:37 HKT 2016 From /weblog/misc


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Wed May 11 10:30:36 HKT 2016 From /weblog/misc


l10n resource for Mideast

Amazing result from google translate -[..]W%26client%3Dopera%26rls%3Den%26hs%3DA5O

What is the right way to do ignore case comparison... -

Why sometime "& nbsp" will turn to "?" -[..]uke/archive/2008/01/a_and_nbsp_myst.html

Some issues about Turkey -

Comphensive Unicode decision -

Trend of using unicode -[..]ect-the-encoding-codepage-of-a-text-file

The Absolute Minimum Every Software Developer Absolutely, Positively Must Know About Unicode and Character Sets (No Excuses!). -[..]om/printerFriendly/articles/Unicode.html

Take a look if you don't externalized non-acsii character to resource bundle[..]chneller?entry=java_source_file_encoding

Fun cold fusion issue,[..]-our-website-stopped-working-for-norway/

Experience sharing for software localization -[..]1/six-things-i-learned-for-software.html

Check unicode characters -[..]erence-between-utf-8-utf-16-and-utf.html

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Tue May 03 09:35:30 HKT 2016 From /weblog/misc


facts-about-computer-viruses-you-really-should-know -[..]viruses-you-really-should-know/?view=all

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Sat Sep 12 14:20:38 HKT 2015 From /weblog/misc


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Sat Aug 29 10:35:56 HKT 2015 From /weblog/misc


Suggestion of Hex editors -

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Thu Aug 20 01:07:20 HKT 2015 From /weblog/misc


Will experience hurt innovation? -

You Are Solving The Wrong Problem, what is the right problem? it is how to retry very quick -

Most real innovation is done by crazy people doing crazy things. The keys are:

* Learn all you can before you go adventuring.
* Don't be afraid to make mistakes.
* Only make new mistakes.
* Keep your eyes open.
* Don't just look straight ahead: develop your peripheral vision.
* It's the things that go in unexpected directions are the most important.

One of the classic stories of serendipity and invention is the color mauve. -

Translation of article from Aaron Swartz -

The most interesting things I've learned about innovation -[..]t-interesting-things-ive-learned_16.html

How should company drive innovation -

Issue from government driven society -

領導者如何激發創新? -

在我看來,人貴在敢於主動挑戰挫折。立下宏大目標;體驗巨大挫折。不止我一個人是這麼認為的。 -

From Imagination to Innovation -[..]4/03/from-imagination-to-innovation.html

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Mon Mar 30 14:42:54 HKT 2015 From /weblog/misc

programming list[..]articles-every-programmer-must-read.html

A great reading

Jerry Weinberg: The 10 Commandments of Egoless Programming
Dare Obasanjo: Top 10 Signs Your Software Project is Doomed
Omar Shahine: Top 10 Tips for Working at Microsoft (or Anywhere Else)
Michael McDonough: The Top 10 Things They Never Taught Me in Design School
Andres Taylor: Top 10 Things Ten Years of Professional Software Development Has Taught Me
Steve Yegge: 10 Great Books


Steve McConnell, The Ten Most Important Ideas in Software Engineering[..]important-ideas-in-software-engineering/

Step 1 - Isolate
Step 2 - Eliminate
Step 3 - Code Ruthlessly[..]/2013/06/what-makes-great-developer.html

Programming and typing -[..]ramming-thinking-or-typing-thinking.html[..]11-rules-all-programmers-should-live-by/

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Sun Sep 21 14:59:39 HKT 2014 From /weblog/misc


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Mon Mar 10 12:36:43 HKT 2014 From /weblog/misc


Discussion about developer accessing production environment -[..]developers-working-in-production-of.html

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Mon Feb 10 12:17:47 HKT 2014 From /weblog/misc


Historical data for a lot of difference things -[..]l-non-finance-datapoints-for-backtesting

Data scientist -[..]a-science-the-role-of-the-data-scientist

Tools for CSV, JSON, XML -[..]command-line-tools-for-data-science.html

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Wed Nov 13 11:24:02 HKT 2013 From /weblog/misc


Another notice about shuffling collection with random order - with detailed analysis-

C simple implementation of random -[..]wse_thread/thread/407497c8cae78303?hl=en

Pushing the Limits in Java's Random -

Getting random correctly can be difficult -[..]bility-distribution-for-programmers.html

Introduction to security random -[..]21/java-secure-random-number-generation/

How Java implement math.random -[..]omments/1qgnqu/how_does_mathrandom_work/

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Tue Sep 03 23:00:23 HKT 2013 From /weblog/misc


Don't keep ppl interrupted -

common mistake at software house -

1.- The all code is crap, except mine, attitude.
How to fix it: Don’t criticise others people code

2.- The “I fix that in a second” catastrophe.
How to fix it: Don’t trust yourself when carrying delicate activities.

3.- The “That will only take a second” misconception.
How to fix it: remember that is very likely that you will find so many things which you didn’t foresee when you start developing that is worth multiplying the estimate to cover for those

4.- The ego spiral.
How to fix it: Leave your ego at home. Big egos are one of the biggest non technical issues for any programmer. Keep in mind some basic considerations when making decisions.

5.- “It wasn’t me!”
How to fix it: No need to cry, or to perform seppuku, (aka harakiri), when we make a mistake.

6.- The demotivated genius.
How to fix it: Discipline. Unfortunately, there isn’t any other remedy I can think of.

7.- The premature programmer.
How to fix it: Probably the two easiest ways to help a programmer understand if some code is done are peer reviews and demos.[..]2011/05/23/top-7-programmers-bad-habits/

The naive approach to system replacement

List all the features the current system does
(Package) Compare with features in the new package; customise new package to match old package
(Custom) Build all features in the new system

This is how you waste time and money to build something that people will hate.
A better approach to system replacement

Understand the job that the users are doing. What are their goals? What are the activities they are doing to achieve those goals? How does the existing system support those activities?
Design the new system to support the user's goals. NOTE: This may have very little overlap with how the old system worked AND, I can almost guarantee, will consist of a lot less features.

But won't people be annoyed with the changes unless you match the old system?[..]8/system-replacements-are-not-about.html

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