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Sat Oct 28 13:15:21 GMT 2023


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Fri Apr 21 06:05:49 GMT 2023 From /weblog/history


The fascinating story of Mongolia’s nomadic empire, revealed by DNA analysis -[..]nomadic-empire-revealed-by-dna-analysis/

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Thu Apr 20 13:08:46 GMT 2023 From /weblog/java/performance


Will you get any performance improvement if you manage memory yourself? -[..]ne-is-faster-java-heap-or-native-memory/

More heap, GC will get slower -[..]ing-heap-size-beware-of-the-cobra-effect

Collection of tools to analysis GC activities -

Another presentation of performance hint for hotspot or memory -

Show how to enable and analyze the verbose:gc out data -[..]3/01/java-verbose-gc-tutorial-video.html

Discussion and comparison of difference GC at Java 1.7 -[..]7/java-garbage-collection-distilled.html . And here is the detail experiment among those difference GC, look like G1 is quite promising -[..]ng-and-benchmarking-java-7s-garbage.html

Memory is not allocate to single block, thus even you allocate enough memory in term of size, it may not enough to held individual object -

Introduction to metaspace -[..]optimising-memory-consumption-first.html

Some comments about System.gc() -[..]om/2015/12/why-i-dont-like-systemgc.html[..]ng-your-java-garbage-collection-overhead

Logging stop-the-world pauses in JVM -[..]log/logging-stop-the-world-pauses-in-jvm

Why we should put difference app in same VM -[..]0/generational-disparity-in-garbage.html

Atlassian GC tuning guide -[..]ollection-gc-tuning-guide-461504616.html

Using jemalloc to get to the bottom of a memory leak -[..]c-to-get-to-the-bottom-of-a-memory-leak/

Troubleshooting-Java-Memory-Issues -

Useful parameters for OOME -

Why Java's TLABs are so important and why write contention is a performance killer in multicore environments -

MMU gang wars: the TLB drive-by shootdown -

Latency implications of virtual memory -

foreign-memaccess -[..]cimadamore/panama/foreign-memaccess.html

Detect proactively whether application’s memory is under-allocated -

Panama: Not-so-Foreign Memory. Using MemorySegment as a high-performance ByteBuffer replacement without a 2GB limit. -[..]soforeign_memory_using_memorysegment_as/

What’s the deal with humongous objects in Java? -[..]-the-deal-with-humongous-objects-in-java

Netflix on Java: How to build a 1TB Non-Heap, ultra-efficient application for video streaming - an example -[..]on-heap-application-for-video-streaming/

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Thu Apr 20 07:46:02 GMT 2023 From /weblog/computer+science


Tail Call Recursion in Java with ASM -[..]19/tail-call-recursion-in-java-with-asm/

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Sun Apr 02 14:59:03 GMT 2023 From /weblog/business


Why You Should (Almost) Always Make the First Offer -[..]t-always-make-the-first-offer-1849757533

Being tough rather than nice in negotiation saves you more money -[..]ice-in-negotiation-saves-you-more-money/

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Sun Apr 02 14:56:40 GMT 2023 From /weblog/learning


【英文本色】Even though 和 although 的分別 -

How to learn language in 30 days -[..][..]power-of-daily-positive-words-15115.html

Use "Nothing beats xxx", "mindful of" to replace "remember" and "dismiss the idea" -[..]%AB%E5%8D%81%E5%BE%8C%E5%AF%AB%E7%A5%9E/

Language make the difference -[..]shocked-by-chinese-multiplication-table/

crazy-facts-about-languages -

直譯英文誤會多,掌握「痛點」讓你高效學習 -

【世界公民】都是「小」,該用 Small 還是 Little? -

Some words have two opposite meanings. Why? -[..]ome-words-have-two-opposite-meanings-why

25 Reasons the English Language Makes No Sense -[..]ons-the-english-language-makes-no-sense/

3 Ways to Make Your Writing Clearer -[..]item/3-ways-to-make-your-writing-clearer

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Fri Mar 31 05:11:32 GMT 2023 From /weblog/business


Applying Agile to making decision -

Maybe failure, maybe difiiculty to overcome -

How do you determine what is "truth"?[..]ible-criteria-for-determining-truth.html

How will I feel about it in 10 minutes?
How will I feel about it in 10 months?
How will I feel about it in 10 years? -[..]arren-buffett-and-ray-dalio-99e4857d05e3

Six science-backed techniques to help you make hard decisions -[..]elp-you-make-hard-decisions-fde6e234c887

【Boss Talk】金融界「拆彈專家」 八達通張耀堂:星展保險箱奇案最難拆 -[..]nance/realtime/article/20190527/59644722

Such results suggest that our current theoretical models on decision-making — chiefly that sub-obtimal decision-making is handled by the amygdala, with higher brain areas handling more complex decisions — is correct. But on a personal level, they showcase to each of us how the final moments of an experience influence our perception of the whole, especially when judging from memory. -[..]ins-experience-memory-ending-2356263456/

Docker 员工自述:我们为什么“输”给了 Kubernetes? -

超越蘋果、带微軟市值攀升全球第1,納德拉如何讓大象跳起舞來? -

Delusive Extrapolation and A/B Testing, Cautionary Tales of Complexity and the Dangers of Jumping to Conclusions -[..]trapolation-and-a-b-testing-ffebe8582a58

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Fri Mar 31 05:04:03 GMT 2023 From /weblog/health/food/fruit


15 Healthy Ways to Use Lemons and Limes -

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Thu Mar 30 23:54:08 GMT 2023 From /weblog/trip/travelling


遊記分享 - 詩巴丹神山十二日瘋狂之旅 (更新左最美的神山16/3) -[..]t=0&sid=af04440b821a247a2384f9f4e5ec15e1 need to go this place once -[..]2/pangrango-national-park-indonesia.html

Really need to go this place once -[..]2/pangrango-national-park-indonesia.html

【印尼】峇里島十大必去景點和體驗 -

【隱世天堂推介】吉利群島海天一色 峇里都要企埋一邊 -[..]style/realtime/article/20190829/59983709

How to see Komodo dragons in the Indonesian wilds or at a North American zoo. -[..]avel/article/where-to-see-komodo-dragons

Bali’s elaborate masks offer a connection to the gods -[..]/article/bali-masks-ubud-crafts-hinduism

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Fri Mar 24 00:16:08 GMT 2023 From /weblog/%E6%97%A5%E5%B8%B8%E7%94%9F%E6%B4%BB


The delicate art of catching fog in the desert -[..]icle/lima-peru-desert-water-fog-catchers

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Thu Mar 23 23:21:06 GMT 2023 From /weblog/health


Are we really need 8 hours of sleep?

Find the best sleep position -

Take a nap is good! -

Why it is good to sleep together -

中老年人怎樣睡個好覺? -

Facts about sleep -[..]nsane-facts-about-sleep-infographic.html

關注男士健康 側身睡覺有利養肝 -[..]6%BA%E6%9C%89%E5%88%A9%E9%A4%8A%E8%82%9D

We all know that kind of situation very well. You are supposed to work or study but you cannot help dosing off. Sometimes, staying awake can be a real challenge; especially if you are tired or bored. Fortunately, there is a surprisingly wide range of various tricks and hacks to help you fight the annoying drowsiness. Here are 25 Ways To Stay Awake When All You Want To Do Is Sleep. -[..]-awake-when-all-you-want-to-do-is-sleep/

At least 7 hours sleep.... -[..]-health-life/news/sleep-or-exercise.html[..]ch-might-help-you-sleep-better/?view=all[..]-sleep-you-probably-didnt-know/?view=all

about-sleep-paralysis -[..]p-paralysis-that-make-it-scary/?view=all

Power nap -[..]ke-naps-at-work-apologize-to-no-one.html

The shorter your sleep, the shorter your life: the new sleep science -[..]-worst-enemy-matthew-walker-why-we-sleep[..]we-sleep-matt-walker-20171003-story.html[..]com/jeff-bezos-sleep-amazon-19c617c59daa[..]king-through-life-in-an-underslept-state

How to take nap -

10 things to know about sleep as the clocks go back -[..]-deprivation-anxiety-depression-08012017

Do and Don't after sleep bad night -[..]p-disorders/ss/slideshow-sleep-bad-night[..]ders/ss/slideshow-natural-sleep-remedies

Naps help us process information we subconsciously acquire during the day -[..]nce/short-subconscious-information-9543/[..]nce/sleep-brainwave-reactivation-9236363

Only sleep and sex at bed -[..]/science/sleep-exam-results-mit-1342424/[..]science-19/biology/interact-sleep-cycles

10 Foods That Fight Pain -[..]management/ss/slideshow-foods-fight-pain

Sleep jerks -[..]-while-you-drift-into-sleep-88f8d28d643a

壓力,睡眠不足可能會導致腦震盪狀症狀 -[..]ck-of-sleep-concussion-symptoms-9726424/

【Wired 硬塞】明知不可為,為什麼你還是愛熬夜? -[..]87-sleep-procrastination-psychology-tips

Why Do We Dream? The Role Of Dreams -[..].com/why-do-we-dream-the-role-of-dreams/

Dream -[..]-about-dreams-you-might-not-be-aware-of/

Nightmares -[..]disorders/ss/slideshow-nightmares-causes

An Insomniac’s Guide to Dehumidifiers -

We undergo sleep paralysis every night and don't notice it -- unless we're awake when it happens. -[..]enomenon-at-the-boundary-of-wakefulness/

Going to sleep before 10 PM could lower your risk of heart disease -[..]ne/sleep-earlier-heart-disease-11112021/

Consuming a diet higher in plant food and fibre, and lower in saturated fat and sugar, seems to be associated with better sleep – Marie-Pierre St-Onge -[..]does-cheese-really-give-you-vivid-dreams

Elite sleep genes allow lucky few to get full night’s sleep in just 4 hours -[..]o-get-full-nights-sleep-in-just-4-hours/

While We Sleep, Our Mind Goes on an Amazing Journey -[..]

Are you a ‘lark’ or an ‘owl’? Your body clock holds the answer. -[..]-or-owl-your-body-clock-holds-the-answer

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Wed Mar 22 13:50:21 GMT 2023 From /weblog/health/food


Eat more black chocolate -


反式脂肪:從神奇產品到飲食賤民 -

What to Eat When -

9 Best Foods for Fitness -[..]exercise/ss/slideshow-best-foods-fitness

What is creatine: the most studied sports supplement -

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Wed Mar 22 12:43:23 GMT 2023 From /weblog/business


Eric have release 3 article about putting advertisment at development magazine:

I don't think this is really useful for me, but this can be a reference as the discussion is in depth


Few links about how to earn good money using online advertiment, don't know if they work or not, but look like the investiment is not that less

How TikTok broke social media -[..]2023/03/21/how-tiktok-broke-social-media

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Tue Mar 21 10:52:10 GMT 2023 From /weblog/trip/travelling


19 Stunning Things To See And Do Across Ireland -[..]=5824984083&blog=4289795&frame_type=none

The Ultimate Trip To Game Of Thrones Locations In Northern Ireland -

Scotland castle -[..]m/2013/12/dunnottar-castle-scotland.html[..]autiful-road-scotland-youve-never-heard/

amazing-things-unique-about-scotland -[..]g-things-unique-about-scotland/?view=all

Where to find warrior queens, fairies, and castles in Scotland -[..]s-fairies-castles-isle-of-skye-scotland?

Inside the Irish ‘hell caves’ where Halloween was born -[..]ands-gate-to-hell-that-birthed-halloween

Hadrian’s Wall once marked the extent of the Roman empire in Britannia. Now it’s a pitstop on the way to Scotland’s capital, Edinburgh, or the country’s largest city, Glasgow. Things have changed over the past two thousand years. -[..]es-temples-towers-and-cults-come-to-life

Discover the Past in Ireland's Ancient East -[..]e/road-trip-history-ireland-ancient-east

On the trail of Ireland’s legendary pirate queen -[..]-trail-of-ireland-legendary-pirate-queen

For St. Patrick's Day, 17 pictures that transport you to Ireland -[..]t-patricks-day-irish-holiday-celebration

On the trail of Ireland’s legendary pirate queen -[..]-trail-of-ireland-legendary-pirate-queen

Along Hadrian’s Wall, ancient Rome’s temples, towers, and cults come to life -[..]es-temples-towers-and-cults-come-to-life

Hollywood’s love affair with Ireland’s western isles -[..]-islands-star-wars-banshees-of-inesherin

See the heavens the way ancient Britons did at this dark sky park -[..]ed-kingdom-new-dark-sky-park-archaeology

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Mon Mar 20 13:19:07 GMT 2023 From /weblog/health/food/fruit


【吾通吾識】保住個腎好重要 食水果都幫到你

1. 荔枝

2. 葡萄

3. 桑葚

4. 奇異果


大夫,我需要喝果汁排毒嗎? -

【每日健康】5種生果連皮食更健康 抗氧化降血糖 -[..]om/realtime/supplement/20160527/55150168

Grapefruit has a high volume of compounds called furanocoumarins, which are designed to protect the fruit from fungal infections. When you ingest grapefruit, those furanocoumarins permanently take your cytochrome P450 enzymes offline. There’s no coming back. Grapefruit is powerful, and those cytochromes are donezo. So the body, when it encounters grapefruit, basically sighs, throws up its hands, and starts producing entirely new sets of cytochrome P450s. This can take over 12 hours. -[..]grapefruit-history-and-drug-interactions

Medlar -[..]-strange-medieval-fruit-the-world-forgot

Cherries -

Fruit and Veggie Skins You Can Eat -

Slideshow: Fun Facts About Fruits and Vegetables -[..]ss/slideshow-fun-facts-fruits-vegetables

10 Ways to Serve a Tomato -

It’s possible to divide the world in two: the part that venerates the humble-seeming fruit known as the date, and the part that does not. The part that does is home to hundreds of millions of people, from the Atlantic coast of Morocco across North Africa and Egypt to Mesopotamia and east to India. In this part of the world there aren’t really “dates,” because only a philistine would speak in such generalizations. There’s the plump sugar-bomb medjool, the chewy khalas beloved of Emirati connoisseurs, sweet and sticky Saudi sukkary, tart yellow barhi peeled and eaten fresh, the varieties picked early, called rutab, and served frozen with coffee at the upscale cafés of Riyadh or Abu Dhabi. There’s ajwa from Medina, said to be the favorite of the Prophet, the dark Persian kimia, the translucent deglet noor, and many others with evocative names like halawi or Sagai VIP. -[..]sweet-sticky-history-the-date-180980983/

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Sat Mar 18 13:44:13 GMT 2023 From /weblog/business


The explanation of unemployment -

政府主导投资与奖罚不对称的困扰 -

罗纳德‧哈里‧科斯, 以爱传世是多么美丽的故事! -

The A to Z of economics -

The economics of thinness -[..]als/2022/12/20/the-economics-of-thinness

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Sat Mar 18 13:30:16 GMT 2023 From /weblog/network


API 网关和负载均衡器,到底怎么选? -

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Sat Mar 18 12:52:17 GMT 2023 From /weblog/java/network


一文带你掌握物联网 Mqtt 网关搭建背后的技术原理 -

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Sat Mar 18 11:36:28 GMT 2023 From /weblog/%E6%97%A5%E5%B8%B8%E7%94%9F%E6%B4%BB


In Mediterranean climates, surviving extreme heat can be as simple as opening the windows at night to let in cool air and drawing the shades when the sun hits the window during the day. -[..]ions/a-62316262?utm_source=pocket_mylist

Keeping out of the sun between 11am to 3pm – usually the hottest parts of the day – either by staying indoors or in a shaded area, is an obvious step. It is also important to drink plenty of liquid, including hot and cold drinks (unless it is very humid, in which case hot drinks aren't the best idea). But it's best to avoid drinking lots of alcohol, although a beer or two may still help to hydrate you. -[..]m-science-for-staying-cool-in-a-heatwave

Top tips on how to keep cool without air conditioning -[..]-how-keep-cool-without-air-conditioning/

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Fri Mar 17 12:29:45 GMT 2023 From /weblog/misc


A detailed overview of POP, IMAP and GMAIL -

The 12 steps to cure e-mail addiction
  1. Admit that e-mail is managing you. Let go of your need to check e-mail every ten minutes.
  2. Commit to keeping your inbox empty.
  3. Create files where you can put inbox material that needs to be acted on.
  4. Make broad headings for your filing system so that you have to spend less time looking for filed material.
  5. Deal immediately with any e-mail that can be handled in two minutes or less but create a file for mails that will take longer.
  6. Set a target date to empty your in box. Don't spend more than an hour at a time doing it.
  7. Turn off automatic send/receive.
  8. Establish regular times to review your e-mail.
  9. Involve others in conquering your addiction.
  10. Reduce the amount of e-mail you receive.
  11. Save time by using only one subject per e-mail; delete extra comments from forwarded e-mail, and make the subject line detailed.
  12. Celebrate taking a new approach to e-mail.

I think 5 and 6 is useful...[..]20/email.addiction.steps.reut/index.html

How to control emails? -

Why Is Email Still So Terrible? Email is an awful online ID that we use for almost everything. -[..]ther-sara-morrisons-are-ruining-my-inbox

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Fri Mar 17 00:20:15 GMT 2023 From /weblog/science/physics


Sound -

What, really, is the speed of sound? -

The loudest sound in mankind’s history -[..]-loudest-sound-ever-in-mankinds-history/

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Thu Mar 16 10:48:01 GMT 2023 From /weblog/health/food


High-Cholesterol Foods -

What calories look like in different foods -[..]r/feature-post/calories-different-foods/

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Thu Mar 16 01:30:59 GMT 2023 From /weblog/science/math


What is Pi (π) and what is it good for? -

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