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Fri May 20 00:19:57 AEST 2022


What is asexual reproduction: nature’s virgin birth -[..]exual-reproduction-natures-virgin-birth/

Biology-mysteries -[..]manity-has-not-figured-out-yet/?view=all

Over 50 years ago, researchers circumnavigated the Americas sampling ocean life along the way at regular intervals. In the process, they discovered a striking relationship: the abundance of a certain marine species is linked to its body size such that its collective mass is basically the same. Krill are a billion times smaller than tuna, but their numbers are a billion times more abundant. If you were to weigh all the krill in the ocean, the mass should be close to all the tuna — but not anymore. -[..]umans-broke-a-natural-law-of-ocean-life/

Scientists are stunned by the discovery of the world’s largest bacterium. It’s the size of a fly -

The good touch: researchers uncover the biological pathways that transmit pleasant touch -[..]ogical-pathway-pleasant-touch-426247234/

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