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Mon Sep 27 00:53:09 AEST 2021


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Thu Jun 24 23:09:31 AEST 2021 From /weblog/science/animal


Groundbreaking effort launched to decode whale language -[..]-to-try-to-decode-the-language-of-whales

What I Saw When I Came Eye to Eye with a Whale -[..]m/2415069/sperm-whales-research-dominica

Secrets of the Whales -

The hidden world of whale culture -[..]he-hidden-world-of-whale-culture-feature

On Knowing the Winged Whale -[..]om/features/on-knowing-the-winged-whale/

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Thu Jun 24 23:06:12 AEST 2021 From /weblog/science/animal


Why zebras were never domesticated -[..]post/why-zebras-were-never-domesticated/

斑馬黑白條紋有什麼用? -

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Thu Jun 24 23:05:33 AEST 2021 From /weblog/science/animal


Why do male gorillas beat their chests? Maybe a phone call -[..]rticle/why-do-gorillas-beat-their-chests

Why Koko the Gorilla Mattered -[..]illas-koko-sign-language-culture-animals

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Tue Jun 22 10:16:02 AEST 2021 From /weblog/science/animal


Bats’ superpower: they innately know the speed of sound -[..]r-they-innately-know-the-speed-of-sound/

Why bats can carry so many virus -[..]cience/news-science/bats-dont-sick-42432

Meet the hammer-headed bat: the flying mammal with the head of a puppy -[..]-flying-mammal-with-the-head-of-a-puppy/

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Sun Jun 20 23:16:33 AEST 2021 From /weblog/science/animal


Butterflies -[..]

western monarch butterfly -

Inside the Murky World of Butterfly Catchers -[..]chers-collectors-indonesia-market-blumei

Bufferfly act snake -

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Sat Jun 19 23:21:19 AEST 2021 From /weblog/science


Radiation fact -[..]s-about-radiation-and-its-crazy-effects/

關于輻射的真相 -

Chernobyl -[..]ar-meltdown-on-the-environment/?view=all

The different types of electromagnetic radiation -[..]ifferent-types-electromagnetic-radiation

The Chernobyl Disaster — 35 Years Since our Worst Nuclear Tragedy -[..]hernobyl-disaster-35-years-later-262545/

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Fri Jun 18 23:13:05 AEST 2021 From /weblog/science


Not your sister’s art hobby: DNA origami can save lives -[..]rs-art-hobby-dna-origami-can-save-lives/

Scientists store information in DNA of living cells -[..]sts-store-information-dna-cells-0562362/

What is DNA: the blueprint of life -[..]ience/what-is-dna-the-blueprint-of-life/

DNA -[..]l-help-you-understand-yourself/?view=all[..]-genetics-and-the-human-genome/?view=all

How DNA discovered?[..]-scientists-unraveled-dnas-double-helix/

You’ve heard about genome sequencing — but what’s exome sequencing? -[..]her/feature-post/what-is-exome-08052021/

DNA Jumps Between Animal Species. No One Knows How Often. -[..]species-no-one-knows-how-often-20210609/

The Future of Cloning: From Dolly The Sheep To Elizabeth Ann -

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Fri Jun 18 22:57:51 AEST 2021 From /weblog/science/animal


about-search-and-rescue-dogs -[..]arch-and-rescue-dogs-youll-want-to-know/

絕跡山林50年 荒野歌神「唱犬」再度現身 -

Why chocolate is really, really bad for dogs -[..]/science/why-chocolate-bad-dogs-0532532/

16 Dog facts we’ve only learned in the past few years -[..]r/feature-post/dog-facts-recent-14012021

Man’s Best Friend: The History Of Domesticating Dogs -

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Fri Mar 26 10:07:44 AEDT 2021 From /weblog/science


Not ‘if’, but ‘when’: city planners need to design for flooding. These examples show the way -[..]or-flooding-these-examples-show-the-way/

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Sat Mar 13 23:57:56 AEDT 2021 From /weblog/science


太陽活動令科學家迷惑不解 -

Earth’s final total solar eclipse will happen in less than a billion years -[..]n-less-than-a-billion-years-5f9bda31b6d0

What is the fall equinox? Here's what you need to know. -[..]ox-autumn-seasons-sun-moon-space-science

Why do days get shorter and darker with autumn? -[..]days-get-shorter-and-darker-with-autumn/

太陽有多熱? -

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Sat Jan 30 00:36:57 AEDT 2021 From /weblog/science


Interesting, test speed of light with ping -[..]experiments-to-derive-the-speed-of-light

History of color photograph -

光電效應:愛因斯坦的諾貝爾 -[..]19/photoelectric-effect-einsteins-nobel/

光速:宇宙高速公路的速度限制 -

What exactly is a photon? Definition, properties, facts -

Why Gold is yellow in color -[..]other/feature-post/gold-color-relativity[..]the-new-science-of-seeing-around-corners

Why is the ocean blue? -[..]ther/feature-post/why-is-the-ocean-blue/

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Fri Oct 02 17:23:36 AEST 2020 From /weblog/science


What are the strong chemical bonds? -

Science confirms ancient alcohol-measuring technique -

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Fri Sep 11 12:16:38 AEST 2020 From /weblog/science/animal


The Short Happy Life of a Serengeti Lion -[..]

Meet the güiña—a six-pound 'mystery cat' vulnerable to extinction -[..]-guina-mystery-cat-vulnerable-extinction[..]-of-earths-most-extreme-environs-feature[..]imals/2020/09/cheetahs-snow-south-africa

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Fri Jan 24 00:22:05 AEDT 2020 From /weblog/science


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Sat Jun 08 00:10:25 AEST 2019 From /weblog/science


The temperature-driven change in the mobility of water molecules on the surface perfectly matches how ice’s friction coefficient changes with temperature — the more mobility at the surface, the lower the friction. -

“As the physicist Richard Feynman predicted, the solution was not to be found in new equations, but rather within the equation that was already available to us,” explained Tobias Schneider, author of the new study. “Until now, researchers didn’t have powerful enough mathematical tools to verify this.”-[..]ws-science/turbulent-fluid-flow-28052019

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Sat Jun 02 22:17:36 AEST 2018 From /weblog/science


Richard Hamming (inventor of, among other things, hamming codes) -

Why measurement is important -

石墨烯引發科學淘金熱 -

人工培育肌肉組織獲重大進展 -

quantum-mechanics-changed-our-view-of-the-universe -[..]anged-our-view-of-the-universe/?view=all

How to become a amateur scientist -

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Fri Jan 26 02:36:20 AEDT 2018 From /weblog/science


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Mon Sep 07 01:49:25 AEST 2015 From /weblog/science


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Sun Jan 15 22:19:46 AEDT 2006 From /weblog/science

work-induced attention-deficit disorder

OH! In fact being distract count as disorder:

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