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Thu May 10 22:07:11 HKT 2018

computer science

Some other useful resource -

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Sun Jun 03 23:45:06 HKT 2018 From /weblog/computer+science



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Mon Feb 19 23:30:09 HKT 2018 From /weblog/computer+science


Bootstrapping a compiler from nothing. -


What LLVM can do, and cannot do -[..]er-behind-swift-rust-clang-and-more.html

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Wed Dec 13 16:56:34 HKT 2017 From /weblog/computer+science


algorithm dictionary -[..]5/is-there-an-encyclopedia-of-algorithms

How to answer algorithm question -[..]/26/how-to-rock-an-algorithms-interview/

List of algorithm -

Huffman encoding -[..]50-an-in-depth-look-at-huffman-encoding/

Discussion of using difference algorithm to get Fibonacci number, the matrix modeling is really nice -[..]/04/29/the-worst-algorithm-in-the-world/

What O(log n ) mean -[..]log/2010/01/06/analysis-of-an-algorithm/

Introduction to Dynamic Programming -[..]/06/introduction-to-dynamic-programming/

Introduction to pagerank -

Introduction to B+ tree -[..]indexes-and-how-they-impact-performance/

Text Editors: Algorithms and Architectures -[..]&siteSectionName=architecture-and-design

Matching Wildcards: An Algorithm -[..]888?elq=1dd35f241fda4e7e816c3d5e4d5451c2[..]everyday-algorithms-elevator-allocation/[..]ructure-and-algorithm-books-in-java.html

一致性算法 -[..]ki/download/attachments/6586375/raft.pdf[..]t-important-algorithms-of-graph-and.html[..]-is-algorithm-algorithm-is-any-well.html

Deep Dive Through A Graph: DFS Traversal -[..]rough-a-graph-dfs-traversal-8177df5d0f13

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Sun Dec 03 00:34:58 HKT 2017 From /weblog/computer+science

data structure

Comparing difference set implementation -[..]2/29/ultimate-sets-and-maps-for-java-p1/[..]-about-tree-data-structures-bceacb85490c[..]a-little-help-from-dijkstra-613149fbdc8e

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Wed Nov 15 11:00:37 HKT 2017 From /weblog/computer+science


smallpt is a global illumination renderer. It is 99 lines of C++, is open source, and renders the above scene using unbiased Monte Carlo path tracing -

Code review Doom -

Story of Game development on NES -

Fast Approximate Anti-Aliasing (FXAA) -[..]fast-approximate-anti-aliasing-fxaa.html

Free book -[..]-graphics-from-scratch/introduction.html

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Thu Oct 19 22:44:27 HKT 2017 From /weblog/computer+science


量子比特(qubit)利用疊加同時以兩種狀態存在——實際是就是同時以1和0存在。在經典計算機中,比特就像是硬幣,要麼顯示正面要麼顯示背面。而量子比特則像是被拋在空中的、不斷旋轉的硬幣,同時顯示正反面。 -

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Thu Sep 28 14:58:40 HKT 2017 From /weblog/computer+science


ANTLR tutorial, look simple enough, however hard for me to find a use case that need to write a parser myself, any recommendation?

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Tue Mar 07 22:50:23 HKT 2017 From /weblog/computer+science


Introduction of various java linguistics tools:


Authors homepage -

Some other Natural Language Processing links -[..]-attempt-at-natural-language-processing/

How google improve the translation -[..]016/09/a-neural-network-for-machine.html

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Tue Aug 30 23:47:37 HKT 2016 From /weblog/computer+science


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Sun Jul 24 16:41:57 HKT 2016 From /weblog/computer+science


John Von Neumann -[..]012/12/john-von-neumann-documentary.html

Bill Gate -[..]/interesting-facts-about-bill-gates.html

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Thu Dec 31 23:18:25 HKT 2015 From /weblog/computer+science

data science

Pointers -[..]science-skills-you-need-and-how-get-them

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Wed Dec 30 17:06:45 HKT 2015 From /weblog/computer+science


"Reverse Engineering for Beginners" free book -

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Mon Dec 28 17:23:39 HKT 2015 From /weblog/computer+science

operating system

The little book about OS development -

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Wed Jul 16 18:27:00 HKT 2014 From /weblog/computer+science


(-1) ^ 2 , what do you think it is??

Basic knowledge of float in computing -[..]/cd/E19957-01/806-3568/ncg_goldberg.html

Use of overflow with modpow() -[..]

Corner cases for float -[..]2014/06/24/fibonacci-and-lucas-sequences

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Wed Dec 04 10:44:50 HKT 2013 From /weblog/computer+science


Interview of inventor of zip algorithm with a lot of pointer to underlying concepts -[..]201001300?cid=RSSfeed_DDJ_ArchitectDebug

Information about 7z -[..]/uncompressing-7z-files-with-groovy.html

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Thu Oct 24 18:04:19 HKT 2013 From /weblog/computer+science


Another heap vs. stack -[..]e-done-much-more-efficiently-on-the-stac

Leaking memory space -

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Mon Feb 11 12:08:34 HKT 2013 From /weblog/computer+science


A Strategy for Defining Order Relations -[..]6&token=47926b093170e9c983515df7c338da1d

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Thu Mar 01 22:43:23 HKT 2012 From /weblog/computer+science

graph theory

Free Online Graph Theory Books and Resources -[..]online-graph-theory-books-and-resources/

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Mon Jan 24 01:17:36 HKT 2011 From /weblog/computer+science


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Thu Aug 02 14:48:40 HKT 2007 From /weblog/computer+science

wearable computer

Some pointers for cybdog

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Thu Oct 12 18:36:51 HKT 2006 From /weblog/computer+science

Problem-picking patterns

In complex situations, such as software projects and the teams that work on them, there's never such a thing as "the problem". The sense that something is wrong may be the start of a break with routine - the start of a problem-solving process.

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Wed Sep 27 16:55:16 HKT 2006 From /weblog/computer+science


An introduction of strongtalk, which claim having a VM which is much faster than smalltalk via dynamic compilation and decompilation

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Wed Aug 30 00:58:12 HKT 2006 From /weblog/computer+science


Use of query theory

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Fri Feb 24 14:36:16 HKT 2006 From /weblog/computer+science

Nice touch screen

Use touch screen to control zoom, input, navigation

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