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Wed May 22 12:30:16 GMT 2024


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Wed May 22 11:04:35 GMT 2024 From /weblog/science/plant


【Gene 愛聊科學】食蟲植物讓獵物滑進瓶口的密技,成為對抗貽貝附著的無毒塗料:SLIPS -

plants -[..]ique-plants-you-have-ever-seen/?view=all

dangerous-plants -[..]us-plants-that-could-seriously-hurt-you/

Amber -

Rock -[..]her/feature-post/rock-cycle-geoloby-abc/

What is the Wilson Cycle, builder and slayer of supercontinents? -

clouds -

What is THC: the main psychoactive ingredient in marijuana -

different-types-plants-world -[..]nce/biology/different-types-plants-world

Sugar -[..]her/feature-post/sugar-history-00432432/

淺談水龍捲 -[..]%BA%E8%AB%87%E6%B0%B4%E9%BE%8D%E6%8D%B2/

The science behind why leaves change color in autumn -

螞蟻與植物竟然共同演化,原來為了… -[..]96-%E5%8E%9F%E4%BE%86%E7%82%BA%E4%BA%86/[..]e/gingko-biloba-immortal-lifespan-05264/

受盡威脅,也要幫這些台灣植物活下去:走訪福山植物園 -[..]00605-culture-botanical-garden-taiwan-1/[..]her/feature-post/why-is-the-ocean-salty/

The rare plants that ‘bleed’ nickel -[..]ia-the-plants-that-mine-poisonous-metals

Deepest Dive Ever Under Antarctica Reveals a Shockingly Vibrant World -[..]-frozen-beauty-exotic-creatures-penguins

As the Antarctic Peninsula heats up, the rules of life there are being ripped apart. Alarmed scientists aren’t sure what all the change means for the future. -[..]ula-ice-melt-krill-penguin-leopard-seal/

why-leaves-fall-down-and-why-it-happens-during-autumn -[..]l-down-and-why-it-happens-during-autumn/

What is gympie-gympie: the poisonous plant whose painful sting can last for years and drive people to suicide -

許多植物已被細菌“天然轉基因” -[..]ts-have-been-naturally-gmod-by-bacteria/

Here are the world’s most favorite fruits — judging by production figures, at least -[..]ence/worlds-most-produced-fruit-feature/

How the cauliflower got its mesmerizing fractals -[..]auliflower-got-its-mesmerizing-fractals/

This natural chemical could keep fruits and vegetables fresh for longer -[..]mistry/natural-chemical-fruits-25112021/

The hidden beauty of the plants that feed the world -[..]hat-feed-the-world-see-microscope-images

The desert’s ‘skin’ is disappearing—tiny lab-grown plants could save it -[..]sert-ecosystem-can-now-be-saved-in-a-lab

As wildfires increase in Himalayan pine forests, can restoring oaks help? -[..]s-to-himalayas-curb-climate-driven-fires

What a huge lily pad can teach us about building design -[..]y-pad-can-teach-us-about-building-design

British botanist is first westerner to see Rafflesia banaoana, one of the rarest and largest ‘monster flowers’ in the world -[..]nd-largest-monster-flowers-in-the-world/

Why you should embrace stinging nettles -[..]-why-you-should-embrace-stinging-nettles

Pando, a huge aspen grove in Utah, is a single organism that’s lived for millennia. Unchecked grazing is destroying it. -[..]thing-on-earth-is-being-nibbled-to-death

They are a variety known as Luyuan 502 and are China's second most widely grown type of wheat. The plants were bred from seeds that were flown into orbit 200 miles (340km) above the Earth's surface. Here, in the unique low gravity environment and outside the protective magnetic shield of our planet, they picked up subtle changes to DNA that gave them new qualities that made them more tolerant to drought and able to better resist certain diseases. -[..]how-china-is-creating-new-foods-in-space

Are strawberries berries? Uhm, not really. But bananas are berries, and it gets weirder -[..]bananas-are-berries-and-it-gets-weirder/

The different types of plants in the world -[..]ce/biology/different-types-plants-world/

Carrots were originally purple -

The fastest growing plant in the world -[..]/science/fastest-growing-plant-02022021/

GlobalSeedVault -[..]uk/GlobalSeedVault/index.html#popup_7737

7 potted plants that will remove indoor air pollution from your home, proven by science -[..]nce/potted-plants-air-quality-home-0423/

Titan Arum: the titan penis flower -[..]ology/titan-arum-the-titan-penis-flower/

Titan penis flower blooms in one of the oldest botanical gardens in the world -[..]e-oldest-botanical-gardens-in-the-world/

Leaf galls: How hijacking plant’s hormones can get them to produce weird things -[..]ology-reference/plants-fungi/leaf-galls/

Why poison ivy is an unlikely climate change winner -[..]-getting-more-toxic-plant-blindness-cure

Plants ‘scream’ under stress. Here is how you can hear them -[..]/?goal=0_3b5aad2288-0ab16b8714-242734313

This is what plants look like—from the inside out -[..]ic-trees-photomicrography-robert-bernard

Carbon fixation explained: the hidden hero of photosynthesis -[..]ce/plants-fungi/what-is-carbon-fixation/

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Sat Feb 10 13:29:28 GMT 2024 From /weblog/science/plant


The tallest tree in the world is higher than the Statue of Liberty -[..]er/feature-post/tallest-tree-world-0423/

These ‘supertrees’ are engineered to capture more carbon -[..]es-are-engineered-to-capture-more-carbon

The lost generation of ancient trees -[..]908-the-lost-generation-of-ancient-trees

The odd history of the Osage orange tree -[..]ge-apple-osage-orange-ghost-of-evolution

These impressive trees can absorb microplastics through their roots -[..]bsorb-microplastics-through-their-roots/

As temperatures rise because of climate change, trees are being hit with heat waves and drought, killing them or weakening their resistance to a cascade of pressures, from pests to rising sea levels. -[..]o-how-heat-and-drought-are-killing-trees

What's the oldest tree on Earth—and will it survive climate change? -[..]earth-and-will-it-survive-climate-change

oldest tree -[..]world-this-scientist-thinks-so-26052022/

Some trees may 'social distance' to avoid disease -[..]020/07/tree-crown-shyness-forest-canopy/

The genetic power of ancient trees -[..]20623-the-genetic-power-of-ancient-trees

The scent of infection: Why agarwood is the most expensive wood in the world -[..]is-the-most-expensive-wood-in-the-world/

Wood Wide Web: The secret, ancient, internet of plants -[..]b-the-secret-ancient-internet-of-plants/

中國千年以上古樹10745株, 黃陵古柏, 大將軍柏, 定林寺銀杏樹 -[..]ggushu10745zhu/?utm_source=pocket_mylist

How old is the oldest tree? -

One of the most resilient trees on Earth is dying in droves -[..]ld-cypress-climate-change-sea-level-rise

The forgotten history of the black locust tree: From vital to invasive to important once more -[..]fungi/black-locust-tree-history-america/

Scientists debunk Leonardo da Vinci’s influential ‘Rule of Trees’ -[..]science/da-vinci-rule-of-trees-debunked/

Do Trees Talk to Each Other? -[..]e-nature/the-whispering-trees-180968084/

Meet General Sherman – the Largest Tree in the World (By Volume) -[..]-the-largest-tree-in-the-world-by-volume

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Wed May 10 14:09:18 GMT 2023 From /weblog/science/plant


The dreamlike fungi that thrive in nature’s damp corners -[..]ngi-that-thrives-in-natures-damp-corners

Fungi are key to our survival. Are we doing enough to protect them?[..]ival-are-we-doing-enough-to-protect-them

mushrooms -

Zombie fungus draws in flies to mate with the dead -[..]us-draws-in-flies-to-mate-with-the-dead/

Poisonous mushrooms: what you need to know -[..]erence/plants-fungi/poisonous-mushrooms/

Behold the surreal magic and mystery of slime molds -[..]slime-mold-mysteries-photographs-feature

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