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Thu Apr 06 06:33:50 GMT 2023


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Wed Jul 23 03:23:21 GMT 2014 From /weblog/xml


Some problem of using XSLT as UI template -

But there is still a lot of use case for XSLT, like using XSLT to sort XML -[..]A41FF312-8AED-4E53-BF6D-64D1DC48812D.htm

Probably a very common usecase -[..]converting-xml-to-csv-using-xslt-10.html

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Mon Dec 22 11:12:53 GMT 2008 From /weblog/xml


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Mon May 19 01:51:32 GMT 2008 From /weblog/xml


Yaml -[..]alternative-to-properties-file-yaml.html

An article discussing readability of XML, and compair it with Yaml -

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Thu Feb 15 08:30:31 GMT 2007 From /weblog/xml


Use Tiday to convert HTML to DOM document and work with XQuery -

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Wed Feb 14 06:57:05 GMT 2007 From /weblog/xml


opml, Someone hate this, but this is the standard -[..]gView?showComments=true&entry=3324585297

ATOM tutorial -[..]/xml/library/x-atom10.html?ca=drs-tp3105

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Tue Dec 05 06:52:53 GMT 2006 From /weblog/xml


Reference of MS office format -

and a blog of experience of using this -

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Thu Oct 12 10:09:21 GMT 2006 From /weblog/xml/web+service


Top Ten Tips for Web Services Interoperability

* Watch out for Empty Arrays
* Use Package and Type Name Options when Generating Client Proxies
* Testing Generated Java Beans for Null
* Null Dates and Times are recognized by Java, but not by .NET
* Always use compareTo() when comparing dates/times
* Use Trace Tool to Investigate
* Add Option to Change Host and Port
* Ensure Document/Literal when generating Web Services
* Use Unit Tests to Test Interoperability
* Use XSD First

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Thu May 18 09:16:21 GMT 2006 From /weblog/xml

The problem of SOA

Make sense for me:[..]/bmichelson/2006/05/observations_fr.html

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Wed May 17 06:26:52 GMT 2006 From /weblog/xml

BPEL learning guide

A lot resource for BPEL, see if anyone interested -[..]027HOUSE&Offer=WStssnl516bpel#quickstart

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Wed Jan 11 03:52:45 GMT 2006 From /weblog/xml

xml testing tools

List various xml diff tools[..]/stuff/open-source-xml-diff-in-java/view

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Mon Nov 28 10:02:32 GMT 2005 From /weblog/xml

xml in binary

Use binary encoding for web service, I think this is an interesting idea, but also make me think it is mean web service is too complicate for many cases?[..]alArticles/WebServices/fastWS/index.html

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Wed Aug 31 09:34:21 GMT 2005 From /weblog/xml

problem of xml config

Somebody complaint that is just not possible to debug without try and error, which I feel it is not that bad[..]/blogs/thread.tss?thread_id=36130#182452

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