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Tue Mar 26 11:22:18 GMT 2024


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Thu Mar 21 03:19:07 GMT 2024 From /weblog/science/earth


Defining the lithosphere: the rigid, outer layer of the Earth -[..]d-paleontology/planet-earth/lithosphere/

The Outer Core: The Earth’s Swirling Cauldron -[..]/?goal=0_3b5aad2288-098e873699-242734313

Lithosphere and Asthenosphere: The Earth Beneath Your Feet -[..]net-earth/lithosphere-and-asthenosphere/

The inner core: Earth’s innermost secret -[..]eontology/planet-earth/earth-inner-core/

Silicate minerals: the building blocks of the Earth -[..]gy/rocks-and-minerals/silicate-minerals/

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Thu Mar 07 12:33:12 GMT 2024 From /weblog/science/earth


How to collect rocks — the comprehensive guide for the amateur geologist -[..]rocks-and-minerals/how-to-collect-rocks/

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Fri Feb 16 04:34:14 GMT 2024 From /weblog/science/earth


The world’s largest waterfall is actually underwater -[..]argest-waterfall-is-actually-underwater/

deep-sea-mysteries-and-oddities-that-will-leave-you-baffled -[..]nd-oddities-that-will-leave-you-baffled/

bizarre-ocean-phenomena -[..]ean-phenomena-you-wont-believe-are-real/

Ocean -[..]ising-ocean-facts-most-people-dont-know/

How humans broke a natural law that governed ocean life for millions of years -[..]nce/humans-broke-natural-law-ocean-life/

From Gray to Green: How Building With Nature May Save Our Fragile Coastlines -[..]/building-with-nature-saving-coastlines/

“Vibrant Ecosystems”: California Oil Rigs Are Unlikely Oases for Billions of Marine Creatures -[..]nt/california-oil-rigs-are-marine-oases/

4 Astonishing Ocean Insights That Reveal the Depth of Its Challenges -[..]that-reveal-the-depth-of-its-challenges/

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Fri Jan 26 12:37:58 GMT 2024 From /weblog/science/earth


蓋亞假說:美麗的神話 -[..]%8E%E9%BA%97%E7%9A%84%E7%A5%9E%E8%A9%B1/

色彩斑斕的動物 -

地球上仍存活的最古老生物 -

rare-flowers-that-are-stunning-to-look-at -

earth-facts-that-might-surprise-you -

north-pole-facts-most-people-are-not-aware-of -[..]s-most-people-are-not-aware-of/?view=all

earth-facts-you-probably-have-not-considered -[..]u-probably-have-not-considered/?view=all

25 Interesting Tidbits About Deserts That Will Make You Glad For Rain -[..]at-will-make-you-glad-for-rain/?view=all

Antarctica is one of the coldest, most desolate places in the world, and today you're going to learn all about it. -[..]interesting-facts-that-you-probably.html

Types of mountains -[..]st/main-types-mountains-earths-ups-downs[..]ology/animals-ecology/animal-speed-limit

Earth -

sinkholes -[..]other/science-abc/science-abc-sinkholes/

ecosystems -[..]what-they-are-and-why-they-are-important

What is soil? Here’s the inside scoop -

What causes an Ice Age? A simple explainer -[..]water-dont-underestimate-the-connection/[..]108-why-the-world-is-running-out-of-sand

Even a little extra CO2 is triggering big changes in forests -[..]o2-is-triggering-big-changes-in-forests/

Christmas flakes: macro photography reveals unique snowflake design -[..]/great-pics/christmas-snowflakes-photos/

This is the secret behind biodiversity hotspots -[..]ience/biodiversity-hotspot-source-35243/

Looking back on Palmyra’s recent history, Wegmann sees it as a source of hope. Tropical islands may seem fragile, but they can turn out to be surprisingly robust. The conservation story of Palmyra should remind us of two things, he says: “One, nature is resilient. And two, we as humans can engineer ourselves out of some of the major problems that we’ve caused.” -[..]w-tropical-islands-got-rid-of-their-rats

Rivers can change colors as time passes, and this is linked to ecosystem health -[..]-and-this-is-linked-to-ecosystem-health/

Photosynthesis could be as old as life itself -[..]thesis-old-genes-live-evolution-2374523/

climate-tipping-points -[..]ecology/what-are-climate-tipping-points/

What is natural selection: the driving force of evolution -

Simple seaweed could be used to heal human wounds with bio-ink -[..]dicine/seaweed-healing-virtues-10042021/

They spent 28 days under the sea—and found another Earth -[..]-the-sea-and-found-another-earth-feature

Earth's magnetic field flips much more frequently than we thought -[..]ld-flipped-more-times-scientists-thought

Soils from Antarctica seem to contain no life—something that's never been found -[..]-no-lifesomething-thats-never-been-found

What causes earthquakes — and what you should do if hit by one -[..]es-and-what-you-should-do-if-hit-by-one/

The hexagon shape and why it shows up so much in nature -[..]t/hexagon-shape-nature-physics-13092021/

Bizarre mangrove forest far from the coast offers clues to future sea level rise -[..]the-coast-offers-clues-to-sea-level-rise

New clues into ancient climate shifts reveal the possible origin story of Spain's Pulpí Geode, one of the world's largest. -[..]range-ways-climate-chemistry-pulpi-geode

For decades, highly skilled cavers have come to Mexico to explore Cheve, a labyrinth within a mountain. -[..]g-into-one-of-the-deepest-caves-on-earth

To the bottom of the Earth: the Mariana Trench -[..]-bottom-of-the-earth-the-mariana-trench/

These beautiful landscapes hold secrets to the origins of life -[..]apes-hold-secrets-to-the-origins-of-life

'Impossible' chemistry may reveal origins of life on Earth -[..]stry-may-reveal-origins-of-life-on-earth

Storm Recipe: How Cyclones, Typhoons and Hurricanes Are Formed -[..]ones-typhoons-and-hurricanes-are-formed/

How geological periods got their names -[..]/how-geological-periods-got-their-names/

Exploring Baikal: The world’s deepest and oldest lake -[..]aikal-the-worlds-deepest-and-oldest-lake

What is Sahara dust and why does it matters so much for the Earth -[..]ature-post/what-is-sahara-dust-11102022/

The 'super-deep' royal diamonds revealing Earth's secrets -[..]-royal-diamonds-revealing-earths-secrets

The San Andreas fault — what it is, why it matters, and what you should know about its earthquakes -[..]t-you-should-know-about-its-earthquakes/

How It Feels to Surf the World’s Biggest Wave -[..]s-to-surf-the-worlds-biggest-wave-245476

What’s the tallest mountain in the world? Hint: it’s not Mt. Everest -[..]/?goal=0_3b5aad2288-47ae773c7c-242734313

Lava is very hot. But exactly how hot? The answer isn't straightforward. -

What are the different climate zones? A simple explainer -[..]er/feature-post/climate-zones-explainer/

What is Gondwana: the ancient supercontinent that changed Earth -

What are ecosystems and why they’re important -[..]hat-they-are-and-why-they-are-important/

Drilling to the Mantle: 6 unexpected discoveries from the world’s deepest well -[..]iscoveries-from-the-worlds-deepest-well/

The Thickest Layer of the Earth -[..]nce/geology/thickest-layer-earth-mantle/

The types of clouds: everything you need to know -[..]/?goal=0_3b5aad2288-fb35185888-242734313

Why clouds don’t fall: the physics behind the sky’s fluffy wonders -

The main types of caves, according to science -

How the Moon is making days longer on Earth -[..]-the-moon-is-making-days-longer-on-earth

‘Rivers in the sky’ are why California keeps flooding -[..]ic-river-flood-rain-california-explainer

Nature is out of sync—and that’s reshaping everything, everywhere -[..]phenology-seasons-climate-change-feature

The main types of mountains — Earth’s ups and downs -[..]t/main-types-mountains-earths-ups-downs/

What is point Nemo: the loneliest place on Earth -

Rarely seen cliff art reveals the majesty of the Amazon’s aquatic realm -[..]-cliff-art-majesty-amazon-aquatic-region

How natural selection causes evolution -

Rock-solid geology puns that will make you erupt in laughter -

The Paratethys Sea was the largest lake in Earth’s history -

World Heritage List -

What does a melting glacier sound like? 'Gunshots.' -[..]/melting-glaciers-bubbles-climate-change

Inner core rotation: Wait, the planet’s core is rotating? -[..]/planet-earth/earth-inner-core-rotation/

Earth is a geological oddball in our solar system. This is why. -[..]le/earth-geology-rare-rocks-solar-system

Metamorphic rocks: formation, types, examples -[..]gy/rocks-and-minerals/metamorphic-rocks/

What lurks beneath the surface of these forest pools? More than you can imagine. -[..]premium/article/vernal-pools-forest-life

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Tue Oct 17 12:05:21 GMT 2023 From /weblog/science/earth


Plate tectonics: We figured out how to build an atomic bomb before we realized how mountains form -[..]b-before-we-realized-how-mountains-form/

Divergent boundaries: the tectonic forces that split the earth -[..]h-dynamics/what-are-divergent-boundarie/

What is the Ring of Fire? Earth’s most volcanically active region -[..]y/planet-earth/what-is-the-ring-of-fire/

Convergent boundaries: the tectonic forces that shape the Earth -[..]gy/earth-dynamics/convergent-boundaries/

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Tue Sep 19 08:02:50 GMT 2023 From /weblog/science/earth


These crystal lava shards are ‘four dimensional videos’ of a volcano’s underworld -[..]imensional-videos-of-volcanos-underworld

What is a Supervolcano? -[..]volcanoes/what-is-supervolcano-18032018/

While their blasts can no doubt wreak devastation, they also create a fresh canvas that fosters life of every hue. -[..]olcanic-eruptions-help-nourish-the-world

The detectives hunting for underwater volcanoes -[..]tectives-hunting-for-underwater-volcanos

What is the Ring of Fire? Earth’s most volcanically active region -[..]y/planet-earth/what-is-the-ring-of-fire/

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Mon Apr 24 15:33:51 GMT 2023 From /weblog/science/earth

green house effect




What is the albedo effect, and why it matters in the climate crisis -[..]feature-post/the-albedo-effect-05032021/

Coffee waste can help restore degraded land and forests -[..]-help-restore-degraded-land-and-forests/

How much of our emissions come from agriculture? -[..]-of-our-emissions-come-from-agriculture/

The rivers that 'breathe' greenhouse gases -[..]the-rivers-that-breathe-greenhouse-gases

Biochar can help us keep climate change at bay and more food on the table, according to a new meta-study -[..]ochar-agriculture-climate-change-246423/

Future Planet -

E airplane -[..]-we-make-air-travel-and-how-soon-feature[..]/take-a-look-inside-the-flying-v-feature

Heat waves: How France has cut death toll 90% since 2003 -[..]-France-has-cut-death-toll-90-since-2003

Restor is a science-based open data platform to support and connect the global restoration movement -

bogs -[..]a-del-fuego-photos-reveal-beauty-of-bogs

4 solutions for trees and forests threatened by a hotter world -[..]ons-fixing-forests-fight-warming-feature

Peatlands help protect us from climate change. But if we don’t, they’ll turn on us -[..]e/peatlands-protect-us-climate-27062022/

The surprising reasons parts of Earth are warming more slowly -[..]ive/2022/global-cool-spots-least-warming

Logging tropical forests makes them release carbon for a decade -[..]-makes-them-release-carbon-for-a-decade/

A new way to clean up the steel industry -[..]a-new-way-to-clean-up-the-steel-industry

Cargo ships return to sail power to reduce carbon footprint -[..]o-sail-power-to-reduce-carbon-footprint/

We need to make more sustainable fertilizers. This is how we could do it -[..]-fertilizers-this-is-how-we-could-do-it/

See what a year looks like in the fastest-warming place on Earth -[..]imate-change-seasons-photography-feature

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Fri Mar 10 07:11:48 GMT 2023 From /weblog/science/earth


颱風啓示錄(2017年8月的天鴿/帕卡) -

雲圖 -

The most intense firestorms in the world -[..]the-most-intense-firestorms-in-the-world

Wildfire smoke is transforming clouds, making rainfall less likely -[..]rming-clouds-making-rainfall-less-likely

How scientists predict climate scenarios — enter the world of climate models -[..]limate/climate-models-what-how-30082021/

Climate model -[..]ot-so-accurate-they-earned-a-nobel-prize

There's a lot of chaos in the atmosphere. But that doesn't mean we can't model it. -[..]chaotic-how-can-we-trust-climate-models/

You can make it rain anywhere, all you need to do is some cloud seeding. At least, that's the theory. -[..]her/feature-post/cloud-seeding-22042022/

25 Things You May Not Know About Hurricanes -

thundersnow -[..]p::cmp=editorial::add=SubWeekly_20230309

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