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Mon Sep 04 00:44:48 HKT 2017


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Mon Sep 04 00:44:48 HKT 2017 From /weblog/photographic


Photo editing -[..]pair-outdoor-photo-map-steps-for-example[..]1/3/basic-lightroom-adjustments-fog-mist[..]/9428-adobe-lightroom-advanced-key-cheat

About marco photograhy -[..]7237/depth-of-field-in-macro-photography

動 態 攝 影 分 享 -[..]ts/gymnastics-fundraiser-portfolio-shoot

世盃攝影師落場 三機三鏡是基本 -[..]om/realtime/all/latest/20140624/52618252

India guide -

請問點影一個人行緊過黎既情景 -[..]

Street photographic - , 呈圓狀, 二等分, 重覆式, 同形狀

What is the real meaning of Aperture in zoom len -

How to take building photo look proper vertically -

How to take astro landscape photo -

Star photo processing -

How to take a good photo -

Think about composition rule -[..]or-beautiful-light-painting-photographs/

Using shifted len to create create landscape photo -[..]-can-teach-you-about-street-photography/

HDR -[..]iv-%E5%9F%B7%E8%B5%B0%E9%AC%BC%E5%BD%B1/

你也可以做得到]超簡易DIY證件相拍攝 -

淺談燈光人像, 逆光和壓光 -[..]%87%E7%87%88%E5%85%89%E4%BA%BA%E5%83%8F/

Top 5 Tips to Photograph Stars & Night Sky -[..]top-5-tips-to-photograph-stars-night-sky[..]otography-tutorial-lightroom-5-photoshop

Tutorial about using DSLR to take good movie -

How to take cloud sea photo -

Informaton of light pillar -

How to take Lightning photos -

How to take children photo -

進階對焦技巧 – 快門對焦分開處理 -[..]%A6%E5%88%86%E9%96%8B%E8%99%95%E7%90%86/

水底攝影入門(一):水底光線的考慮 -[..]active-photography-skill-tree-beginners/

Zone system -

How to use flash in studio -

Tips of taking photo for wild life -

TimeLapse tutorial -

Basic lightroom editing tutorial -[..]%83%E5%80%8B%E5%B0%8F%E6%8A%80%E5%B7%A7/

用小電筒照出静物「封面相」 -

How to find your vision? practice, practice, practice -[..]3/how-to-find-your-vision-in-photography

拍出令人心動的女生照片,分享如果教導模特兒擺 POSE -

How to show dimension -[..]the-construction-of-space-in-photography

How to take food photo -

How to tone color -[..]-ideas-learn-to-tone-and-color-control#_

Common shutter speed -[..]professional-photographers-shutter-speed

12-photo-posture-tips-make-your-characters-just-like-professional-models -[..]-just-like-professional-models-beautiful

人像攝影經驗分享,幾個提升拍攝技巧的要點 -

Tutorial: How to shoot a martini splash photo using only speedlights -[..]ly-speedlights?ref_=pe_1674010_132618830

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Sun Aug 20 00:55:51 HKT 2017 From /weblog/photographic


10+ Of The Most Epic Long Exposure Shots Ever -

享受長曝的樂趣 -

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Wed Jul 12 14:46:08 HKT 2017 From /weblog/photographic


星軌拍攝技巧 數問 -

1).數碼機因hot pixel而唔適合曝得耐...最好分開影影夠幾個鐘...咁每張間隔之間都要俾CMOS斗下氣?
有師兄 教過 分十幾張 每張 10-20min 再合成 好過 一野 暴 幾粒鐘, (菲林 令計)

2).數碼機有D人話用ISO 100、有人話用ISO 400-800好...如果用合成方法...其實係咪都係就番光害而定...定係關雜訊事?
睇天氣 , 小弟 用 o個次 用 iso 100

4季 都唔同 位置, 用星座 搵 會準確 d, e+ 係 冬季, 北極星 位置 係 獵戶座 (lei 個最易 認, 唔會 搵唔倒 ... ) 頭頂 (腰帶 致 頭頂 距離 再過 5倍左右)

附圖 係 舊年 去雲南 香格里拉 時影, 本泥想 長暴, 不過 o個晚 太涷 個人 頂唔順 要收皮 反酒店

With a lot of information, 香港的星空 — 觀測及拍攝資訊 -

Herman's articles at dcfever -

500px tutorial -

About Comet -

Atmospheric optical phenomena 大氣光學現象 -[..]16/06/atmospheric-optical-phenomena.html

這張是11月15日凌晨拍攝的M42獵戶座星雲, 大埔的光害較嚴重, 所以要加上IDAS V4濾鏡作長時間曝光, 分三段不同時間曝光及作Layer Masking 處理, 把動態範圍拉闊. 在月光的影下算是滿意, 希望之後可以分數晚作10小時以上的曝光並加長每一張frame 的曝光時間 (現在是5分鐘一張), 使到暗位的表現進一步改善.

Place: Tai Po
Date: 14 Nov, 2013 (UT)
Camera: Canon 20Da
Lens: Canon EF-600 F4L
Mount: Vixen Sphinx with Star Book
Filter: IDAS V4
Exposure: 10 sec x 10, 30 sec x 10, 300sec x 26
ISO: 800
Guiding: Borg 60mm telescope, AIS120MM, PHD guiding.
Image calibration: Dark x 20 (average) for each exposure, Bias x 16 (Median), Dark subtracted Flat field x 20 (Median)
Processing: DSS, PS: layer Mask, Cropped, curve, colour adjusted.

how-to-find-the-milky-way -[..]om/2015/07/24/how-to-find-the-milky-way/

how-to-capture-sharp-star-photographs -[..]10/how-to-capture-sharp-star-photographs

銀河 - 觀測和拍攝 -

簡易四步驟處理高清銀河 - TimeLapse-AfterEffects特效『星流跡影片』-進階 -

500 rule:
11mm: 45.5 seconds
12mm: 41.7 seconds
14mm: 35.7 seconds
16mm: 31.3 seconds
18mm: 27.8 seconds
20mm: 25 seconds
24mm: 20.8 seconds
28mm: 17.9 seconds
35mm: 14.3 seconds
50mm: 10 seconds
85mm: 5.9 seconds

How to find constellations: a starter’s guide -[..]eature-post/starter-guide-constellations

想拍漂亮的散景靜物嗎?6步驟DIY一個超絢麗散景牆, with 鋁箔或銀色包裝紙 -[..]steps-to-a-super-gorgeous-diy-bokeh-wall[..]ilky-Way-Photo-Concepts-You-May-Wan.html

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Sun May 28 21:19:36 HKT 2017 From /weblog/photographic/tools

free image processing

A nice article about image processing at Linux, seem all tool are cross platform[..].php?node=Digital+Photography+with+Linux

After some research, see neat image is the best tools for noise reduction. See if it able to use with GIMP

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Tue Jan 24 11:35:02 HKT 2017 From /weblog/photographic/collections


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Sat Sep 10 23:56:07 HKT 2016 From /weblog/photographic


some links about creating HDR[..]/hdr-in-real-estate-photography-part-ii/

Tutorial about color[..]/2016/2/8/imc0w2lc0ie6b1jtixfht4jgqyjvnu

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Sun Jun 05 00:23:12 HKT 2016 From /weblog/photographic/tools


If you using mac and like to have post editing of digital photo, Definitely worth to try:[..]n/entitlement/index.cfm?e=labs_lightroom

A free (until beta period finish) competitor of Aperture. The auto tuning work excellent. However, there is no plugin yet and require highend machine to work smooth. It take 400MB RAM for just a few RAW photo and it work like a dog on my poor mac mini. This is the first time of this 5 years I wish to have a better machine


Lightroom教學: 進階設定七件事 -[..]%AD%E5%AE%9A%E4%B8%83%E4%BB%B6%E4%BA%8B/

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Mon Apr 18 11:38:21 HKT 2016 From /weblog/photographic


Some nice elephants photos -[..]hants-are-large-land-mammals-in-two.html

Butterflies in HK -[..]hread&tid=1153714&extra&page=1&mobile=no

2013 review from Herman -

The bird mummies of Natron: Lake's waters petrify animals that fall in -[..]c-waters-petrify-animals-fall-8C11322626[..]nails-by-vyacheslav-mishchenko/?view=all

如何拍好藍眼淚 -

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Mon Dec 21 19:07:51 HKT 2015 From /weblog/photographic/tools


漸變灰 Out!Sony 新 App 將相機變成風景王! Sony’s New Sky HDR App Replaces the Graduated ND Filter for Landscapes -

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Sat Nov 29 22:18:47 HKT 2014 From /weblog/photographic


用智能手機或數碼單反拍電影 -

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Mon Jul 07 12:02:31 HKT 2014 From /weblog/photographic/collections


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Wed Jun 25 14:27:07 HKT 2014 From /weblog/photographic/collections


一戰士兵鏡頭下的戰場生活 -

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Mon May 26 08:38:44 HKT 2014 From /weblog/photographic


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Tue Apr 08 21:10:16 HKT 2014 From /weblog/photographic/tools


用智能手機或數碼單反拍電影 -

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Tue Oct 02 19:34:57 HKT 2012 From /weblog/photographic


Sharing of taking bird photo without enough nature light -

Sharing of how to take good photo for animal -

自然研究社,如何用攝影捕捉羽化的過程?(器材準備篇) -[..]ed-to-capture-process-of-feathering-nike

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Tue Jun 05 23:22:00 HKT 2012 From /weblog/photographic/collections


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Thu Apr 05 17:26:09 HKT 2012 From /weblog/photographic


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Tue Aug 16 00:18:22 HKT 2011 From /weblog/photographic


【明報專訊】美國攝影大師斯泰肯(Edward Steichen)一幅池塘照片,周二以近300萬美元(約2270萬港元)在蘇富比拍賣行賣出,成為全球拍賣價最高的攝影作品。蘇富比沒有透露買家身分。

廣 告

斯泰肯這幀作品名為《池塘月色(The Pond-Moonlight)》,1904年攝於紐約長島,相中前景是池塘,池畔一排樹林,月光透過林間,映照池塘上。這幀作品只有兩個副本,均由博物館收藏。

同時打破以往攝影作品拍賣價紀錄的有近代攝影之父施蒂格利茨(Alfred Stieglitz)的兩幀作品,題材都是施蒂格利茨的妻子奧基夫。一幀拍的是奧基夫的雙手,以約147萬美元(約1142萬港元)賣出﹔另一幀則是奧基夫的藝術裸照,以約136萬美元(約1055萬港元)賣出。


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Tue Aug 16 00:00:10 HKT 2011 From /weblog/photographic


How to take photo of water dop -[..]k-cowen-delong-discuss-genetics-and.html

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