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Sat Oct 28 13:15:21 GMT 2023


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Sun Jul 09 14:08:47 GMT 2023 From /weblog/science


What is asexual reproduction: nature’s virgin birth -[..]exual-reproduction-natures-virgin-birth/

Biology-mysteries -[..]manity-has-not-figured-out-yet/?view=all

Over 50 years ago, researchers circumnavigated the Americas sampling ocean life along the way at regular intervals. In the process, they discovered a striking relationship: the abundance of a certain marine species is linked to its body size such that its collective mass is basically the same. Krill are a billion times smaller than tuna, but their numbers are a billion times more abundant. If you were to weigh all the krill in the ocean, the mass should be close to all the tuna — but not anymore. -[..]umans-broke-a-natural-law-of-ocean-life/

Scientists are stunned by the discovery of the world’s largest bacterium. It’s the size of a fly -

The good touch: researchers uncover the biological pathways that transmit pleasant touch -[..]ogical-pathway-pleasant-touch-426247234/

Clitorises -[..]torises-suggests-snakes-are-highly-sexed[..]the-spotlight-major-scientific-discovery

This bacterium can eat and digest plastic thrown into the ocean -[..]nd-digest-plastic-thrown-into-the-ocean/

Why do we stretch when we yawn? -

What are biofilms and how do they form? -

What is osmosis: a critical principle in biology -

Scientists are stunned by the discovery of the world’s largest bacterium. It’s the size of a fly -

What is Taxonomy in biology? A beginner’s guide -[..]rence/ecology-articles/what-is-taxonomy/

Directed evolution: Tailoring proteins, enzymes, and life -[..]ion-tailoring-proteins-enzymes-and-life/

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Sun Jul 09 14:06:41 GMT 2023 From /weblog/languages


Sites that rate popularity of difference computer language

How loop generate GOTO statement -[..]01/internals-of-loops-while-for-and.html

The Hundred-Year Programming Language -

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Sat Jul 08 14:14:29 GMT 2023 From /weblog/history


Unix -[..]history-microsoft-unix-operating-system/[..]nux-how-linux-became-everyones-favorite/[..]hat-is-unix-and-the-history-of-unix-408l

Woman -[..]story-of-women-in-computing-e7253ac24306

Design -[..]03/the-software-architecture-chronicles/[..]ace/the-improbable-origins-of-powerpoint[..]se-hard-disk-drive-industry-d7747f793c99

How to get old software and hardware working again -

別小看人類玩遊戲的渴望! 電腦和電子遊戲同時起源於 1950 年代 -[..]insights/blog/100-years-computer-science[..]atchm/who-invented-the-microprocessor-2/[..]e-whirlwind-computer-at-chm-dab505bc52a6[..]0-years-of-computer-science-ca2603bcec4d

EBay -[..]-and-the-times-that-could-have-killed-it

A tribute to Alan Turing -

滑鼠的共同發明人 William English 逝世,享耆壽 91 歲 -[..]e-co-inventor-William-English-dies-at-91

The Life of a Data Byte -

【Wired 硬塞】世界第一顆真・微處理器與 F-14 戰機秘史 -[..]history-of-the-first-microprocessor-f-14

What Can We Learn From SQL’s 50 Year Reign? A Story of 2 Turing Awards -

Climbing the Peak: Agony and Ecstasy Of 200 Code Writers Beget Windows NT -

How Quake Shook the World: Quake Turns 25 -[..]how-quake-shook-the-world-quake-turns-25

A History of Automatic Speech Recognition -

Why DEL is 0x7f, \n is linefeed, and fights break out in the tab vs space debate.-[..]e/weird-programming-facts-1-3fe47d82a7fd

Linux -[..]/linus-torvalds-on-linuxs-30th-birthday/

Logical Piano Lessons -

How Did Vim Become So Popular -

Ukraine’s Software & Computer Museum -[..]es-software-computer-museum-1563a3efd434

AWS 亚马逊云基础架构 16 年创新史-

Long Live Software Easter Eggs! -

Cerf and Kahn may have invented the primary protocol for the internet, but many others made valuable contributions. -[..]science/who-invented-the-internet-05264/

50 Years of Fun With PONG -

PostScript: A Digital Printing Press -[..]pt-a-digital-printing-press-f3d9f1059997

In Memoriam: Gordon Moore (1929–2023) -[..]riam-gordon-moore-1929-2023-641bf50e62e2

Xerox PARC -[..]p-of-historical-proportions-93f5f502f608

From Alto to AI -

SimCity 4, the greatest citybuilder of all time, was released 20 years ago -[..]er-of-all-time-was-released-20-years-ago

Ethernet Turns 50! -

ERMA was the absolute beginning of the mechanization of business. — Thomas Morrin, SRI Director of Engineering -

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Wed Jul 05 14:13:54 GMT 2023 From /weblog/science/physics


Quasar ‘clocks’ show universe was five times slower soon after the Big Bang -[..]r-clocks-time-slows-down-early-universe/

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Sat Jul 01 14:23:08 GMT 2023 From /weblog/java/performance


Another blog of discussion of difference profiler -

Introduction to jmap, visualvm and btrace -

JMP is an easy to setup and provide real time data choice. However it will crash JVM occasionally. So may be the one using web interface is better for us:

Articles -
Onjava -
Eclipsecolorer profiler, however that plugin require you install binary yourself, somehow tedious if you move from one machine to another machine -[..]tss?l=EclipseProfiler&asrc=EM_NLN_476666

A total java version of profiler!!:

Few other profiler haven't get time to try:

Eclipse plugin:

Need $$:

See if the information useful.

How to measure with less than milli second -[..]15/10/measuring-microsecond-in-java.html

Unleash the Power of Open Source Java Profilers: Comparing VisualVM, JMC, and async-profiler -

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Wed Jun 28 14:29:47 GMT 2023 From /weblog/health/food


At least, we should not take too much per meal -

Get the Protein You Need -[..]y-eating-20/slideshow-how-to-get-protein

The plant protein that could push meat off your plate -[..]-based-meat-developing-rubisco-duckweed/

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Sat Jun 24 12:00:39 GMT 2023 From /weblog/science/animal/insect


Butterflies -[..]

western monarch butterfly -

Inside the Murky World of Butterfly Catchers -[..]chers-collectors-indonesia-market-blumei

Bufferfly act snake -

How caterpillars gruesomely transform into butterflies -[..]/how-caterpillar-turn-butterfly-0534534/

Scientists identify where butterflies originated and which plants they relied on -[..]ginated-and-which-plants-they-relied-on/

Monarch butterfly white spots could be the secret to their continent-traversing superpower -[..]s-ecology/monarch-butterfly-white-spots/

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Fri Jun 16 01:16:44 GMT 2023 From /weblog/science/animal


The Indian Bullfrog: a colorful sight in the wetlands -[..]es/animals/invertebrates/indian-bullfrog

What do frogs eat — and other froggy facts you never wanted to know -

Some frogs have the ability to become transparent. Here’s how they do it -[..]become-transparent-heres-how-they-do-it/

This frog’s babies erupt out of its back—and other surprising ways animals give birth -[..]sing-ways-animals-give-birth-live-young/

goliath -[..]cience/goliath-frog-largest-frg-0432432/

These tiny Latin American tree dwellers are stellar fathers and masters at camouflage, recent research reveals. -[..]ough-frogs-are-full-of-surprises-feature

The axolotl: the salamander that defies science -[..]ibians/animal-files-paradoxical-axolotl/

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Wed Jun 14 12:56:18 GMT 2023 From /weblog/science/animal


about-search-and-rescue-dogs -[..]arch-and-rescue-dogs-youll-want-to-know/

絕跡山林50年 荒野歌神「唱犬」再度現身 -

Why chocolate is really, really bad for dogs -[..]/science/why-chocolate-bad-dogs-0532532/

16 Dog facts we’ve only learned in the past few years -[..]r/feature-post/dog-facts-recent-14012021

Man’s Best Friend: The History Of Domesticating Dogs -[..]e-to-the-worlds-most-popular-dog-breeds/

The eccentric dog breeds that vanished -[..]11105-the-bizarre-dog-breeds-time-forgot

Are dogs color blind? Not exactly -[..]gy/animals-ecology/are-dogs-color-blind/

The adorable fennec fox: Meet Sahara’s smallest predator -[..]ral-sciences/animals/mammals/fennec-fox/

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Mon Jun 12 11:42:10 GMT 2023 From /weblog/child


Your Child Is Being Bullied: What to Do -[..]hat-to-do-if-your-child-is-being-bullied

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Mon Jun 12 11:32:26 GMT 2023 From /weblog/trip/camping


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Sat Jun 10 14:11:41 GMT 2023 From /weblog/health


What’s the ideal blood pressure by age: the Goldilocks of optimal heart health -

A Visual Guide to Vein and Artery Problems -[..]visual-guide-to-vein-and-artery-problems

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Thu Jun 08 01:45:05 GMT 2023 From /weblog/health/sport


How to swim faster -

【體路專題】游水對腰椎好處多 幫助鍛鍊Core Muscle -

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Fri May 26 13:56:52 GMT 2023 From /weblog/science


Research about how to eat -

sweet-facts-about-fruits-that-you-never-knew/ -[..]-facts-about-fruits-that-you-never-knew/

yeast -[..]east-incredibly-important-economic-role/[..]ience-manufacturing-supplements-30052018

Sciene about bread -[..]he-strange-science-inside-your-sourdough

Eva Ekeblad -[..]eva-ekeblad-and-the-inventor-of-alcohol/

Friedlieb Ferdinand Runge -[..]inand-runge-and-the-invention-of-coffee/

What is tempura? -
The Rise and Fall and Rise Again of MSG -[..]/the-rise-and-fall-and-rise-again-of-msg

It burns so good: why do some people like spicy food? -[..]nce/why-people-like-spicy-foods-feature/

台灣油芒失落半世紀 躋身救糧荒超級食物 -

還記得兒時街邊的愛玉冰嗎? 清涼解暑愛玉背後的複雜膠化物理學 -[..]talog/ins.php?index_m1_id=1&index_id=686

What chemicals make you happy? -[..]ind-brain/what-chemicals-make-you-happy/

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Tue May 23 13:51:48 GMT 2023 From /weblog/trip/travelling


The Best Places to Dive with Big Animals -

The Best Destinations for Advanced Scuba Diving -

About diving -

Seven Great Destinations for Photographing Coral -[..]eat-destinations-for-photographing-coral

Five Great Places to Dive with Large Schools of Fish and Bait Balls -[..]e-with-large-schools-fish-and-bait-balls

The Best Scuba Destinations for Diving Healthy Marine Environments -[..]s-for-diving-healthy-marine-environments

This tiny island is the best place to dive in the Caribbean -[..]sland-is-best-place-to-dive-in-caribbean

Travel to the Heart of the Philippines -

Sea Forests of the South: Searching for Kelp in the Southern Ocean -[..]ests-South-Searching-Kelp-Southern-Ocean

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Fri May 19 13:22:08 GMT 2023 From /weblog/unix


Sum time in script -[..]-summing-the-total-time-from-a-log-file/

Special bash parameters -[..]ial-bash-parameters-in-script-linux.html

ls sort by file size -[..]ns-answers/6518-sorting-ls-filesize.html

How to use "~" -

use rlwrap to enable BASH like editing in SQLplus, and use screen to presist terminal sessions -[..]miracle-utilities-rlwrap-and-screen.html

Ctrl+r searches through history
Use the history command plus !# to run old commands
Shell expansion using {} , e.g. cp{,.old} == cp
zsh have good auto complete

mkdir -p creates nested directories
Use less instead of tail
lsof shows open files
ps will show process trees with the f flag

!! is the previous command in the shell history
Use vim -b to show nonprintable characters
** is a recursive wildcard in zsh
cd – will return to the previous folder
Use ctrl+z and kill %1 to kill a process that will not die
pwdx shows the working directory of a process
Use sh -x to debug shell scripts
sysctl replaces /proc on macs

ps -eo pcpu,pid,args | sort -n => check CPU%
grep -sq "" /etc/lsb-release && lsb_release -rd => run command if file exist

More about ps and free -

HTML tools for commandline -

Bash history -

Tips of using shell, like saving all history -

Standard Shell completion:

Variablename completion
Username completion
Executable completion
Filename and directory completion
Hostname completion

cp long_and_complex_file_name long_and_complex_file_name.backup
with this:
cp long_and_complex_file_name{,.backup}[..]/2013/12/unix-trick-brace-expansion.html

Use the history -

How to use xargs -

Nice presentation of man page -

Parallel shell -

A Beginner’s Guide to tmux -[..]s/a-beginners-guide-to-tmux-7e6daa5c0154

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Fri May 19 08:14:14 GMT 2023 From /weblog/learning


How to learn language in 30 days -[..][..]power-of-daily-positive-words-15115.html

Language make the difference -[..]shocked-by-chinese-multiplication-table/

crazy-facts-about-languages -[..]nguage-fluently-quickly-and-efficiently/

5 tips for learning Mandarin -[..]-great-advice-from-a-variety-of-experts/

Choice other than "Regards" -[..]/email-sign-offs-for-every-occasion.html

Resource of learning a lot difference languages -

Bubble physics can explain why dialects appear and how they evolve -

語言的高與低 -

Learning music or a foreign language can help your brain be more efficient -[..]sic-bilingual-brain-efficiency-17052018/[..]n-healthier-and-learn-faster-4a67e82dd81

For learning Chinese -

Language Alters Our Experience of Time -[..]m/language-alters-our-experience-of-time

This is How You Can Learn All Programming Languages, Yes - “all” -[..]l-programming-languages-yes-all-c41j3t8l[..]lanuages-still-missing-from-the-internet

About "the" -[..]st-powerful-word-in-the-english-language

Our brains get a boost when studying new languages, to help us along -[..]studying-new-languages-to-help-us-along/


Why Are Letters Shaped the Way They Are? -[..]/why-are-letters-shaped-the-way-they-are

How dyslexia changes in other languages -[..]2-can-dyslexia-change-in-other-languages

Hawaii’s Native language nearly vanished—this is the fight to bring it back -[..]tive-language-efforts-to-preserve-revive

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Fri May 19 00:56:24 GMT 2023 From /weblog/health/food


Eat more soybean -[..]oy-estrogen-problem-and-other-soy-myths/

Why Americans should eat lentils every day -[..]ls-are-just-waiting-their-hummus-moment/

Is tofu protein? A comprehensive look at tofu’s nutritional profile -[..]alth/food-and-nutrition/is-tofu-protein/

benefit of soy mike -[..]-and-nutrition/is-soy-milk-good-for-you/

Is Tofu Bad for You? Debunking the Myths -[..]/food-and-nutrition/is-tofu-bad-for-you/

Soybean protein reduces the level of bad cholesterol — just like statins -[..]vel-of-bad-cholesterol-just-like-statins

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Fri May 19 00:52:20 GMT 2023 From /weblog/history


The ancient origins of glass -[..]ticle/society/2021/ancient-origins-glass

The true location of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon remains an unsolved mystery, but the latest research suggests looking in a different place. -[..]-of-the-ancient-world-are-except-for-one

They were scouting for oil in Iran. They found an ancient temple instead -[..]ine/article/the-ziggurat-of-elam-in-iran

What were hieroglyphs, the Egyptian words of the gods, and what did they mean? -

Only one ancient account mentions the existence of Xerxes Canal, long thought to be a tall tale. But archaeology is confirming that Persia's engineering triumph was real. -[..]al-xerxes-existence-darius-persia-greece

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Thu May 18 13:28:36 GMT 2023 From /weblog/history


Maze of tunnels reveals remains of ancient Jerusalem -[..]ures-and-stoke-ancient-conflicts-feature

Israel -[..]ting-and-controversial-country/?view=all

Daring ‘rescue’ mission results in Dead Sea Scroll finds, other rare discoveries -[..]sea-scroll-finds-other-rare-discoveries?

Railway lines once connected the Middle East -[..]way-lines-once-connected-the-middle-east

Hebrew wasn’t spoken for 2,000 years. Here’s how it was revived. -[..]-for-2000-years-heres-how-it-was-revived

The unusual history of the beloved bagel -[..]l-history-jewish-american-culture-symbol

A brief history of matzoh: 'It's not supposed to taste good' -[..]ure/article/the-crummy-history-of-matzoh

Descendants of Chernobyl’s Jewish dynasty return to the exclusion zone -[..]rticle/hasidic-jewish-ancestry-chernobyl

How the Holocaust happened in plain sight -[..]ust-adolf-hitler-history-genocide-denial

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Thu May 18 13:14:12 GMT 2023 From /weblog/religious


The Site That May Be Jesus’ Tomb -[..]om/magazine/graphics/was-this-jesus-tomb

What Archaeology Is Telling Us About the Real Jesus -[..]/magazine/article/jesus-tomb-archaeology

Who wrote the Dead Sea scrolls? Science may have the answer -[..]e/article/who-wrote-the-dead-sea-scrolls

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Wed May 17 13:07:33 GMT 2023 From /weblog/misc


Project template for quicker start a project -[..]-a-software-project-as-fast-as-possible/

LaTeX -[..]o-begin-learning-and-applying-latex.html

Online tool to convert word document to good HTML -

Online IDE -

Lot of productivity tools -[..]op-27-startup-tools-of-2017-aa9e98fc4a34

Convert everything to everything, Pandoc a universal document converter -

Top 10 Best Open Source Projects on GitHub 2023 -[..]rce-projects-on-github-2023-784bf4df2a94

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Wed May 17 00:27:54 GMT 2023 From /weblog/science/animal


25 Reasons Spiders Are Extremely Terrifying But Insanely Interesting -[..]fying-but-insanely-interesting/?view=all

Scientists unravel mysteries of unique Aussie spider silk -[..]ence/biology/basket-spider-web-19102020/

First-ever video shows a tarantula eating an opossum -[..]a-kills-opossum-first-time-photos-video/

World's Biggest Spider Explained -[..]-tarantula-worlds-biggest-spider-science[..]e-world-a-tarantula-the-size-of-a-puppy/

Myth-busting Facts about Black Widow Spiders -[..]busting-facts-about-black-widow-spiders/

North American widow spiders, not tropical tarantulas, have a particular taste for reptiles, according to a sweeping analysis of data across six continents. -[..]round-the-world-surprising-study-reveals

These spiders ‘catapult’ themselves to avoid getting eaten after mating -[..]pult-to-avoid-getting-eaten-after-mating

Meet the largest spider in the world: a tarantula the size of a puppy -[..]e-world-a-tarantula-the-size-of-a-puppy/

Myth bashing: Are daddy longlegs spiders? -[..]ogy/myth-bashing-daddy-longlegs-spiders/

How Many Eyes Do Spiders Have? The Science Behind Arachnid Vision -

This funky spider mimics ants to stay safe from predators -[..]mimics-ants-to-stay-safe-from-predators/

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Mon May 15 15:02:18 GMT 2023 From /weblog/%E6%97%A5%E5%B8%B8%E7%94%9F%E6%B4%BB


microwave -[..]eshow-surprising-uses-for-your-microwave[..]le/20200714-is-it-safe-to-microwave-food

Air Fryer Mistakes You’re Making -[..]-recipes/ss/slideshow-air-fryer-mistakes[..]eshow-surprising-uses-for-your-microwave

【開鑊tips】生鐵鑊開鑊孖寶︰豬油+韭菜 -[..]om/realtime/supplement/20170505/56648460

【用鑊tips】不銹鋼鑊不黐底秘訣 一粒水珠幫到你 -[..]om/realtime/supplement/20170505/56648464

【地球咬一口:廚房篇】13個「烹」然心動的料理魔法,現在讓你看一下 -

梳打粉的5種用途 | 清潔去污沒煩惱 -[..]ng-soda-that-youll-wish-you-knew-sooner/[..]y/ss/slideshow-beauty-baking-soda-health

How operate fridge -[..]g/08/chill-a-guide-to-the-perfect-fridge

When to Toss Food Out -

health cookware -[..]

Rinse agents used in the final cycles of household dishwashers may disrupt gastrointestinal epithelial cells. -[..]-harm-your-guts-protective-inner-lining/

How to Soften Butter—Quickly—According to a Pro Baker -

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