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Wed Mar 27 06:19:27 GMT 2024


Not ‘if’, but ‘when’: city planners need to design for flooding. These examples show the way -[..]or-flooding-these-examples-show-the-way/

Rumble in the concrete jungle: what history teaches us about urban defense -

Garbology: How to spot patterns in people's waste -[..]gy-how-to-spot-patterns-in-peoples-waste

The decline of the city grid -[..]/2022/12/20/the-decline-of-the-city-grid

What does a structural engineer do, according to experts -[..]e-post/what-does-structural-engineer-do/

Plumbing discovery reveals the rise and fall of the Roman Empire -[..]s-the-rise-and-fall-of-the-roman-empire/

This Texas building has self-cooling walls -[..]mselves-cold-so-you-dont-need-as-much-ac

The Mayans mastered water management. What can we learn from them? -[..]-we-learn-an-important-lesson-from-them/

How Toronto transformed a highway underpass into a vibrant public space -[..]ay-underpass-into-a-vibrant-public-space

9 lesser known architectural wonders we lost to time -[..]n-architectural-wonders-we-lost-to-time/

Rechargeable concrete batteries could make buildings double as energy storage -[..]science/rechargeable-concrete-batteries/

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