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Tue Aug 03 14:47:55 AEST 2021


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Tue Aug 03 14:59:21 AEST 2021 From /weblog/health/food


Are You Dehydrated? -

Hard water can ruin your washing machine, but also your hair and skin. On the flipside, it's great for drinking! -[..]-difference-between-hard-and-soft-water/

To combat this, he advises drinking water throughout the day to maintain our hydration levels. Drinking a lot of liquid in one go can cause more water to pass through the body and come out as urine without hydrating us first. -[..]ater-always-the-best-choice-on-a-hot-day

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Tue Aug 03 14:44:00 AEST 2021 From /weblog/health/food/fruit


【吾通吾識】保住個腎好重要 食水果都幫到你

1. 荔枝

2. 葡萄

3. 桑葚

4. 奇異果


大夫,我需要喝果汁排毒嗎? -

【每日健康】5種生果連皮食更健康 抗氧化降血糖 -[..]om/realtime/supplement/20160527/55150168

Grapefruit has a high volume of compounds called furanocoumarins, which are designed to protect the fruit from fungal infections. When you ingest grapefruit, those furanocoumarins permanently take your cytochrome P450 enzymes offline. There’s no coming back. Grapefruit is powerful, and those cytochromes are donezo. So the body, when it encounters grapefruit, basically sighs, throws up its hands, and starts producing entirely new sets of cytochrome P450s. This can take over 12 hours. -[..]grapefruit-history-and-drug-interactions

Medlar -[..]-strange-medieval-fruit-the-world-forgot

Cherries -

Fruit and Veggie Skins You Can Eat -

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Sun Aug 01 19:47:05 AEST 2021 From /weblog/health/food


Vitamins and Minerals From A to Z -[..]ss/slideshow-vitamins-minerals-overviewa

Supplement Smarts: Best Ways to Take Different Vitamins -[..]how-best-ways-to-take-different-vitamins

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Fri Jul 30 15:53:24 AEST 2021 From /weblog/health


Common Pregnancy Pains and Their Causes -

Guide To Losing Baby Weight -[..]ide-to-successfully-losing-baby-weight/a

A Parents Guide to Feeding Your Baby -

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Mon Jul 19 01:22:07 AEST 2021 From /weblog/health


Eat more fibre Most of us eat only half the recommended 30g a day. But start slowly – our guts don’t like rapid change

Eat the rainbow Choose colourful fruits and vegetables and try to eat
30 different plants, nuts and seeds every week

Eat foods rich in polyphenols These include dark chocolate and red wine

Eat fermented foods Tim Spector favours kombucha, kefir and kimchi, as well as unpasteurised cheeses

Eat more omega 3 New research suggests a relationship between gut microbes, omega 3 and brain health

Let kids play with dirt and dogs Jack Gilbert’s research has shown that since the gut’s population is seeded in early life, allowing small children to dig in soil and play with domestic animals can undo a lot of the damage modern lifestyles do to our microbiomes[..]d-its-massive-significance-to-our-health

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Sun Jul 18 22:59:09 AEST 2021 From /weblog/health


depression -[..]pression-and-improve-your-mood/?view=all

【壹週刊健康】認識ADHD》腦裡有嘭嘭聲乜都喊 -

鍛煉能改善孤僻和拖延? -

By the time Kiesel was 14, she says she suffered from daily panic attacks, OCD, and depression. It wasn’t until she was older, she says, that she began to understand the connection between her childhood experiences and numerous chronic illnesses. -[..]iblings-it-affects-them-for-life/543975/

你/妳的自戀衝擊、她/他的創傷 -

美國 FDA 通過第一個 ADHD 的治療電玩處方:EndeavorRX! -

Elisabeth Kübler-Ross: The rise and fall of the five stages of grief -

So what can people do to combat the effects of uncertainty? Both Newman and Nitschke say focusing on the present can help dispel uncertainty and the anxiety it foments. “Do things you enjoy,” Nitschke says. “Get out a book you’ve been meaning to read or watch a little Netflix or talk with a friend on the phone — something that gets your brain into the present moment.” -[..]inty-is-so-hard-on-our-brain-6ac75938662

Is It OK to Reveal Your Anxiety or Depression to Your Boss? -[..]y-or-depression-to-your-boss-11599998400

Having friends who are friends with each other is the way to go, according to new research -[..]e/have-friends-who-are-friends-23463573/

Are we in the midst of a touch crisis? -[..]-time-of-covid-19?ocid=global_future_rss

loneliness -[..]-totalitarianism-is-rooted-in-loneliness

孤獨和孤立如何影響您的社交技能 -[..]e-and-isolation-can-change-how-you-think

Signs of Mental Illness -

The kids may not be all right. Here’s how to check in on their mental health. -[..]ds-about-their-mental-health-coronavirus

Silence Emerges as a Way to Boost Health -[..]ges-as-a-way-to-boost-health-11615478413

Story of a mental illness patient finally kill herself -[..]magazine/2011/05/30/god-knows-where-i-am

Anatomy of Melancholy -[..]agazine/1998/01/12/anatomy-of-melancholy

What You Should Know About Your Antidepressants -

Stress and depression have a lot of overlapping symptoms, but the treatment is different. -[..]r-youre-stressed-or-depressed-1847270805

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Tue Jul 13 22:22:33 AEST 2021 From /weblog/health/food


What is keto -

Science Might Have Identified the Optimal Human Diet -[..]fied-the-optimal-human-diet-ec618b2fb8f2

New Mom’s Guide to Nutrition After Childbirth -

Green Mediterranean diet may be even better for losing weight than regular Mediterranean -[..]osing-weight-than-regular-mediterranean/

Great Food Combos for Losing Weight -

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Thu Jul 08 10:25:04 AEST 2021 From /weblog/health/sport


breath-when-lifting -[..]ining-knowledge/breath-when-lifting.html

weight training for runner -[..]ing/four-weight-training-for-runner.html

Don't sit for a long time... -[..]your-office-job-is-killing-you/?view=all

training-methods-pyramid -

Push up -[..]s/the-8-best-push-ups-for-a-bigger-chest

dumbbell -

Glutes -[..]/post/four-ways-improve-your-glutes.html

背部單槓訓練 -[..]/summer-training-one-horizontal-bar.html

5x5 training -

全身減脂訓練—農夫走路 -

hiit abs -

How to Build Your Own Workout Routines –

When you hit the gym, you first train the nervous system, not muscles -[..]-science/nervous-system-training-052352/

Basic Body-Weight Exercises You Can Do Right Now -[..]ercise/ss/slideshow-bodyweight-exercises

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Mon Jul 05 18:06:49 AEST 2021 From /weblog/health


Are we really need 8 hours of sleep?

Find the best sleep position -

Take a nap is good! -

Why it is good to sleep together -

中老年人怎樣睡個好覺? -

Facts about sleep -[..]nsane-facts-about-sleep-infographic.html

關注男士健康 側身睡覺有利養肝 -[..]6%BA%E6%9C%89%E5%88%A9%E9%A4%8A%E8%82%9D

We all know that kind of situation very well. You are supposed to work or study but you cannot help dosing off. Sometimes, staying awake can be a real challenge; especially if you are tired or bored. Fortunately, there is a surprisingly wide range of various tricks and hacks to help you fight the annoying drowsiness. Here are 25 Ways To Stay Awake When All You Want To Do Is Sleep. -[..]-awake-when-all-you-want-to-do-is-sleep/

At least 7 hours sleep.... -[..]-health-life/news/sleep-or-exercise.html[..]ch-might-help-you-sleep-better/?view=all[..]-sleep-you-probably-didnt-know/?view=all

about-sleep-paralysis -[..]p-paralysis-that-make-it-scary/?view=all

Power nap -[..]ke-naps-at-work-apologize-to-no-one.html

The shorter your sleep, the shorter your life: the new sleep science -[..]-worst-enemy-matthew-walker-why-we-sleep[..]we-sleep-matt-walker-20171003-story.html[..]com/jeff-bezos-sleep-amazon-19c617c59daa[..]king-through-life-in-an-underslept-state

How to take nap -

10 things to know about sleep as the clocks go back -[..]-deprivation-anxiety-depression-08012017

Do and Don't after sleep bad night -[..]p-disorders/ss/slideshow-sleep-bad-night[..]ders/ss/slideshow-natural-sleep-remedies

Naps help us process information we subconsciously acquire during the day -[..]nce/short-subconscious-information-9543/[..]nce/sleep-brainwave-reactivation-9236363

Only sleep and sex at bed -[..]/science/sleep-exam-results-mit-1342424/[..]science-19/biology/interact-sleep-cycles

10 Foods That Fight Pain -[..]management/ss/slideshow-foods-fight-pain

Sleep jerks -[..]-while-you-drift-into-sleep-88f8d28d643a

壓力,睡眠不足可能會導致腦震盪狀症狀 -[..]ck-of-sleep-concussion-symptoms-9726424/

【Wired 硬塞】明知不可為,為什麼你還是愛熬夜? -[..]87-sleep-procrastination-psychology-tips

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Mon Jun 28 09:11:38 AEST 2021 From /weblog/health/food


Healthy Uses for Salt -

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Thu Jun 24 23:55:00 AEST 2021 From /weblog/health


打游戲有助老年人集中注意力 -

康寧漢說,工作要求人們集中注意力,這使得其心理、社交及物質層面的能量精力消耗枯竭,而這一切又會導致壓力的產生并降低勞動者的生產力。他說:“從辦公桌邊抽身離去進行午間休息能讓人們遠離腦力枯竭的根源。這還會為你提供在晌午時分——而不是等到一天工作結束之際——恢復大腦活力、重整精氣神的機會。” -

補腦良方要學會 -[..]ain-that-your-brain-didnt-know/?view=all

在預防痴呆症方面,速度訓練已超越另外兩種流行的大腦訓練:記憶和推理練習。 -

know-about-multiple-personality-disorder -[..]know-about-multiple-personality-disorder

alcohol help dementia -[..]ence/alcohol-dementia-research-22022018/[..]ience/healthy-diet-brain-shrinkage-0432/[..]prising_ways_exercise_changes_your_brain

high-intensity-aerobic-exercises-boost-brain-neuroplasticity -[..]c-exercises-boost-brain-neuroplasticity/

Science Confirms That the Vagus Nerve Is Key to Well-being -[..]-nerve-is-key-to-well-being-c23fab90e211

Left-Handed vs. Right-Handed -

為什麼在 Covid-19 限制期間這種對文字的健忘會增加尚不清楚,但這可以簡單地解釋為,我們中的許多人一直獨自在家工作,甚至在工作場所保持距離,因此我們擁有更少在過去一年左右的時間裡,有機會與其他人面對面交談。 我們在社交互動方面缺乏實踐。 -[..]-19-has-the-pandemic-harmed-our-memories

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Thu Jun 24 11:09:35 AEST 2021 From /weblog/health


Aloe -[..]reatments/ss/slideshow-aloe-uses-dangers

A Day in the Life of Psoriatic Disease -[..]soriasis/psoriatic-21/surprise-psoriatic

什麼是狼瘡? -

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Wed Jun 23 22:49:23 AEST 2021 From /weblog/health


打嗝打不停?美國醫師研發止嗝吸管 -

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Sun Jun 20 22:40:52 AEST 2021 From /weblog/health


Natural Treatments for Hair Loss -[..]how-alternative-treatments-for-hair-loss

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Sat Jun 19 16:29:58 AEST 2021 From /weblog/health/food


嚴說養生 立夏吃雞蛋 -

烹制雞蛋美食的四種方法 -

More ways of cooking egg -

二十文錢劏房飯:仿西班牙蛋餅 -[..]%BF%E7%8F%AD%E7%89%99%E8%9B%8B%E9%A4%85/

In-depth analysis -[..]gs-are-the-healthiest-food-on-the-planet

You Should Poke a Hole in Your Eggs Before Boiling Them -[..]your-eggs-before-boiling-them-1846669334

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Sat Jun 19 15:31:41 AEST 2021 From /weblog/health



Other than that -

為何心情不好時愛吃垃圾食品 -

慢吃多嚼控制卡路裡 -[..]-larger-bites-or-eat-faster-study-finds/

keep fit好簡單 飯後靠牆企一企 -

obesity -[..]u-might-want-know-about-obesity/view=all

What liposuction is, and why it can make you thinner, but not thin -[..]hy-it-can-make-you-thinner-but-not-thin/

People who eat more tend to take larger bites or eat faster, study finds -[..]-larger-bites-or-eat-faster-study-finds/

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Fri Jun 18 16:09:34 AEST 2021 From /weblog/health/food

Processed food

french fries is eternality...

Which processed foods are better than natural? -[..]tter-than-natural?ocid=global_future_rss

How processed foods became so unhealthy -[..]t-processed-foods?ocid=global_future_rss

The truth about processed foods' environmental impact -[..]ironmental-impact?ocid=global_future_rss

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Fri Jun 18 16:07:48 AEST 2021 From /weblog/health/food/fruit


fruits-with-most-protein -

Foods With More Protein Than an Egg -

7種蛋白質含量最高的水果 -[..]%80%e9%ab%98%e7%9a%84%e6%b0%b4%e6%9e%9c/

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Fri Jun 18 14:35:42 AEST 2021 From /weblog/health/food


Sourdough -

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Fri Jun 18 14:32:29 AEST 2021 From /weblog/health/food


Eat more soybean -[..]oy-estrogen-problem-and-other-soy-myths/

Eat more black chocolate -


反式脂肪:從神奇產品到飲食賤民 -

What to Eat When -

9 Best Foods for Fitness -[..]exercise/ss/slideshow-best-foods-fitness

What is creatine: the most studied sports supplement -

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Fri Jun 18 10:41:17 AEST 2021 From /weblog/health/food


New Mom’s Guide to Nutrition After Childbirth -

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Fri Jun 18 10:31:20 AEST 2021 From /weblog/health


What to Know Before You Take Herbal Supplements -[..]nts/ss/slideshow-herbs-supplements-avoid

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Fri Jun 18 10:30:14 AEST 2021 From /weblog/health


Ways to Treat Pain at Home -[..]-management/ss/slideshow-treat-pain-home

10 Foods That Fight Pain -[..]management/ss/slideshow-foods-fight-pain

New 3D bio-material could help reverse arthritis -[..]o-material-could-help-reverse-arthritis/

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Wed Mar 24 00:08:39 AEDT 2021 From /weblog/health


As populations have moved into cities, starting with the Industrial Revolution, they have lost exposure to the microbes in soil, dirt and animals often found in rural areas. The discovery of penicillin in 1928 and society’s increasing use of antibiotics has further disrupted microbiomes, scientists say. Children who take antibiotics early in life face a higher risk of child-onset asthma, celiac disease, obesity, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder and other conditions, studies show. The heavy use of antibacterial cleaning products over the past few decades has also disrupted the microbiome and immune system development, scientists say. Birth by caesarean section—necessary in many cases—may also deprive babies of helpful microbes they would get from a vaginal birth. -[..]positive-microbes-microbiome-11615410244

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