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Sat Oct 28 13:15:21 GMT 2023


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Fri Feb 17 11:55:07 GMT 2023 From /weblog/java/features


Autoboxing, Type can be changed -

Project Valhalla: A look inside Java’s epic refactor -[..]a-a-look-inside-javas-epic-refactor.html

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Wed Feb 15 13:22:38 GMT 2023 From /weblog/java/tools


How to use Eclipse Memory Analyzer -[..]s-for-using-the-eclipse-memory-analyzer/

Tool to check java memory layout, how the object placed in JVM -

Question: How do you handle oversized heap analysis? -[..]w_do_you_handle_oversized_heap_analysis/

JVM Field Guide: Memory -

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Tue Feb 14 03:07:35 GMT 2023 From /weblog/health


She found that people who had positive ideas about their own ageing (who agreed with comments such as "I have as much pep as last year" and who disagreed that as you get older you get less useful) lived for an average of 22.6 years after they first participated in the study, while the people who felt less positively about ageing lived for just 15 years more on average.

In this study, it didn't matter as much what people thought about the physical implications of ageing, what mattered was whether they believed they would still develop and grow mentally.[..]delay-ageing-by-refusing-to-act-your-age

Your Hands as You Age -

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Tue Feb 14 02:22:20 GMT 2023 From /weblog/health/food


Food good to elimate 黑眼圈: 芝麻, 胡蘿蔔, 雞蛋 -

每天要有充足的睡眠。多喝水。每天吃6個核桃,堅果含有豐富的好油脂,為我們的細胞充電。甜食太多會影響鈣的吸收,有害視力。辛辣和帶殼的海鮮容易引起過敏性結膜炎。敷眼促進眼部血液循環,用濕毛巾捂眼睛,先用冷毛巾敷一至兩分鐘,然後用溫熱的毛巾(大約40 ℃)熱敷,重複十來次,早晚各一次。-

10 Foods That Are Good for Your Eyes -

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Mon Feb 13 14:02:04 GMT 2023 From /weblog/design/distribute


Sample chater of REST book , which contain a nice discussion of why Idempotence is important -[..]dson-ruby-restful-ws/en/resources/04.pdf

New Acid:
* A – Associative
* C – Commutative
* I – Idempotent
* D - Distributed

Idempotency patterns -[..]

Detailed discussion about how to design Idempotence -

Discuss about clock in distributed environment -[..]e-bad-or-welcome-to-distributed-systems/

Idempotent operations -[..]

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Mon Feb 13 13:59:13 GMT 2023 From /weblog/misc


A nice overview (with detailed reference) about how computer operate on floating point number -[..]2006/08/12/floating_point_approximation/

Why we should never use float / double for money -

Happy 0x7E7! -

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Sat Feb 11 12:24:26 GMT 2023 From /weblog/misc


Discussion about developer accessing production environment -[..]developers-working-in-production-of.html

6 Steps to Making Data Reliability a Habit -[..]ng-data-reliability-a-habit-521389b04aca

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Fri Feb 10 01:39:47 GMT 2023 From /weblog/health


depression -[..]pression-and-improve-your-mood/?view=all

【壹週刊健康】認識ADHD》腦裡有嘭嘭聲乜都喊 -

鍛煉能改善孤僻和拖延? -

By the time Kiesel was 14, she says she suffered from daily panic attacks, OCD, and depression. It wasn’t until she was older, she says, that she began to understand the connection between her childhood experiences and numerous chronic illnesses. -[..]iblings-it-affects-them-for-life/543975/

你/妳的自戀衝擊、她/他的創傷 -

美國 FDA 通過第一個 ADHD 的治療電玩處方:EndeavorRX! -

Elisabeth Kübler-Ross: The rise and fall of the five stages of grief -

So what can people do to combat the effects of uncertainty? Both Newman and Nitschke say focusing on the present can help dispel uncertainty and the anxiety it foments. “Do things you enjoy,” Nitschke says. “Get out a book you’ve been meaning to read or watch a little Netflix or talk with a friend on the phone — something that gets your brain into the present moment.” -[..]inty-is-so-hard-on-our-brain-6ac75938662

Is It OK to Reveal Your Anxiety or Depression to Your Boss? -[..]y-or-depression-to-your-boss-11599998400

Having friends who are friends with each other is the way to go, according to new research -[..]e/have-friends-who-are-friends-23463573/

Are we in the midst of a touch crisis? -[..]-time-of-covid-19?ocid=global_future_rss

loneliness -[..]-totalitarianism-is-rooted-in-loneliness

孤獨和孤立如何影響您的社交技能 -[..]e-and-isolation-can-change-how-you-think

Signs of Mental Illness -

The kids may not be all right. Here’s how to check in on their mental health. -[..]ds-about-their-mental-health-coronavirus

Silence Emerges as a Way to Boost Health -[..]ges-as-a-way-to-boost-health-11615478413

Story of a mental illness patient finally kill herself -[..]magazine/2011/05/30/god-knows-where-i-am

Anatomy of Melancholy -[..]agazine/1998/01/12/anatomy-of-melancholy

What You Should Know About Your Antidepressants -

Stress and depression have a lot of overlapping symptoms, but the treatment is different. -[..]r-youre-stressed-or-depressed-1847270805

The surprising effect of an ADHD-drug on attention -[..]sing-effect-of-an-adhd-drug-on-attention

'Blue' therapy: the healing power of water -[..]108-the-doctors-prescribing-blue-therapy

An autistic man was surfing the internet on his dad’s sofa. Then the FBI turned up -[..]-on-his-dads-sofa-then-the-fbi-turned-up

Autism: Understanding my childhood habits -[..]it-is-really-like-as-a-child-with-autism

Hikikomori, the Japanese phenomenon of extreme social isolation is going global -

Repple warns, however, that another explanation for the effects his team observed is also possible: Perhaps the depressed patients’ brain connections were impaired by inflammation. Chronic inflammation impedes the body’s ability to heal, and in neural tissue it can gradually degrade synaptic connections. The loss of such connections is thought to contribute to mood disorders. -[..]0126/?utm_source=pocket_collection_story

The science behind seasonal depression -[..]fective-disorder-depression-winter-blues

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Wed Feb 08 13:19:36 GMT 2023 From /weblog/java/features


Structured Concurrency and Loom -[..]ss/en/informatique/java-19-quoi-de-neuf/

Using Pattern Matching -

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Tue Feb 07 06:09:51 GMT 2023 From /weblog/health/food


Sourdough -

The history of pizza: a look of how the beloved pizza was invented -[..]ature-post/the-history-of-pizza-feature/

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Tue Feb 07 01:49:26 GMT 2023 From /weblog/science


Face masks: what the data say -

How CRISPR could help us discover and treat rare cancers -[..]help-us-discover-and-treat-rare-cancers/

Electroceuticals, the bioelectronic medicine of the future -[..]he-bioelectronic-medicine-of-the-future/

Why ketamine is so good against depression -

Laughing gas could be the key against treatment-resistant depression -[..]depression-alternative-treatment-326645/

What is MDMA: party drug or therapeutic agent? -[..]/?goal=0_3b5aad2288-0616bf7c2d-242734313

Psychedelics open a new window on the mechanisms of perception -[..]cs-open-new-window-mechanisms-perception

Medicine is an imperfect science – but you can still trust its process -[..]nce-but-you-can-still-trust-its-process/

There's a recent resurgence of interest for psychedelic drugs, and extreme cases can be very valuable for researchers. -[..]ens-when-you-take-550-doses-of-lsd-well/

Demystifying nootropics – Is cognitive enhancement even a thing? -[..]s-is-cognitive-enhancement-even-a-thing/

People who’ve tried psychedelics have lower risk of heart disease and diabetes -[..]lower-risk-of-heart-disease-and-diabetes

Hallucinogens’ long trip from Anesthetic to Party Drugs to Antidepressants -[..]dicine/hallucinogens-long-trip-03112021/

Penn Researchers Show ‘Encrypted’ Peptides Could be Wellspring of Natural Antibiotics -[..]ld-be-wellspring-of-natural-antibiotics/

What Is PIK3CA-Related Overgrowth Spectrum (PROS)? -

In research studies and in real life, placebos have a powerful healing effect on the body and mind -[..]ful-healing-effect-on-the-body-and-mind/

New advances are letting scientists use electrodes instead of drugs to treat dozens of diseases affecting millions of people. -[..]ion-electricity-is-transforming-medicine

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Sun Feb 05 12:17:35 GMT 2023 From /weblog/misc


真假難辨?Google 攜手 MyGoPen 教你用查核工具拆解不實資訊 -[..]5-google-mygopen-factcheck-give-you-tips

The power of the press, such as it is, is like the power of academic scholars, scientific researchers, and Supreme Court Justices. It is not backed by force. It rests on faith: the belief that these are groups of people dedicated to pursuing the truth without fear or favor. Once they disclaim that function, they will be perceived in the way everyone else is now perceived, as spinning for gain or status. -[..]06/when-americans-lost-faith-in-the-news

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Fri Feb 03 04:48:46 GMT 2023 From /weblog/photographic/tutorial


星軌拍攝技巧 數問 -

1).數碼機因hot pixel而唔適合曝得耐...最好分開影影夠幾個鐘...咁每張間隔之間都要俾CMOS斗下氣?
有師兄 教過 分十幾張 每張 10-20min 再合成 好過 一野 暴 幾粒鐘, (菲林 令計)

2).數碼機有D人話用ISO 100、有人話用ISO 400-800好...如果用合成方法...其實係咪都係就番光害而定...定係關雜訊事?
睇天氣 , 小弟 用 o個次 用 iso 100

4季 都唔同 位置, 用星座 搵 會準確 d, e+ 係 冬季, 北極星 位置 係 獵戶座 (lei 個最易 認, 唔會 搵唔倒 ... ) 頭頂 (腰帶 致 頭頂 距離 再過 5倍左右)

附圖 係 舊年 去雲南 香格里拉 時影, 本泥想 長暴, 不過 o個晚 太涷 個人 頂唔順 要收皮 反酒店

With a lot of information, 香港的星空 — 觀測及拍攝資訊 -

Herman's articles at dcfever -

500px tutorial -

About Comet -

Atmospheric optical phenomena 大氣光學現象 -[..]16/06/atmospheric-optical-phenomena.html

Stars & Night Sky -[..]top-5-tips-to-photograph-stars-night-sky

這張是11月15日凌晨拍攝的M42獵戶座星雲, 大埔的光害較嚴重, 所以要加上IDAS V4濾鏡作長時間曝光, 分三段不同時間曝光及作Layer Masking 處理, 把動態範圍拉闊. 在月光的影下算是滿意, 希望之後可以分數晚作10小時以上的曝光並加長每一張frame 的曝光時間 (現在是5分鐘一張), 使到暗位的表現進一步改善.

Place: Tai Po
Date: 14 Nov, 2013 (UT)
Camera: Canon 20Da
Lens: Canon EF-600 F4L
Mount: Vixen Sphinx with Star Book
Filter: IDAS V4
Exposure: 10 sec x 10, 30 sec x 10, 300sec x 26
ISO: 800
Guiding: Borg 60mm telescope, AIS120MM, PHD guiding.
Image calibration: Dark x 20 (average) for each exposure, Bias x 16 (Median), Dark subtracted Flat field x 20 (Median)
Processing: DSS, PS: layer Mask, Cropped, curve, colour adjusted.

how-to-find-the-milky-way -[..]om/2015/07/24/how-to-find-the-milky-way/

how-to-capture-sharp-star-photographs -[..]10/how-to-capture-sharp-star-photographs

銀河 - 觀測和拍攝 -

簡易四步驟處理高清銀河 - TimeLapse-AfterEffects特效『星流跡影片』-進階 -

500 rule:
11mm: 45.5 seconds
12mm: 41.7 seconds
14mm: 35.7 seconds
16mm: 31.3 seconds
18mm: 27.8 seconds
20mm: 25 seconds
24mm: 20.8 seconds
28mm: 17.9 seconds
35mm: 14.3 seconds
50mm: 10 seconds
85mm: 5.9 seconds

How to find constellations: a starter’s guide -[..]eature-post/starter-guide-constellations[..]ilky-Way-Photo-Concepts-You-May-Wan.html


Informaton of light pillar -

How to take Lightning photos -

How To Master Night Sky Photography -

How to Photograph the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis)? -[..]raph-the-northern-lights-aurora-borealis

4 Easy Steps to Edit Astrophotography in Lightroom -[..]ow-to-edit-astrophotography-in-lightroom

Orion and the Aurora: how to photograph these wonders of the winter night sky -[..]ph-these-wonders-of-the-winter-night-sky

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Wed Feb 01 02:37:46 GMT 2023 From /weblog/database/performance

Note of SQL performance tuning

Note of this book -

1) Order of "and" and "or" is matter, if no cost-base optimizer

where column1 = 'a' and column2 = 'b' -> where column2 = 'b' and column1 = 'a' if column2 'b' is less likely

2) <> is more expensive than =

3) Can force to use index if SELECT * FROM table WHERE indexed_column > 0

4) UPPER(column) might lose information, use LOWER is better

5) WHERE column = 'WORD' or column = 'word' is always faster than WHERE LOWER(column) = 'word' , even faster version is test if database if case-insensitive: WHERE column = 'WORD' or ('WORD' <> 'word' AND column = 'word')

6) 32bit integer is the fastest datatype for 32bit OS

7) column in (?, ?) is faster than column =? or column = ? for some database, and don't slow in any database

8) For aggregate functions, prevent using having, try to use fewer columns in group by and use subquery if possible

9) In fact, count(1) is not faster than count(*)

10) CAST before aggregate function: SELECT CAST(SUM(column) AS INT) -> SELECT SUM(CAST(column as INT))

11) Use constant as much as possible, e.g.: select * from t1, t2 where t1.c1 = t2.c1 and t1.c1 = 1 -> select * from t1, t2 where t1.c1=1 andn t2.c1=1

12) Information of Join vs Subqueries

13) Information of optimum column type (VARCHAR, TIMESTAMP, WORD size INT and CHAR(1) usually better), shift effect for page

14) prevent NULL for porting issue

15) Low level table physical information

Some related links -[..]9/12/sql-optimization-tipsquestions.html

16) Prevent database level transaction, prevent joining, prevent locking ( like auto increment key ), pretty good suggestion -

17) Reduce dataset for aggregation -[..]-subqueries-to-count-distinct-50x-faster

Few good tips, like avoid cursors -[..]ent/21-rules-for-faster-sql-queries.html

7 Tips for Query Optimization in SQL Servers -[..]optimization-in-sql-servers-fb3653c910f1

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Tue Jan 31 09:20:24 GMT 2023 From /weblog/learning


智能手機時代的速讀技術 -

Fun testing -

Fun information, text layout related to speed of reading:

Martin fowler discuss about the skill of how to read/write a big big book , more discussion -

關掉手機 享受慢閱讀的樂趣 -

这里有一个原则同学们要记住:不重要的学术作品大可不读,但重要的要反复重读,读多遍。不要相信重要作品的简化阐释,因为作者究竟怎样想我们不可能从简化的阐释中学到。 -

Rarely will I get through every section of every book.  The idea is to create a kind of dialogue among the authors, identifying points of overlap and difference.  Very often, the ideas from one book will trigger ideas that have you scouring the other books for elaboration.  The mixture of ideas from several books will lead to a thought that is not contained in any of the books.  When you read in parallel, it's like being in the room while the authors are conversing.  The intersecting of ideas almost always stimulates fresh ways of thinking about (and applying) the topic at hand. -[..]ding-in-parallel-becoming-better-at.html

Read for communication -[..]this-year-according-to-harvard-research/

在第一遍阅读时,你并不需要理解一个冗长计算的所有步骤。相反,默认它们是正确的,跳过它们,深入阅读关键的步骤。读公式之间的文字描述,读实验结果,读结论。当你大致明白了文章所谈论的东西之后,你再决定是否把时间花费在代数部分。不要在看不懂的步骤上花太多时间。当你以后有空时,可以重复阅读来慢慢理解它们。 -[..]/2017/08/how-Read-machine-earning-papers[..]achine_learning/?st=j6lm438g&sh=b1d9eba7

Reading to Learn: Why You Shouldn’t Read Beginning-to-End and What to do Instead -[..]-end-and-what-to-do-instead-4ab613e9a41d

I divided the day into four four-hour periods, of which I would be reading in three of the four-hour periods, and free one of them -[..]of-my-scholarship-and-study-68d1c35dd0d5

How And Why To Keep A “Commonplace Book” -

So is there a way to speed up how quickly we can comprehend a word? When we read our inner voice sometimes vocalises the words in our head, and some suspect that this might slow us down. Could banishing that voice make a difference? Not necessarily. Internal vocalising might be helping us to understand what’s happening, according to research by eye-tracking psychologist Mallorie Leinenger.

But the good news is that there is a way of learning to read faster, and that is to practise. Again, we are not just limited by our vision. What matters is how fast you can identify a word – a process that is faster when the word is more familiar. So the more you read, the faster you can get. -[..]icle/20191129-how-to-learn-to-speed-read

Make note, finish it, and keep it as habit -[..]es-will-change-how-you-read-15f3c574bef2

You remeber it only if you explain to someone else -[..]-you-remember-what-you-read-f0bce8cc4c43

Cunningham, whose daughter has also recently started learning to read, has a reassuringly generous view of the ideal reading age: "It doesn't matter whether you start to read at four or five or six as long as the method they are taught is a good, evidenced method. Children are so resilient they will find opportunities to play in any context." -[..]220228-the-best-age-for-learning-to-read[..]/features/benefits-of-reading-before-bed

My Workflow for Reading Scientific Papers -[..]r-reading-scientific-papers-d4b27dbb38a6

讀了書、寫了筆記,為何無法學以致用?這招能驗證你是否有「讀進去」 -

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Sat Jan 28 14:28:45 GMT 2023 From /weblog/health


Can spicy foods cure colds? A neuroscientist reveals the encouraging truth -[..]ience/spicy-cold-cure-colds-neuroscience

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Thu Jan 26 23:34:46 GMT 2023 From /weblog/%E6%97%A5%E5%B8%B8%E7%94%9F%E6%B4%BB


寫在沙中線通車前幾年,我最喜愛的土瓜灣十間食肆 -[..]

肉乾怎麼做的?為什麼牛肉乾絲絲分明、豬肉乾香軟多汁、肉紙又輕薄脆口? -

Myths & Facts About Leftovers -[..]od-poisoning/ss/slideshow-leftover-facts

正宗的拿坡里披薩有多講究?讓世界披薩冠軍帶你一探究竟 -

How Long Does Your Produce Stay Fresh? -[..]s/slideshow-how-long-produce-stays-fresh

First, try refrigerating your onions briefly before cutting them. The National Onion Association recommends chilling onions for 30 minutes before preparation. The colder temperature will slow down the sulfur gas, it says, causing less reaction with your eyes. (The organization also recommends keeping the root intact.) -[..]mess-how-to-cut-an-onion-without-crying/

Should You Wash This Food? -[..]s/ss/slideshow-should-you-wash-this-food

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Thu Jan 26 11:42:56 GMT 2023 From /weblog/computer+science


內容上鏈來突破中國政府下架與長城封鎖,是好事嗎?從北大性侵案談起! -

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Sat Jan 21 12:38:31 GMT 2023 From /weblog/health/food


Eating these simple foods may slow Alzheimer’s by a third (kale, spinach, tea ) -[..]y-slow-alzheimers-by-a-third-11671158826

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Sat Jan 21 12:26:11 GMT 2023 From /weblog/ai


Deep Learning with Emojis (not Math) -[..]arning-with-emojis-not-math-660ba1ad6cdc

AI tools -[..]-today-for-personal-use-1-3-7f1b60b6c94f

Twitter timeline -[..]ning-at-scale-in-twitters-timelines.html

Google translate -[..]achine-learning-translation-96f0ed8f19e4[..]2017/08/Machine-learning-Google-ranslati[..]-suicide-prevention-tools-powered-by-ai/

換臉照怎麼做的?當紅 Faceapp 背後 AI 技術大解析 -[..]e/20184-technology-behind-faceapp-ai-gan

How companies use collaborative filtering to learn exactly what you want -[..]learn-exactly-what-you-want-a3fc58e22ad9

京东商城背后 AI 技术揭秘(一):基于关键词自动生成摘要 -

Driverless cars and the 5 ethical questions on risk, safety and trust we still need to answer -

chatbot -

Predicts Future -[..]ce/ai-light-cone-predicts-future-053252/

视频精修一帧要花 2 小时?AI 只要 5.3 毫秒 -

What does a Product Data Scientist do? -[..]a-product-data-scientist-do-16225457c483

機器學習 x 鈣鈦礦材料:讓 AI 幫你最佳化太陽能電池材料的製程參數! -

At Last, a Self-Driving Car That Can Explain Itself -[..]self-driving-car-that-can-explain-itself

Google made an annoying AI that explains why jokes are supposed to be funny -[..]ains-why-jokes-are-supposed-to-be-funny/

编程神器 Copilot 逐字抄袭他人代码?GitHub 回应:相似,但不同...... -[..]ogy/myth-bashing-daddy-longlegs-spiders/ -[..]motionally-intelligent-synthetic-speech/

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Sat Jan 21 12:08:40 GMT 2023 From /weblog/software_engineering/team


Split Your Overwhelmed Teams -

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Fri Jan 20 05:08:30 GMT 2023 From /weblog/health


What causes motion sickness—and how can you prevent it? -[..]easickness-prevention-wristbands-glasses

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Fri Jan 20 04:03:38 GMT 2023 From /weblog/investment


【美股小知識】領先經濟指數 (LEI) -[..]E7%B6%93%E6%BF%9F%E6%8C%87%E6%95%B8-lei/


inflation -

What is conflict theory? Looking at Marx’s main concepts -[..]e-post/what-is-conflict-theory-19092019/

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Thu Jan 19 23:44:24 GMT 2023 From /weblog/misc


.NET Native AOT -

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Thu Jan 19 22:04:46 GMT 2023 From /weblog/computer+science


Interview of inventor of zip algorithm with a lot of pointer to underlying concepts -[..]201001300?cid=RSSfeed_DDJ_ArchitectDebug

Information about 7z -[..]/uncompressing-7z-files-with-groovy.html

Forget JPEG, How Would a Person Compress a Picture? Watching humans can improve compression algorithms -[..]eg-how-would-a-person-compress-a-picture

Uber Reduces Logging Costs by 169x Using Compressed Log Processor (CLP) -

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