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Sat Nov 21 22:02:03 HKT 2020

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Sun Oct 11 21:31:07 HKT 2020 From /weblog/design


"Bad programmers worry about the code. Good programmers worry about data structures and their relationships." -[..]uote-about-good-programmer/163187#163187

Compare between schema and schema=less ( like key value mapping ) data -

Simple AVL tree -

逼着面试官问了我 ArrayList 和 LinkedList 的区别,他对我彻底服了 -

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Sun Oct 11 21:30:21 HKT 2020 From /weblog/unix


TCP tuning -

UNIX network performance analysis -[..]works/aix/library/au-networkperfanalysis

Netstat tips -

Introduction to a lot of difference commands -[..]work-monitoring-commands-in-linux-part-i

Commandline tools which can do most HTTP message -[..]11/scripting-web-applications-with-curl/

Tools to show contents from network -[..]/powerful-command-line-tools-developers/[..]nd-to-find-ip-address-from-hostname.html

/rmem_default: The default setting of the socket receive buffer in bytes.
/rmem_max: The maximum receive socket buffer size in bytes.
/wmem_default: The default setting (in bytes) of the socket send buffer.
/wmem_max: The maximum send socket buffer size in bytes.
Only for Linux -

Getting IP of the host: "wget -O - -q ; echo" from -[..]ou-want-to-check-you-current-public.html

Use tcpdump and tshark to monitor network activity -

一篇文章搞定 Nginx 反向代理与负载均衡 -

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Sun Oct 11 21:19:10 HKT 2020 From /weblog/history


A brief history of human spaceflight—1961 to present -[..]man-spaceflight-1961-to-present-feature/

Countdown to a new era in Space -[..]anding-new-age-of-space-travel-is-coming

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Sun Oct 11 20:00:03 HKT 2020 From /weblog/health


Ways to Treat Pain at Home -[..]-management/ss/slideshow-treat-pain-home

10 Foods That Fight Pain -[..]management/ss/slideshow-foods-fight-pain

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Sun Oct 11 19:58:45 HKT 2020 From /weblog/unix


Web base vim as tutorials -

History of VIM -[..]f-productivity-vims-20th-anniversary.ars

Guide for editing text object, most already familiar with using 'w' for word editing, this blog discuss more about using 'p' for paragrahy and other related stuff. -[..]7/vim-text-objects-the-definitive-guide/

Seven habits of effective text editing , a lot of nice tip of using vim, like hlsearch , omni-completion

vimdiff tips -[..]cles/2008/04/30/vim-as-a-diff-merge-tool[..]9899-uid-36931-do-showone-type-blog.html

How to regex with line number -

cheat sheet of jumping around source code -[..]inux-HOWTO/C-editing-with-VIM-HOWTO.html

Nice analysis of good programming environment -[..]why-i-switched-from-textmate-to-vim.html

Creating macros in vim - <- introduction to Command-T and FuzzyFinder

Some VIM tips:

Essential Vim editor navigation commands
Vim search and replace – 12 powerful find and replace examples.
How To add bookmarks inside the Vim editor
How To record and play inside the Vim editor
Correct spelling mistakes automatically inside the Vim Editor
Automatic word completion using Ctrl-X
Enable thesaurus option in the Vim editor
Vim autocommand magic. Add custom header to your files automatically.
Convert Vim editor to a beautiful source code browser.
Use the Vim editor as a bash IDE, or C/C++ IDE, or Perl IDE.[..]com/2016/04/19/vim-commands-cheat-sheet/

ctrl+w, ctrl+w , vimdiff switch folder -

tutorial -[..]editor-in-unix-example-tutorial-and.html[..]s/3mfvdg/how_do_i_go_about_learning_vim/

Compilation plugin -

Highlight multiple searches at the same time, each with a different color. -

C/C++ IDE -[..]10/vim-plugin-for-navigating-c-with.html

Evil, putting vi in emacs -

Fixing syntax at solaris, "export TERM=xtermc", ":syntax enable" -

Graph your Vim undo tree in style. -

Introduction to Selecta and Command-T, tool for fuzzy mapping and open files easier -[..]d-the-vimrc-file-be-located-on-windows-7

Open Visual Studio config as XML -!topic/vim_use/HzVM9tjJP08

Snippert library ( e.g. function template ) -[..]3h7lca/which_snippet_library_do_you_use/[..]t_are_your_musthave_configs_and_plugins/[..]mments/2w22gf/edit_google_docs_with_vim/[..]nts/3ijsi2/original_post_a_vimrc_primer/[..]an_autocomplete_plugin_if_yes_which_one/

gUU to turn whole line upper case, and guu to turn whole line lower case -[..]_guu_makes_an_entire_line_lowercase_and/

can use :TOhtml to turn a text file to HTML -

set encoding=utf-8 -[..]how_to_reliably_switch_to_using_utf8_by/

If you like to test the regex for vi, can refer to this -[..]/blog/vim-creator-champions-charityware/

Another blog about using vim as IDE -

vim cheat sheet -[..]d_using_spacemacsevil_and_made_this_vim/

How Vim works internally? -[..]omments/hpt9l9/how_vim_works_internally/

Sample example of a VIM plugin -

Vim has a built-in Emoji Picker! 勞️ -[..]s/ioewb0/vim_has_a_builtin_emoji_picker/

Fast Typing: vi -

Vim as HTTP client -

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Sun Oct 11 19:47:22 HKT 2020 From /weblog/health


Are we really need 8 hours of sleep?

Find the best sleep position -

Take a nap is good! -

Why it is good to sleep together -

中老年人怎樣睡個好覺? -

Facts about sleep -[..]nsane-facts-about-sleep-infographic.html

關注男士健康 側身睡覺有利養肝 -[..]6%BA%E6%9C%89%E5%88%A9%E9%A4%8A%E8%82%9D

We all know that kind of situation very well. You are supposed to work or study but you cannot help dosing off. Sometimes, staying awake can be a real challenge; especially if you are tired or bored. Fortunately, there is a surprisingly wide range of various tricks and hacks to help you fight the annoying drowsiness. Here are 25 Ways To Stay Awake When All You Want To Do Is Sleep. -[..]-awake-when-all-you-want-to-do-is-sleep/

At least 7 hours sleep.... -[..]-health-life/news/sleep-or-exercise.html[..]ch-might-help-you-sleep-better/?view=all[..]-sleep-you-probably-didnt-know/?view=all

about-sleep-paralysis -[..]p-paralysis-that-make-it-scary/?view=all

Power nap -[..]ke-naps-at-work-apologize-to-no-one.html

The shorter your sleep, the shorter your life: the new sleep science -[..]-worst-enemy-matthew-walker-why-we-sleep[..]we-sleep-matt-walker-20171003-story.html[..]com/jeff-bezos-sleep-amazon-19c617c59daa[..]king-through-life-in-an-underslept-state

How to take nap -

10 things to know about sleep as the clocks go back -[..]-deprivation-anxiety-depression-08012017

Do and Don't after sleep bad night -[..]p-disorders/ss/slideshow-sleep-bad-night[..]ders/ss/slideshow-natural-sleep-remedies

Naps help us process information we subconsciously acquire during the day -[..]nce/short-subconscious-information-9543/[..]nce/sleep-brainwave-reactivation-9236363

Only sleep and sex at bed -[..]/science/sleep-exam-results-mit-1342424/[..]science-19/biology/interact-sleep-cycles

10 Foods That Fight Pain -[..]management/ss/slideshow-foods-fight-pain

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Sun Oct 11 19:44:53 HKT 2020 From /weblog/design


Why should you combine Reliable Messaging with Distributed Caching -[..]MessagingDistributedCaching/article.html

Read from cache, write the message system -

All You Need to Know About ActiveMQ -

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Sun Oct 11 19:16:50 HKT 2020 From /weblog/google/development


gRPC with Kotlin Coroutines -

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Thu Oct 08 08:22:27 HKT 2020 From /weblog/java/features


Invoking Assembly Language Programs using java native interface -

Best practices for using the Java Native Interface -

Other library try to simple using native library -

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Thu Oct 08 08:10:18 HKT 2020 From /weblog/trip/travelling


蘇丹之旅 -

博茨瓦纳乔贝国家公园之行 -

莫桑比克的魅力 -

遊搜好行:遊在最前 塞舌爾 -[..]/supplement/travel/art/20130322/18202846

The Complete Guide Of Things To See, Do And Eat In Madeira -[..]-of-things-to-see-do-and-eat-in-madeira/

走過500多年 奈及利亞傳統染坑等待復興 -[..]-best-places-to-go-scuba-diving-in-egypt

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Wed Oct 07 21:52:51 HKT 2020 From /weblog/java/features


Introduction of Lambdas expression in Java - , an example show how lambdas help to clean up the duplication -[..]mplifying-readwritelock-with-java-8.html

Another article about Java8 change, where Lambdas is the highlight -

Nice tutorial -

Huge list of articles -

Use lambdas to replace for-loop -[..]creating-your-own-loop-structure-in.html

Overview for new Date/Time library -[..]/02/java-date-time-timezone-formats.html[..]om/2014/05/java-8-features-tutorial.html

Grouping and partitioning with stream -[..]/11/java-8-streams-api-grouping-and.html
In a nutshell, make sure to never override a default method in another interface -[..]va-8-default-methods-can-break-your.html

Convert SQL feature to stream -[..]and-their-equivalents-in-java-8-streams/

Simple overview of steam operation -[..]va-8-stream-intermediate-operations.html

Behind the scenes: How do lambda expressions really work in Java? -[..]o-lambda-expressions-really-work-in-java

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Wed Oct 07 21:11:17 HKT 2020 From /weblog/java/features


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Wed Oct 07 20:50:09 HKT 2020 From /weblog/health



Robert Neubecker
這種方法被稱為“時間觀療法”(Time Perspective Therapy),其中一項內容是判斷一個人擁有以下六種不同觀念中的哪一些,這六種觀念分別是:過去積極時間觀(你喜愛自己的過去);過去消極時間觀 (你有遺憾或過去發生過不幸的事──或者你有現在被你夸大為不幸的事情);現在享受時間觀(你享受當下,喜歡犒賞自己);現在宿命時間觀(你感覺命運不受自己控制,那何必費心去控制呢?);目標導向未來時間觀(你會事先計劃,做任何決定都會權衡利弊);超驗未來時間觀(你過得很好,因為你相信獎賞是死後進天堂)。

People who are more authentic on social media have high levels of well-being -[..]ocial-media-authentic-well-being-952354/

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Wed Oct 07 20:45:46 HKT 2020 From /weblog/health



Other than that -

為何心情不好時愛吃垃圾食品 -

慢吃多嚼控制卡路裡 -

keep fit好簡單 飯後靠牆企一企 -

obesity -[..]u-might-want-know-about-obesity/view=all

What liposuction is, and why it can make you thinner, but not thin -[..]hy-it-can-make-you-thinner-but-not-thin/

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Tue Oct 06 21:21:46 HKT 2020 From /weblog/trip/travelling


Milford Sound -[..]7%9A%84%E6%A8%82%E9%9F%BB-milford-sound/[..]015/05/new-zealand-travel-itinerary.html[..]/08/air-safaris-new-zealand-glacier.html

澳洲十大秘景 -

澳洲旅攝大作戰 (維多利亞和塔斯曼尼亞篇) -

【澳洲】旅行家的六大夢幻地,出發澳洲圓夢去! -

Tips for getting sim in AU -[..]%b2%e9%9b%bb%e8%a9%b1%e5%8d%a1%ef%bc%81/

紐西蘭的星空聖地——Tekapo -

Sydney -

Melbourne countryside -

Summer at AU -

【新西蘭旅遊】雪地飛機近距離睇最大冰川 入最高山峰冰川探險 -[..]style/realtime/article/20180820/58576663

【新西蘭南極光】極罕見!直擊追光兩星期 攝影達人教授睇極光秘訣 -[..]style/realtime/article/20180820/58576709

Underwater Hotel Opens in Australia on Great Barrier Reef -[..]eat-barrier-reef?dom=rss-default&src=syn[..]ons/things-to-do-north-stradbroke-island[..]reserve-castle-hill-bush-walks-for-kids/[..]do/picnic-areas/kellys-falls-picnic-area[..]ence/new-guinea-plant-diveristy-5234365/

NSW explorers -

澳洲19個不為人知的海灘 -[..]%b7%e7%81%98%ef%bc%88%e4%b8%8b%ef%bc%89/[..]%8e%e9%ba%97%e6%b5%b7%e7%81%98%e4%b8%8a/

Cowra -

Welcome to Lord Howe -

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Tue Oct 06 14:04:02 HKT 2020 From /weblog/career


First, don't lie at the CV....

Some useful information from the thread:
online learning listing:
uk university listing:

The other useful resource of writing CV,1217,a=182353,00.asp

Number 1: The overblown objective
Number 2: The poorly executed bluff
Number 3: The mug shot
Number 4: The block party
Number 5: Wallflower skills[..]/Avoid%20these%20five%20resume%20killers

"Edit your resume so it sounds like you are talking to someone." -[..]3/four-tips-for-defining-your-value.html

It look like tips for writing cover letter, but maybe good to include in customized CV also -

How boss spend 6 seconds to read your CV -[..]%A0%E7%9A%84%E5%B1%A5%E6%AD%B7%E8%A1%A8/[..]s/blog/8-tips-crafting-compelling-resume

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Tue Oct 06 10:02:13 HKT 2020 From /weblog/science


太陽活動令科學家迷惑不解 -

Earth’s final total solar eclipse will happen in less than a billion years -[..]n-less-than-a-billion-years-5f9bda31b6d0

What is the fall equinox? Here's what you need to know. -[..]ox-autumn-seasons-sun-moon-space-science

Why do days get shorter and darker with autumn? -[..]days-get-shorter-and-darker-with-autumn/

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Tue Oct 06 08:51:14 HKT 2020 From /weblog/health/food


Vitamins and Minerals From A to Z -[..]/ss/slideshow-vitamins-minerals-overview

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Tue Oct 06 08:32:58 HKT 2020 From /weblog/health


Treating & Preventing Cold Sores -[..]s-and-treatments/ss/slideshow-cold-sores

Most effective medicine I know -[..]/oral-medic-mouth-ulcer-treatment-2-pack

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Tue Oct 06 08:22:32 HKT 2020 From /weblog/%E6%97%A5%E5%B8%B8%E7%94%9F%E6%B4%BB


寫在沙中線通車前幾年,我最喜愛的土瓜灣十間食肆 -[..]

肉乾怎麼做的?為什麼牛肉乾絲絲分明、豬肉乾香軟多汁、肉紙又輕薄脆口? -

Myths & Facts About Leftovers -[..]od-poisoning/ss/slideshow-leftover-facts

正宗的拿坡里披薩有多講究?讓世界披薩冠軍帶你一探究竟 -

How Long Does Your Produce Stay Fresh? -[..]s/slideshow-how-long-produce-stays-fresh

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Sat Oct 03 10:00:58 HKT 2020 From /weblog/photographic


Handshaking is not a problem for this DC! -

Fever 小編手記:多得 Luigi Colani,才會有真正流線形的單反出現! -

120 years old photo -[..]photo-and-of-course-its-an-adorable-cat/

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Fri Oct 02 15:23:36 HKT 2020 From /weblog/science


What are the strong chemical bonds? -

Science confirms ancient alcohol-measuring technique -

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Thu Oct 01 23:00:52 HKT 2020 From /weblog/science


我們現在看到的星星早已死亡了嗎? -[..]%B2%E6%AD%BB%E4%BA%A1%E4%BA%86%E5%97%8E/

相對論、量子力學、黑洞和反物質 -[..]uantum-mechanics-black-hole-anti-matter/[..]t-things-in-the-known-universe/?view=all[..]o-probe-images-that-will-blow-your-mind/[..]sics-allowed-earth-to-exist-195ecc0da9ca[..]ear-older-than-the-universe-71bee462c6be[..]ophysics-space/big-bang-history-15092017

5 questions you were too embarrassed to ask about the expanding Universe -[..]bout-the-expanding-universe-9433c4906a29

Are Space, Time, And Gravity All Just Illusions? -[..]-gravity-all-just-illusions-d1d088df6150[..]-the-big-bang-theory-you-might-not-know/

black hole -[..]c/science-abc-going-inside-a-black-hole/[..]/space/supermassive-black-hole-07122017/[..]s-in-outer-space-that-cant-be-explained/

Really interesting -[..]ence/news-science/why-solar-system-flat/

prehistoric-people-astronomers -[..]/prehistoric-people-astronomers-0432423/

The Scale of the Universe - Interactive -

Is the universe infinite? -[..]er/feature-post/is-the-universe-infinite

What is entropy, and why is it always increasing? -[..]entropy-and-why-is-it-always-increasing/

Voyager: Inside the world's greatest space mission -[..]inside-the-worlds-greatest-space-mission

The hottest planet in the solar system — and why it’s probably not what you think -[..]st/hottest-planet-solar-system-16072020/[..]/news-science/why-is-neptune-blue-00432/

Jupiter -

How Stellar Winds of Dying Stars Are Shaped -

How much matter is there in the universe? Now we (kind of) know -[..]ere-in-the-universe-now-we-kind-of-know/

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Tue Sep 29 14:20:14 HKT 2020 From /weblog/computer+science


量子比特(qubit)利用疊加同時以兩種狀態存在——實際是就是同時以1和0存在。在經典計算機中,比特就像是硬幣,要麼顯示正面要麼顯示背面。而量子比特則像是被拋在空中的、不斷旋轉的硬幣,同時顯示正反面。 -

Quantum Teleportation: Separating Science Fact from Science Fiction -[..]uantum-teleportation-fact-fiction-03232/

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Tue Sep 29 14:11:48 HKT 2020 From /weblog/history


Egypt -[..]t-not-know-about-ancient-egypt/?view=all[..]ight-leave-you-a-bit-surprised/?view=all

madagascar -[..]-madagascar-you-might-not-know/?view=all

“Our world is moved by the minerals of the Congo,” says Mombilo. “The positive thing I can say is that in all these advanced technologies, you’re talking about the Congo.” -[..]orgotten-mine-that-built-the-atomic-bomb

King Tut's grandparents were Egypt's royal power couple -[..]rents-tiye-amenhotep-egypt-royal-couple/

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