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Sat Oct 28 13:15:21 GMT 2023


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Sat Oct 28 12:55:46 GMT 2023 From /weblog/business


溝通的最高境界,如何像律師一樣爭論 -

Stick to one theme--one number--per slide. Your audience will thank you. -[..]ke-their-slides-instantly-memorable.html

The Tricks to Make Yourself Effortlessly Charming -[..]s-to-make-yourself-effortlessly-charming

Persuading the Unpersuadable -

Two-way writeups -[..]-writeups-coda-s-secret-to-shipping-fast

Why storytelling may be the secret to success at work -[..]ing-may-be-the-secret-to-success-at-work

3 ways to respond to difficult questions you don’t want to answer -[..]ficult-questions-you-dont-want-to-answer

What to say instead of ‘I’m sorry’ -[..]90972667/what-to-say-instead-of-im-sorry

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Tue Oct 17 13:01:16 GMT 2023 From /weblog/business


Smile can be complicated in office.... -

Why "Thank you" is important -

Good office chair -

Effective home office -[..]r-data-access-code-unit-tests-are-waste/

#1. Informal exchanges
#2. Focused solo work
#3. Visual aids
#4. The sweet things and “feel good” stuff[..]how-workspace-improves-productivity.html

2014年發表在《實驗心理學期刊》上的一份研究表明,植物可令工作效率提高多達15%。 -[..]ps-are-going-remote-in-2017-7b6b60e9e8ff

How should we manage email -[..]news-science/myth-busing-emails-12012017[..]ealth-science/why-is-email-so-stressful/

Red flags that you’re in a toxic workplace -[..]-to-spot-and-deal-with-a-toxic-workplace

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Thu Oct 12 13:25:37 GMT 2023 From /weblog/business


Research: How Long Should a Founder Remain CEO? -[..]rch-how-long-should-a-founder-remain-ceo

Leaders Don’t Have to Choose Between Compassion and Performance -[..]hoose-between-compassion-and-performance

So what does any of this have to do with leadership? In short, effective leadership requires effective delegation. And effective delegation feels like navigating without Google Maps. -[..]n-teach-us-about-leadership-b5165262bce0

5 mistakes leaders make that sabotage their teams’ happiness -[..]make-that-sabotage-their-teams-happiness

This is the most critical leadership skill in a crisis -[..]st-critical-leadership-skill-in-a-crisis

An essential primer for anyone starting a new leadership role -[..]tial-primer-starting-new-leadership-role

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Sun Apr 02 14:59:03 GMT 2023 From /weblog/business


Why You Should (Almost) Always Make the First Offer -[..]t-always-make-the-first-offer-1849757533

Being tough rather than nice in negotiation saves you more money -[..]ice-in-negotiation-saves-you-more-money/

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Fri Mar 31 05:11:32 GMT 2023 From /weblog/business


Applying Agile to making decision -

Maybe failure, maybe difiiculty to overcome -

How do you determine what is "truth"?[..]ible-criteria-for-determining-truth.html

How will I feel about it in 10 minutes?
How will I feel about it in 10 months?
How will I feel about it in 10 years? -[..]arren-buffett-and-ray-dalio-99e4857d05e3

Six science-backed techniques to help you make hard decisions -[..]elp-you-make-hard-decisions-fde6e234c887

【Boss Talk】金融界「拆彈專家」 八達通張耀堂:星展保險箱奇案最難拆 -[..]nance/realtime/article/20190527/59644722

Such results suggest that our current theoretical models on decision-making — chiefly that sub-obtimal decision-making is handled by the amygdala, with higher brain areas handling more complex decisions — is correct. But on a personal level, they showcase to each of us how the final moments of an experience influence our perception of the whole, especially when judging from memory. -[..]ins-experience-memory-ending-2356263456/

Docker 员工自述:我们为什么“输”给了 Kubernetes? -

超越蘋果、带微軟市值攀升全球第1,納德拉如何讓大象跳起舞來? -

Delusive Extrapolation and A/B Testing, Cautionary Tales of Complexity and the Dangers of Jumping to Conclusions -[..]trapolation-and-a-b-testing-ffebe8582a58

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Wed Mar 22 12:43:23 GMT 2023 From /weblog/business


Eric have release 3 article about putting advertisment at development magazine:

I don't think this is really useful for me, but this can be a reference as the discussion is in depth


Few links about how to earn good money using online advertiment, don't know if they work or not, but look like the investiment is not that less

How TikTok broke social media -[..]2023/03/21/how-tiktok-broke-social-media

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Sat Mar 18 13:44:13 GMT 2023 From /weblog/business


The explanation of unemployment -

政府主导投资与奖罚不对称的困扰 -

罗纳德‧哈里‧科斯, 以爱传世是多么美丽的故事! -

The A to Z of economics -

The economics of thinness -[..]als/2022/12/20/the-economics-of-thinness

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Sun Feb 19 12:59:17 GMT 2023 From /weblog/business


Company DNA -[..]12/06/30/or_are_we_just_simply_spiralli/

How Microsoft fail:
1) Bureaucratism - meeting a lot, not focus on customers
2) Employee rankings
3) Low compensation
4) Only Windows and office[..]2/07/18/vanity-fair-ms-lost-decade-part1

The most interesting things I've learned about organisational culture -[..]most-interesting-things-ive-learned.html

Why pointing fingers is unhelpful -[..]/01/19/why-pointing-fingers-is-unhelpful

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Mon Oct 17 12:07:04 GMT 2022 From /weblog/business

starting business

Some tools from google for starting biz -[..]iness/international-small-business-week/

Speed of deliver rule -[..]up-suicide-%E2%80%93-rewriting-the-code/

My boss say that it brilliant, see if it good -

The other reference -

Joey recommendation -

And how to set price -[..]rd/Weblog/demand_curve_for_java_software

Successful case of home made game -

"You want to do your best, or you want to do the best of this world?" -

The cost and risk of starting business, may be as high as you thought - ; meanwhile, as an high paid employee may not that nice -

Fire startup staff??? -[..]tartup-lessons-i-learnt-at-protoinday-1/

How to parening software product and team?

Ideas are nice, but technical is still the key -[..]linator-and-not-death-by-popularity.html

Comment mistakes -

Haha, very true: 有一個重點我想說, 必須要有人願意付錢給你做你喜歡做的事情 -[..]dex.php?op=ViewArticle&articleId=2862620

Few examples of teen starting their own business -[..]ive-learned-from-founding-4-technology-2[..]ive-learned-from-founding-4-technology-b[..]y/feeding-a-startup-your-next-500-ideas/

Build something that do something you don't want to do -[..]2/paul-graham-how-to-get-startup-ideas-c

Confidence -[..]ence-is-the-pass-badge-for-entrepreneurs[..]efore-starting-their-very-first-business

Suggestion about starting business -[..]ting-meaningful-work/?fromcat=all#!sxLsH[..]e-learned-about-creating-meaningful-work[..]t-fab-ceo-learned-from-operating-company[..]014/01/21/success_entrepreneur_qualities[..]o-start-talking-about-what-you-want.html

Story of starting business in Japan -

*TA 就在身邊的好處,是可以快速 Iterate,更快找到PMF
*需要教育市場的新產品,要善用YouTube 的力量
*向下相容很重要 (美國小孩間本就有編織友誼手鍊互送的習俗)
*正向力量很重要 (與其打電動,父母更希望孩子動手)

How stock option work -

A Complete Guide to Startup Advisors and Mentors -[..]tartup-advisors-and-mentors-5d5704dc7e84

8 Brutal Questions to Ask Before Quitting Your Job to Become an Entrepreneur -[..]b-to-become-an-entrepreneur-396936cdfbe3

Startups go from Search to Build to Scale -[..]ups-stumble-at-40-employees-66312ac70fba

About how to validate and build idea -[..]ounders-need-to-be-aware-of-3a5f8c3acb76

burn-rate-101 -[..]rtups-a-15-min-introduction-6755936efc88[..]ing-i-learned-from-startups-5c27146ef0e1[..]torytelling-in-your-startup-d8b57db375fd

entrepreneurship is a calling -[..]nnovators-and-entrepreneurs-a430602ff8ea

Why I chose customer-funded growth over taking VC money -[..]growth-over-taking-vc-money-f1eba37e44a4[..]ings-to-do-as-a-startup-ceo-a22a0caec41f

他如何靠 15000 元卡債,建立市值 7 億的咖啡品牌?藍瓶咖啡的故事 -[..]7%9A%84%E6%95%85%E4%BA%8B-061200433.html[..]ld-a-billion-dollar-company-b0c31d7db0e7[..]article/18245-5-suggestions-for-startups[..]-from-experts-entrepreneurs-f6862778bee1

也因為之前 LinkExchange 的「失敗」經驗,第二次創業謝家華特別在乎 Zappos 的公司文化,這次他致力於打造一家讓自己願意一直待下去的公司,他認為公司要找的是想法相同的人,而不是找一群想法很多元的人。 -

The Importance of Ongoing Education to Grow Your Startup -[..]cation-to-grow-your-startup-fdc8735aa998

Some nice message from sitepoint -[..]2/15/from-0-to-1-million-in-only-a-year/

Five Things I Wish I Had Known When I Started My First Company -[..]-i-started-my-first-company-1cc79a687c54

Idea Validation — how do you know if your startup idea is a good one? -[..]-startup-idea-is-a-good-one-b43b98854ec8

It Only Takes 5-minutes To Know If a Startup Has a High Probability of Success Or Not -[..]obability-of-success-or-not-5c4adddb7b04

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Thu Oct 13 13:19:52 GMT 2022 From /weblog/business


最失敗的好產品 ─ Everpix 倒閉的啟發 -[..]89%E7%9A%84%E5%95%9F%E7%99%BC/index.html[..]ath-inside-the-worlds-best-photo-startup

HTC 十七年興衰史 -


日本啤酒市場跌至全盛期6成水準!麒麟、朝日兩大啤酒品牌如何力挽狂瀾? -

Success and Failure at Pebble -

私募股權公司想為你洗車 -[..]j-private-equity-wants-to-wash-your-car/

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Sat Sep 10 14:56:52 GMT 2022 From /weblog/business


Tips for getting the most from meeting -

No meeting should ever be more than an hour, under penalty of death.
Every meeting should have a clearly defined mission statement.
Do your homework before the meeting.
Make it optional.
Summarize to-dos at the end of the meeting.[..]/02/meetings-where-work-goes-to-die.html

Good and bad thing from meeting -

「兩個披薩」和「六頁備忘錄」, meeting attendant should not eat more than 2 plazas and the discussion item should not more than 6 pages -[..]zza-rule-for-productive-meetings-2013-10[..]zza-rule-for-productive-meetings-2013-10[..]ve-signs-your-meetings-are-waste-of.html <- I like this one: "Sign 4: Someone asks: "who will document the results of this meeting?""

上班族必學-在會議中教人刮目相看的十招, I double if it working...... -[..]%B8%E7%9C%8B%E7%9A%84%E5%8D%81%E6%8B%9B/[..]7/13/meetings-are-legalized-robbery.html

A team might agree around the conference table, but then express doubts in the “safer” environment of the hallway or coffee shop. -[..]14/03/the-meeting-after-the-meeting.html

6 phrases managers need to stop using in team meetings -[..]stop-using-in-team-meetings-dd46eb73c5e5

How to run better meetings -[..]ss/2021/10/16/how-to-run-better-meetings

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Fri Sep 09 00:13:48 GMT 2022 From /weblog/business

Time management

Are you really as busy as you think? -[..]24052970203358704577237603853394654.html

Priority -[..]07/06/how-to-prioritise-quickly-and.html[..]/how-to-easily-optimize-task-management/[..]ment-is-more-than-prioritizing-features/[..]/how-to-easily-optimize-task-management/

Choose a task to be accomplished
Set the Pomodoro to 25 minutes (the Pomodoro is the timer)
Work on the task until the Pomodoro rings, then put a check on your sheet of paper
Take a short break (5 minutes is OK)
Every 4 Pomodoros take a longer break -

Try not spend time on admin work -

Defer reply email -[..]6%86email-%E8%A6%86email-%E8%A6%86email/

Use Timebox -[..]5/job-search-tip-timebox-everything.html[..]/how-to-easily-optimize-task-management/[..]e-mapping-charting-our-lifes-course.html

Use calendar to block a time -

Measure interruption -[..]nything-else-you-want-to-accomplish.html

總覺得時間不夠用?Elon Musk 的 10 個生產力訣竅 -[..]-productivity-secrets-for-insane-success

Tips For Managing the Nebulous Flow of Life and Work -[..]aging-the-nebulous-flow-of-life-and-work

Wasting time solution -[..]021/04/waste-time-thoreau-walden/618732/

How to Stop Wasting Time -

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Wed Sep 07 23:27:32 GMT 2022 From /weblog/business



Inventing sample -[..]ason-fried-talks-about-competing-on-easy

Issey Miyake saw clothes in a completely new way -[..]yake-saw-clothes-in-a-completely-new-way

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Thu Jul 07 23:09:47 GMT 2022 From /weblog/business


Using game as training - , and drawing for communication -

No control, but empower -[..]01/some-thoughts-on-managing-people.html

10 rules of success, not really very insighful ideas but still nice to take a look:

Another 10 tips for product manager -

An interesting example of how people gaming the reward system -

Interview of Jeff Bezos and learn about his management style -

Dos and Don'ts for line manager -

8 elements of dysfunctional management -[..]lements-of-dysfunctional-management.html

Talk verse Action:
All Talk and No Action -[..]ectives-go-wrong-all-talk-and-no-action/
All Action and No Talk -[..]ectives-go-wrong-all-action-and-no-talk/
A suggestion of taking the balance -

Discussion about issues of managing remote teams -

Team building with the way of "pointy haired boss" ?? -

Promote the problem maker to make them better?? Is that work? - May be it is true that problem maker are innovator, give them more work and reward can change their negative performance to more than expected positive performance.

The most consistent and intense complaint from team members was that their team leaders were unwilling to confront and resolve problems associated with poor performance by individual team members.

Manage to learn -[..]dd-80e9-0000779fd18c.html?nclick_check=1

Suggestion about how to delegate to other, spend time to explain to vision -[..]E6%88%96%E8%80%85%E5%B4%A9%E6%BD%B0.html

Allocate free time to employee is good for company -[..]12/08/today-is-goof-off-at-work-day.html

What management should be -[..]-people-can-you-manage-as-a-manager.html

1. 清楚意識到您的創新意圖
2. 為彈性的工作時間設計一個架構
4. 測量什麼是有意義的
5. 給予「無實質價值」的報酬
6. 象徵化
7. 不是標準化地複製他人的創新行為[..]6-ways-to-create-a-culture-of-innovation

1. 在公司裡跟別人吐露的心事越少,對你越好。你以為是無傷大雅的閑聊,其實有可能會造成嚴重傷害。把你的猜測和擔憂都埋在心裡吧。

2. 務必管理好和下屬的關系。花時間和公司裡的較低層員工在一起,盡量對他們友好。對電梯操作員禮貌問候,對郵遞員表示感謝,對助理說句友善的話,這些都會得到讚賞。打造名譽要從基層做起。同樣的,碰到不爽的事情,要自己消化情緒,不要在別人面前發泄。

3. 做領導是一份全職工作,職責的時鐘永不停止。每個微小的跡象都會被解讀,你的不耐煩、失望或不安全感都會被那些解讀你的人放大。不應做出隨意、毫無準備的坦白,信息必須經過深思熟慮才能發出。要特別小心書面的東西,尤其是電子郵件──它們永遠都不會消失。

4. 保持聆聽並索取建議。每周至少在公司餐廳吃一次午飯,或者時不時在咖啡機旁逗留,聽聽其他人都在聊些什麼。如果有人想跟你說話,那就沒有理由不聽。如果有人批評,即使你不讚同也要花時間仔細回應。

5. 你覺得很風趣的俏皮話通常並不風趣。你的幽默感很容易被解讀為自傲和笨拙。如果你仍然以為講笑話或引用某個幽默故事對陳述觀點很重要,那麼請先跟你的配偶或信任的朋友演練一遍。幽默是有風險的。千萬不要拿嚴肅的事情開玩笑。

6. 很重要的一點是,保証重要事務的重要性。應該經常解釋你的戰略,可以換個措辭,但要反復強調。

7. 絕不要抱怨和解釋,沒有人會聽。出了差錯就承擔責任。不要把錯誤怪到前幾屆管理層、天氣、運氣不好或競爭對手身上。但也不要露出防御姿態。向前看──除非上級要求你辭職。

8. 信任你的專業顧問,接受他們的專業意見。不要對市場做過多猜測。沒有所謂的完美數據。做出決策,往前走。

9. 謹慎使用“平均”這個詞──平均深度為6英寸河也可能淹死人。欣然接受“平均”,只會獲得虛假的安全感。假設最糟糕的情況會發生,因為通常就是如此。

10. 最後這條是陳詞濫調,但卻是至理真言:絕不要做或說你不希望在報紙頭條看到的事情。和媒體打交道時,不要回答假設性的問題,謹記麥克風永遠不會真正關閉,絕不要同意“私下”談。對一場危機唯一值得做的公開回應是誠實。[..]0001424052702303519404579353060931625306

給新手高管的10條建議 -[..]/causes-and-solutions-for-bystander.html

以競爭激發員工潛力有其道理,但就我過往所見,鼓催互鬥文化往往淪為非實力較量,最後變成內部互搞小動作放毒箭,對公司產生最嚴重的破壞 - 內耗。 -[..]%84%EF%BC%9F%EF%BC%8F%E5%BE%90%E7%B7%A3/

Good developer cannot be good manager? -

Manager guide in google -

Every person is a vector — add them all up, and you know how much progress your company is going to make. -[..]me-about-growing-a-business-c2c173f5bff3

The Seven Habits of One Highly Effective Manager of Managers: Things I Learned from Charity Majors -

SuperCell 的组织结构 -

How to Assert Authority as a Young Manager -[..]-authority-as-a-young-manager-617b167be0

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Sun Mar 13 11:40:19 GMT 2022 From /weblog/business


The Untold Story of Disney’s $307 Million Bomb ‘John Carter': ‘It’s a Disaster’ -

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Tue Mar 08 12:07:29 GMT 2022 From /weblog/business


She, start her career as beautician, and end as CIO -[..]rintableArticle.jhtml?articleID=47902662

Tom hardware sold for US$15-20 Million... I guess this is successful?

Successful story of local store -

Not rich not famous, why programming? -[..]06/07/get-famous-by-not-programming.html

Way to success in career, proactive and not too aggressive -

7. I think I know why I admire micro-ISVs.

Some of my fascination with micro-ISVs is rooted in my wonderings about the path of my career over the long term.

When I was 22, I believed that I could write code until age 65. I saw no reason why I could not be a software developer for my entire professional career. Some folks told me that being a coder is a burnout job, but I didn't believe them.

I am 36 now, and I think I have a better understanding of things. I am starting to realize that someday I may actually want to make a career change. I am trying to picture myself running an ISV when I am 55, but I just don't see it. Running a company can be awfully stressful sometimes. Will I still want to be doing this in two more decades?

My prospects for a second career are bleak. The cold reality is that I only know how to do one thing. Instead of looking for a second career, maybe I should be looking for a way to stay in software.

This is one of the things I like about micro-ISVs. The lifestyle looks very different. The workflow looks like it might be a lot less stressful. Running a micro-ISV looks more like a marathon and less like a sprint.

At my recent lunch with Thomas Warfield (Pretty Good Solitaire), I asked him if he thought he could still be running his micro-ISV at age 50. He said yes. Warfield is 40 now, so this is not the perspective of a naive young person just getting started. I believe him, and his answer makes me wonder if somebody I will be running some sort of a micro-ISV as my full-time job.[..]-us/dnsoftware/html/software10012004.asp


探秘麥肯錫如何“無私”崛起, a lot about how they dress? -

賈伯斯、坎貝爾、葛洛夫三位大師教我的事 -[..]productivity-not-efficiency-4ed4fe9a454f


從網路書店飛向宇宙:傑夫.貝佐斯 -

透過內部成長或收購,提升波克夏旗下企業的長期獲利能力。巴菲特指出,內部提升的成果遠比收購為佳。 -[..]yee/26940-buffet-shareholder-letter-2022

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Tue Feb 15 23:05:11 GMT 2022 From /weblog/business


P2P filesharing can actually helping music sell, according to this article, if there is large amount of people download, this is a very good marketing tools -

After you spend so much effort of promoting your product, may be you miss promoting your product to YOU?? And there are millions of YOU all over the earth?

Name is important -[..]4/pick-the-right-name-for-your-projects/

Sometime, it would be a nice promotion of comment your product in negative way, some how -

The official definition is that marketing creates demand, while sales fulfils demand, how Joel demo software -

First to release may be worst than the 2nd one -[..]window-as-part-of-your-product-strategy/ Timing is VERY important

Guessing if we have short and frequency release, we don't need to save any features. However, in case if our release cycle still long and big, this may be a good idea. -[..]2009/11/10/save-some-features-for-later/

Learning US. style of marketing -

Analysis why ice-bucket-challenge can be so popular -[..]/26/ice-bucket-challenge-viral-marketing

【台積電成功之道】B2B 的公司,都應像孵化器一樣,賦能自己的客戶!-

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Thu Jun 17 23:25:27 GMT 2021 From /weblog/business


Interesting discussion of how to put middle man in office -

#2 Practice the art of war -[..]-work-without-playing-dirty-f0f1fda44681

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Thu Sep 17 08:04:41 GMT 2020 From /weblog/business


one suggestion about layout of presentation -

Some nice tips of having presentation

Do not spend half of your talk "motivating" your topic.
Have a rhythm. Let's be honest
Tell a story.
Make sure you solve an actual problem.
Not everything you say has to be brand new.
Never let anyone touch your slides after you have last seen them.[..]/how-to-get-better-at-presenting-in.html

The secret of Steve Job presentation -[..]-to-give-a-presentation-like-steve-jobs/

Don't just start slamming slides together
Don't be a compulsive bullet-pointer
Don't do live demosDon't do live demos
Don't darken the room
Don't use age-old clipart
Don't drone[..]6-mistakes-you-should-never-make-as.html

An average is better than an arbitrary point
A range is better than an average
A histogram is better than a range
A time series is better than a histogram

Tip, try to distrace yourself??? -

Tip for using online tool for presentation -

Compare about doing slide for presentation and information sharing - also tips about creating infodeck ( e.g. user guide ) -

看直播學簡報-解析陳時中部長的簡報技巧 -[..]ticle/19791-Chen-Shih-chung-presentation

聲音不好聽還能做節目嗎?無意識的冗言贅字該怎麼克服?INSIDE 專訪口語表達訓練講師潘月琪為創作者解惑! -[..]icle/20976-how-podcaster-to-be-talkative

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Oil price resource -

Lessons learned building an ML trading system that turned $5k into $200k -[..]trading-system-that-turned-5k-into-200k/

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Pros and cons of opening the salary -

Not providing a psychologically safe environment is how organizations fire smart people. -[..]no-one-would-ever-get-fired-827601fb8af1[..]utive-hires-at-your-startup-5531d8cb770d

How to maintain high standard -[..]aster-class-in-how-to-run-a-company.html

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Why we should start small -[..]3/11/01/minimum-viable-product-benefits/[..]4/10/20/how-we-write-product-vision.html

Most of product development is the middle part: the messy, weird, unintuitive place where you and your team are making hundreds of small decisions. If you are not looking to real people by continuously conducting user research and running hypothesis-driven tests, you’ll slowly (and with growing confidence) get far away from your actual goal: Making a product for real people. -[..]-things-come-to-think-of-it-42fa3d7cb415

Naming can be difficult -

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