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Sat May 04 06:29:27 GMT 2024

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Fri May 03 15:18:33 GMT 2024 From /photo/cosmos/apod


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Fri May 03 13:19:43 GMT 2024 From /weblog/database/vendor


All insights from Redshift academic paper: Amazon Redshift re-invented in 2022 -[..]redshift-heres-what-i-found-85c31a59fd19

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Thu May 02 13:12:28 GMT 2024 From /photo/cosmos/apod


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Thu May 02 12:57:11 GMT 2024 From /photo/cosmos/apod


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Tue Apr 30 14:17:25 GMT 2024 From /weblog/business


Research: How Long Should a Founder Remain CEO? -[..]rch-how-long-should-a-founder-remain-ceo

Leaders Don’t Have to Choose Between Compassion and Performance -[..]hoose-between-compassion-and-performance

So what does any of this have to do with leadership? In short, effective leadership requires effective delegation. And effective delegation feels like navigating without Google Maps. -[..]n-teach-us-about-leadership-b5165262bce0

5 mistakes leaders make that sabotage their teams’ happiness -[..]make-that-sabotage-their-teams-happiness

This is the most critical leadership skill in a crisis -[..]st-critical-leadership-skill-in-a-crisis

An essential primer for anyone starting a new leadership role -[..]tial-primer-starting-new-leadership-role

The principle architect of Chick-fil-A’s culture says no one cares about your leadership skills if you can’t lead like this -[..]ership-skills-if-you-cant-lead-like-this

Why great leaders are always kind—but not always nice -[..]ders-are-always-kind-but-not-always-nice

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Tue Apr 30 13:53:50 GMT 2024 From /weblog/business


one suggestion about layout of presentation -

Some nice tips of having presentation

Do not spend half of your talk "motivating" your topic.
Have a rhythm. Let's be honest
Tell a story.
Make sure you solve an actual problem.
Not everything you say has to be brand new.
Never let anyone touch your slides after you have last seen them.[..]/how-to-get-better-at-presenting-in.html

The secret of Steve Job presentation -[..]-to-give-a-presentation-like-steve-jobs/

Don't just start slamming slides together
Don't be a compulsive bullet-pointer
Don't do live demosDon't do live demos
Don't darken the room
Don't use age-old clipart
Don't drone[..]6-mistakes-you-should-never-make-as.html

An average is better than an arbitrary point
A range is better than an average
A histogram is better than a range
A time series is better than a histogram

Tip, try to distrace yourself??? -

Tip for using online tool for presentation -

Compare about doing slide for presentation and information sharing - also tips about creating infodeck ( e.g. user guide ) -

看直播學簡報-解析陳時中部長的簡報技巧 -[..]ticle/19791-Chen-Shih-chung-presentation

聲音不好聽還能做節目嗎?無意識的冗言贅字該怎麼克服?INSIDE 專訪口語表達訓練講師潘月琪為創作者解惑! -[..]icle/20976-how-podcaster-to-be-talkative

Instead, Abrahams suggests taking actions that make you present-oriented, because you can’t be worried about the future when you’re in the present. Do something physical, for example, like shaking out your arms. You could also listen to a song or playlist, count backward by sevens, or practice tongue twisters. -[..]anage-your-public-speaking-fears-anxiety

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Tue Apr 30 13:16:24 GMT 2024 From /weblog/software_engineering


Sometime dailywtf share not only funny stories, this is also a meaningful one, I really not sure if it really silly to put so much effort to make old cobol work -

Here is a sample of how to put a legacy swing application under automated test -[..]operworks/java/library/j-legacytest.html

Experience of porting COBOL code to Java -[..]7/05/16/pack-rats-are-running-the-asylum

Martin Fowler suggestion about working on legacy system: replace it bit by bit -

A lot of managers and developers I know believe[..]2/13/business-software-is-messy-and-mgly , how about you? I think every software have room to improve, but if we work hard enough to make I, and other, life easier, thing will get cleaner and cleaner

Notes for studying "Working with Legacy code" -

Tip for handling legacy software, I think the most important one is focus on delivering immediate value -[..]ips-to-developers-starting-on-large-apps

Uncovering the Seams in Mainframes for Incremental Modernisation -[..]ReplicationToEnableNewProductDevelopment

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Tue Apr 30 13:08:14 GMT 2024 From /photo/cosmos/apod


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Tue Apr 30 12:48:10 GMT 2024 From /weblog/security


Introduction to Cryptography Basic Principles -[..]01/diffie-hellman-key-exchange-algorithm[..]tography-theory-1-meaning-of-secure.html

getting-a-list-of-available-cryptographic-algorithms -[..]t-of-available-cryptographic-algorithms/

Differential privacy -

The crazy mathematical concept that underlies all your online security: zero knowledge proofs -[..]r-online-security-zero-knowledge-proofs/

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Sun Apr 28 14:38:14 GMT 2024 From /photo/cosmos/apod


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Sun Apr 28 14:37:36 GMT 2024 From /photo/cosmos/apod


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Sun Apr 28 14:37:31 GMT 2024 From /photo/cosmos/apod


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Sun Apr 28 14:37:27 GMT 2024 From /photo/cosmos/apod


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Sun Apr 28 14:37:18 GMT 2024 From /photo/cosmos/apod


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Sun Apr 28 14:37:15 GMT 2024 From /photo/cosmos/apod


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Sun Apr 28 12:16:30 GMT 2024 From /weblog/hack+and+faq


让容器跑得更快:CPU Burst 技术实践 -[..]-troubleshoot-docker-faster-8f9ab55dd419

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Fri Apr 26 23:18:54 GMT 2024 From /weblog/science/animal


storm-sperm-whales -[..]/geomagnetic-storm-sperm-whales-05092017

Groundbreaking effort launched to decode whale language -[..]-to-try-to-decode-the-language-of-whales

What I Saw When I Came Eye to Eye with a Whale -[..]m/2415069/sperm-whales-research-dominica

Secrets of the Whales -

The hidden world of whale culture -[..]he-hidden-world-of-whale-culture-feature

On Knowing the Winged Whale -[..]om/features/on-knowing-the-winged-whale/

Humpback whales face a major setback from climate change -[..]face-a-major-setback-from-climate-change

It’s the world’s newest whale species—and it’s already endangered -[..]le/rices-whale-endangered-species-newest

Why are these orcas killing sharks and removing their livers? -[..]-great-whites-sharks-livers-south-africa

Whales, From Above -[..]09/15/travel/hamptons-whales-sharks.html

These orcas control the waves to hunt. It’s spine-tingling to watch. -[..]mals-up-close-wave-washing-killer-whales

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Fri Apr 26 23:17:59 GMT 2024 From /weblog/science/animal


Elephants carry their babies for two years, and more astonishing animal pregnancies -[..]-extremely-diverse-pregnancies-heres-why

“Larger animals need more food to keep their bodies fueled,” Manger explains. “The elephant, which can eat several hundred kilograms of low-quality food each day, devotes a lot of time to eating, leaving less time for sleep.” -[..]gy/animals-ecology/wild-elephants-sleep/

The Elephant Next Door -[..]ts-behavior-coexistence-survival-feature

100 years of elephants: See how Nat Geo has photographed these iconic creatures -[..]national-geographic-wildlife-photography

Wild elephants solve complex puzzles for food. But can their wits save them? -[..]e/wild-elephants-complex-puzzles-solver/

What elephants eat — and why they spend so much time eating -[..]-and-why-they-spend-so-much-time-eating/

The Elephant Next Door -[..]ts-behavior-coexistence-survival-feature

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Fri Apr 26 23:17:16 GMT 2024 From /weblog/science/animal


Meet the creatures of the night sea -[..]0/07/meet-the-creatures-of-the-night-sea

underwater -[..]and-other-underwater-creatures/?view=all

Goldfish turn to alcohol to get through winter in icy ponds Newburgh Gazette -[..]ohol-to-get-through-winter-in-icy-ponds/

Sea turtles can carry more than 100,000 tiny animals on their shells -[..]-turtles-carry-thousands-of-hitchhikers/

Meet the creatures of the night sea -[..]/07/meet-the-creatures-of-the-night-sea/

octopus -[..]s-anatomy-cephalopod-disguise-evolution/

In the 2021 Ocean Olympics, These Marine Animals Take Gold -

These Are the Best Friends in the Ocean -

The Seas Are Rising. Could Oysters Help? -[..]seas-are-rising-could-oysters-protect-us

In the darkness of the open water, rarely seen creatures dance along the ocean current. -[..]t-the-creatures-of-the-night-sea-feature

The electromagnetic fields are causing the crabs to 'freeze' in place. -[..]s-are-mesmerizing-crabs-around-scotland/

The Pacific lingcod, which feasts upon a wide variety of prey, replaces teeth much faster than expected—and it might not be alone. -[..]ows-20-new-teeth-per-day-pacific-lingcod

We're not even sure exactly where jellyfish lie on the food chain -- but chemistry can help solve the case. -[..]opes-solve-mystery-about-jellyfish-diet/

The weird, wondrous world of seahorses -[..]eird-wondrous-world-of-seahorses-feature

For the first time, wild dolphin observed 'talking' with harbor porpoises -[..]porpoise-communicates-with-other-species

Meet the anglerfish: the most famous ‘deep sea monster’ -[..]erfish-the-most-famous-deep-sea-monster/

The underwater “eye” that is unlocking ocean secrets -[..]widder-eye-in-the-sea-camera-giant-squid

珊瑚為何會同時間大量產卵?關鍵在日落到月昇的黑暗期! -

Meet the creatures of the night sea -[..]t-the-creatures-of-the-night-sea-feature

Consider the octopus -[..]anada/article-octopus-eating-meat-ethics

These photos of adorable Baikal seals above and beneath the water will cleanse the depressing news cycle -[..]-will-cleanse-the-depressing-news-cycle/

This super rare spotted jellyfish has only been recorded once before -[..]fish-has-only-been-recorded-once-before/

The rich marine life under frozen ice -[..]02-the-rich-marine-life-under-frozen-ice

Crabs have evolved five separate times – here’s why this is no accident of nature -[..]eres-why-this-is-no-accident-of-nat-ure/

We rallied to save manatees once. Can we do it again? -[..]e/save-manatees-florida-die-offs-feature

A calico lobster? The science behind rare lobsters is mesmerizing -[..]nce-behind-rare-lobsters-is-mesmerizing/

The mysterious inner life of the octopus -[..]/article/20220720-do-octopuses-feel-pain

Why some creatures in the deep sea get so big -[..]science/biology/deep-sea-giant-creature/

Extremely rare phantom jellyfish caught on camera -[..]/rare-giant-phantom-jellyfish-antarctica

Meet 5 of the Ocean’s Most Clever Tricksters -[..]t-5-of-the-oceans-most-clever-tricksters

500 baby sharks to be released: An exclusive look at an unprecedented mission -[..]ding-indonesia-oceans-conservation-zebra

Northern elephant seals take deep dive sleeps to escape predators -[..]ke-deep-dive-sleeps-to-escape-predators/

The Invisible Ocean: A Dive Into the World of Microscopic Marine Life -[..]-dive-into-world-microscopic-marine-life

A Spotlight on Manatees - The Original Mermaids -[..]/spotlight-on-manatees-original-mermaids

About 90 percent of species found in the Clarion Clipperton Zone have never been identified, yet they may be at risk from mining for minerals such as cobalt and nickel. -[..]icle/deep-sea-animals-new-species-mining

great-barrier-reef -[..]-reef-facts-youll-want-to-hear/?view=all

This super rare spotted box jellyfish has only been recorded once before -[..]fish-has-only-been-recorded-once-before/

See the microscopic universe that lives in a single drop of water -[..]ngel-fitor-microscopic-plankton-sea-drop

Dragonfish — Small yet Mighty Predators of the Twilight Zone -[..]t-mighty-predators-of-the-twilight-zone/

The Blue-Ringed Octopus: Small, adorable, and very dangerous -[..]topus-small-adorable-and-very-dangerous/

Jellyfish can learn just like humans — even though they lack a brain -

Some corals survive warming waters by 'remembering' heat waves -[..]arming-waters-by-remembering-heat-waves/

What is the Intertidal Zone? Where Land Meets Sea in Constant Flux -[..]cology-articles/what-is-intertidal-zone/

An octopus invited this writer into her tank—and her secret world -[..]nimals/article/octopus-tank-book-excerpt

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Fri Apr 26 22:53:47 GMT 2024 From /weblog/science


Graphene -[..]/graphene-superconductor-insulator-43242

Around 40% of all the plastic we use is packaging. Single-use, plastic packaging. -[..]esign-revolution-plastic-design-02082018

Diamond -

Gold -[..]gold-that-might-just-amaze-you/?view=all

metallic-wood -

recycled plastic -[..]what-should-we-do-about-recycled-plastic

Scientists make an 18-atom ring of pure carbon -[..]sts-make-an-18-atom-ring-of-pure-carbon/[..]e/pumice-uses-structure-feature-geology/[..]are-alive-and-double-as-hi-tech-sensors/[..]t-are-its-main-types-a-simple-explainer/[..]/geology/roman-concrete-seawater-043432/[..]material-we-stuff-our-wine-bottles-with/

Volcano-dwelling beetle inspires new ‘passive cooling’ material -[..]e/longicorn-beetle-coating-heat-9325234/

Metal-eating bacteria discovered in dirty lab glassware -[..]e/metal-eating-bacteria-manganese-05235/[..]s-the-worlds-first-un-cuttable-material/

Persians were making proto-stainless steel 1,000 years ago -[..]ng-proto-stainless-steel-1000-years-ago/

Marine sponges inspire stronger, lighter skyscrapers and bridges -[..]tronger-lighter-skyscrapers-and-bridges/

The ancient fabric that no one knows how to make -[..]ary-fabric-that-no-one-knows-how-to-make

Citrus fruit stands poised to make transparent wood more sustainable, stronger, and more transparent -[..]ent-wood-citrus-monomers-upgrade-232524/

Algae-based material could revolutionize the fashion industry -[..]ould-revolutionize-the-fashion-industry/

New “meringue” material could make air travel much quieter -[..]/material-makes-flying-quieter-18062021/

為什麼義大利名琴的音色難以複製? -

To find shortcuts in material science, researchers are increasingly looking at artificial intelligence. -[..]aterials/ai-discover-materials-15072021/

Scientists turn water into shiny metal -[..]/?goal=0_3b5aad2288-551dd2c0a8-242734313

Strongest glass in the world can scratch diamonds -[..]/chemistry/strongest-glass-world-052352/

Barnacle-inspired glue can seal wounds in seconds, save lives -[..]cience/barnacle-glue-help-save-25082021/

Batman cloak-like chainmail switches from flexible to tough on command -[..]tches-from-flexible-to-tough-on-command/

The next innovative material for clothes? How about muscles -[..]erials/material-clothes-muscle-31082021/

Roman concrete from noblewoman’s tomb still stands strong 2,000 years later. Here’s why -[..]tands-strong-2000-years-later-heres-why/

Algorithms could help usher in a new material revolution. -[..]als/machine-learning-materials-18102021/

It may save your sandwich, but plastic wrap pollutes the planet. Is there a better solution? -[..]f-plastic-sticky-problem-of-plastic-wrap

The traditional building material is cooler, cheaper, and requires less energy to make. But convincing villagers in Burkina Faso to stick with mud isn't easy. -[..]ican-architects-choose-mud-over-concrete

3D printing living materials with bioink made entirely from bacteria -[..]with-bioink-made-entirely-from-bacteria/

Damascus steel: the forgotten metal used to forge some of the world’s most amazing blades -

What is stainless steel? -[..]science/what-is-stainless-steel-feature/

What color is a mirror? It’s not a trick question -[..]or-is-a-mirror-its-not-a-trick-question/

Why does bottled water have an expiration date? -[..]/water-bottles-expiration-dates-feature/

A new perspective on geology: scientists create incredibly detailed catalog of the origins of Earth’s minerals -[..]talog-of-the-origins-of-earths-minerals/

The story of how plastic was invented, and how it’s turned into a big problem -[..]d-and-how-its-turned-into-a-big-problem/

The secret to stronger cement has been hiding inside waste shrimp shells all along, says a new paper -[..]nt-shrimp-shell-nanoparticles-246245245/

Bricks made from waste oil stick to each other without mortar and could soon build a house near you -[..]cks-waste-oil-sticky-ecofriendly-623423/

Engineers use 19th-century photography technique to create stretchy, color-changing films -[..]to-create-stretchy-color-changing-films/

A new, super-tough hydrogel could be the knee replacement material of the future -[..]gel-knee-replacement-cartilage-92462452/

Scientists find unique material with its own memory, similar to human neurons -

Why plastic doesn't dry in the dishwasher -[..]why-plastic-doesnt-dry-in-the-dishwasher

How if we stop using plastic? -[..]would-happen-if-we-stopped-using-plastic

How cold welding works: fusing metals without heat -[..]elding-works-fusing-metals-without-heat/

Why is the Statue of Liberty so green? There’s more to it than just a pretty color -[..]res-more-to-it-than-just-a-pretty-color/

How Gold is made and how it got to our planet -[..]science/how-gold-is-made-science-064654/

Researchers uncover the secrets behind the insane durability of Roman concrete -[..]the-insane-durability-of-roman-concrete/[..]neering-has-lessons-for-the-modern-world

Ukrainian researcher who fled war shows how recycled concrete can help his country rebuild -[..]d-concrete-can-help-his-country-rebuild/

What’s behind lithium mining? Here’s all you need to know -

Why Game of Thrones’ Dragonglass is so deadly (obsidian)-[..]-post/game-thrones-dragonglass-obsidian/

What plastic is difficult to recycle -[..]most-plastic-cant-be-recycled/a-64978847

3D printing promises to transform architecture forever – and create forms that blow today’s buildings out of the water -[..]todays-buildings-out-of-the-water-198954

Archaeologists find the secret ingredient of Maya lime plasters -[..]secret-ingredient-of-maya-lime-plasters/

How did ancient cultures first discover iron? It fell from the sky. -[..]ancient-cultures-discovered-iron-feature

Can ‘enhanced rock weathering’ help combat climate change? -

New material can soak up record amounts of moisture from the air -[..]record-amounts-of-moisture-from-the-air/

Real-life invisibility cloaks are already here. But how do they work? -[..]entions-1/real-life-invisibility-cloaks/

Self-healing metal can repair itself just like human skin -[..]l-can-repair-itself-just-like-human-skin

The main types of minerals and their importance in geology -[..]gy/rocks-and-minerals/types-of-minerals/

A glass revolution is underway. Spoiler alert: it bends and bounces -[..]mium/article/glass-revolution-innovation

Bacteria turns plastic waste into super-strong spider silk -[..]ws-science/plastic-waste-to-spider-silk/

Why is Helium Disappearing? -[..]/why-is-helium-disappearing-4064fc3bd704

Columbia designed a fabric for space, and is now using it to make these jackets -[..]nd-is-now-using-it-to-make-these-jackets

Gypsum: mineral characteristics, properties, uses -[..]-paleontology/rocks-and-minerals/gypsum/

Lightweight yet mighty: 3D-printed titanium metamaterial could change engineering -[..]future/3d-printed-titanium-metamaterial/

Eco-friendly breakthrough extracts gold out of e-waste — and it’s all thanks to cheese -[..]/science/news-science/whey-gold-e-waste/

Programmable metafluid changes its properties on demand -[..]afluid-changes-its-properties-on-demand/

Scientists make the first single-atom-thick sheet of gold. It’s called ‘goldene’ -[..]-thick-sheet-of-gold-its-called-goldene/

Scientists forge an ‘impossible material’: a metal alloy with unmatched strength and toughness at all temperatures -[..]tal-alloy-strong-tough-all-temperatures/

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Thu Apr 25 03:02:45 GMT 2024 From /gallery/AU/Sydney/Rhodes/Shipwreck+Lookout


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Thu Apr 25 02:59:39 GMT 2024 From /gallery/AU/Sydney/Rhodes/Shipwreck+Lookout


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Thu Apr 25 02:54:11 GMT 2024 From /gallery/AU/Sydney/Rhodes/Shipwreck+Lookout


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Thu Apr 25 02:54:07 GMT 2024 From /gallery/AU/Sydney/Rhodes/Shipwreck+Lookout


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