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Mon Nov 07 00:28:15 AEDT 2022


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Mon Nov 07 00:28:15 AEDT 2022 From /weblog/misc


The super-clocks that define what time it is -[..]super-clocks-that-define-what-time-it-is

Daylight Saving and the Politics of Time -[..]daylight-saving-and-the-politics-of-time

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Sun Oct 30 00:36:26 AEDT 2022 From /weblog/misc


The war in Ukraine has exposed the vehicle’s vulnerabilities. They can be overcome -[..]l/2022/06/15/does-the-tank-have-a-future

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Fri Oct 21 11:41:30 AEDT 2022 From /weblog/misc


Practical Steps when it comes to writing a technical book -[..]to-writing-a-technical-book-976f094654ab

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Sat Mar 26 22:49:43 AEDT 2022 From /weblog/misc


Historical data for a lot of difference things -[..]l-non-finance-datapoints-for-backtesting

Data scientist -[..]a-science-the-role-of-the-data-scientist

Tools for CSV, JSON, XML -[..]command-line-tools-for-data-science.html

The Planning and Care of Data -

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Mon Mar 14 23:21:31 AEDT 2022 From /weblog/misc


Confilct between work and working on opensource application -[..]e-project-mean-committing-career-suicide

About Windows vs. OSS -

It Takes a Community -

Lessons learned from my 10 year open source project -[..]10-year-open-source-project-4a4c8c2b4f64

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Thu Mar 10 09:51:27 AEDT 2022 From /weblog/misc


Another notice about shuffling collection with random order - with detailed analysis-

C simple implementation of random -[..]wse_thread/thread/407497c8cae78303?hl=en

Pushing the Limits in Java's Random -

Getting random correctly can be difficult -[..]bility-distribution-for-programmers.html

Introduction to security random -[..]21/java-secure-random-number-generation/

How Java implement math.random -[..]omments/1qgnqu/how_does_mathrandom_work/

Few performance tip of random ( or UUID ) for Java and Linux -[..]java-uuid-generation-performance-impact/

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Sun Nov 07 00:16:57 AEDT 2021 From /weblog/misc


How to work with wiki -

Arguement about the pros and cons about review and approval process of editing -

Students are told not to use Wikipedia for research. But it’s a trustworthy source -[..]ence/wikipedia-reliable-source-05112021/

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Tue Sep 28 15:19:21 AEST 2021 From /weblog/misc


Resource of parsing unstructure data -

Compare and explanation between parsing and regex, 100x performance difference is a big point to notice -[..]/jmd-markdown-and-brief-overview-of.html

Static Analysis: An Introduction -

Static Analysis at GitHub -

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Mon Sep 27 00:42:36 AEST 2021 From /weblog/misc


Listen to Your Community, But Don't Let Them Tell You What to Do

1. 90% of all community feedback is crap.
2. Don't get sweet talked into building a truck.
3. Be honest about what you won't do.
4. Listen to your community, but don't let them tell you what to do.
5. Be there for your community.[..]t-dont-let-them-tell-you-what-to-do.html

🤝 how to build and maintain communities -

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Thu Aug 12 09:51:05 AEST 2021 From /weblog/misc


AWS services explained in one line each ( -

How to choose a database on AWS -

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Mon Aug 09 17:58:05 AEST 2021 From /weblog/misc


How to write good user guide?[..]onate_users/2007/03/the_best_user_t.html

Ron Jeffries' opinions of documentation in XP -[..]s-for-writing-an-effective-tutorial.aspx[..]/08/12/documenting-software-architecture

Implementing Docs as Code – Lessons and Benefits -

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Mon Jun 21 23:21:12 AEST 2021 From /weblog/misc

Random unique integer number

Another notice about shuffling collection with random order - with detailed analysis-

unique => not statistically independent and not uniformly distributed,
cannot be generated by normal Random Number Generator.

You may consider way like shuffling (for example, put 100 integer into an
ArrayList, calls Collections.shuffle(), get the numbers sequentially).

Most of the time unique random number can be replaced by hashCode() of
something because hash seldom (at order of magnitude 10^-100 for MD5) crash,
if you don't require it to be "ALWAYS" unique, you may consider hashCode()
as well.

>> Hi Hi,
>> I would like to write a method to generate a number of random and unique
>> number. I try to do it myself as following. It's work but seem to be
>> stupid.
>> I try to found it at java.util.Random API but I didn't found out a better
>> solution. Please comment. Many thx
>> Random generator = new Random();
>> Vector randomVec = new Vector();
>> int r = 0;
>> try {
>> do {
>> r = generator.nextInt(100);
>> if (!randomVec.contains(new Integer(r).toString())) {
>> randomVec.addElement(new Integer(r).toString());
>> j++;
>> }
>> } while (j < 20);
>> } catch (Exception e) {
>> e.printStackTrace();
>> }

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Mon Jun 21 23:19:47 AEST 2021 From /weblog/misc


Project template for quicker start a project -[..]-a-software-project-as-fast-as-possible/

LaTeX -[..]o-begin-learning-and-applying-latex.html

Online tool to convert word document to good HTML -

Online IDE -

Lot of productivity tools -[..]op-27-startup-tools-of-2017-aa9e98fc4a34

Convert everything to everything, Pandoc a universal document converter -

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Mon Jun 21 23:19:09 AEST 2021 From /weblog/misc

tool and concepts

# Most engineers are impressed by tools
# Tool concepts are unknown to most engineers[..]st/20050210#tools_for_x_frustrations_of1

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Sat Mar 20 22:41:09 AEDT 2021 From /weblog/misc

programming list[..]articles-every-programmer-must-read.html

A great reading

Jerry Weinberg: The 10 Commandments of Egoless Programming
Dare Obasanjo: Top 10 Signs Your Software Project is Doomed
Omar Shahine: Top 10 Tips for Working at Microsoft (or Anywhere Else)
Michael McDonough: The Top 10 Things They Never Taught Me in Design School
Andres Taylor: Top 10 Things Ten Years of Professional Software Development Has Taught Me
Steve Yegge: 10 Great Books


Steve McConnell, The Ten Most Important Ideas in Software Engineering[..]important-ideas-in-software-engineering/

Step 1 - Isolate
Step 2 - Eliminate
Step 3 - Code Ruthlessly[..]/2013/06/what-makes-great-developer.html

Programming and typing -[..]ramming-thinking-or-typing-thinking.html[..]11-rules-all-programmers-should-live-by/

10 Software Engineering Laws Everybody Loves to Ignore -

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Sun Jan 17 00:52:07 AEDT 2021 From /weblog/misc

learn new language

John: "Ken... What advice would you give Java programmers?"
Ken Orr: "Don't define yourself as Java programmers."

It is better to be clearly wrong than to be obscurely right.

UML was developed to meet the design needs of programmers. We need tools focussed on meeting the design needs of users.

Master more than one design/programming paradigm.[..]s/archive/2006/03/ken_orrs_advice_1.html

And similar general advise for programmer from another guy:

The Pragmatic Programmers suggest learning a new language every year. This has already paid off for me. The more different languages I learn, the more I understand about programming in general. It's a lot easier to solve problems if you have a toolbox full of good tools.

More challenging projects every programmer should try -

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Tue Sep 29 00:53:18 AEST 2020 From /weblog/misc


真假難辨?Google 攜手 MyGoPen 教你用查核工具拆解不實資訊 -[..]5-google-mygopen-factcheck-give-you-tips

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Fri Sep 06 22:56:50 AEST 2019 From /weblog/misc


Short tips of regex -[..]know-to-become-a-regular-expression-pro/

Let regex more readable -

Useful Regular regression

Match username - /^[a-zA-Z0-9_]{3,16}$/
Matching an XHTML/XML tag - {]*>(.*?)}
Matching an XHTML/XML tag with a certain attribute value (e.g. class or tag) - {]*attribute\\s*=\\s*(["'])value\\\\1[^>]*>(.*?)}
Matching a URL - (a very long one... refer to article...)[..]ssions-every-web-programmer-should-know/

The danger of bad regex -[..]o-kill-java-with-regular-expression.html

You have a string “BEFOREAFTER”. If this string has a ‘x’ in it, you want to capture everything before the ‘x’, else you want to capture the whole string. So,
”BEFORExAFTER” gives “BEFORE”[..]apture-with-optional-delimeter/#solution[..]/regular-expressions-introduction-part01

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Wed Jun 12 09:45:55 AEST 2019 From /weblog/misc


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Sat Sep 29 15:33:50 AEST 2018 From /weblog/misc


How to program with wikipedia -[..]worlds-largest-encyclopedia-c08efbac5f5c

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