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Mon Sep 04 00:44:48 HKT 2017


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Mon Sep 11 14:57:09 HKT 2006 From /weblog/photographic

Not camera

An interesting article that try to tell equipment is not important...[..]uko/article?mid=7480&prev=7697&next=6962

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Sat Aug 12 00:15:57 HKT 2006 From /weblog/photographic

3D photographic technique

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Thu Aug 10 00:47:37 HKT 2006 From /weblog/photographic


DIY flash -[..]t=18484&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=0

Sigma EF-500 DG super review -

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Thu Aug 03 23:49:16 HKT 2006 From /weblog/photographic

Extended tube

I love my extended tube, here is more information about it[..]-converters/kenko/PRD_83453_3132crx.aspx

Here is some theory of this tool[..]macrography/Articles/Extubes/extubes.htm

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Wed Jul 19 19:24:43 HKT 2006 From /weblog/photographic

Under the red sea

Wonderful... need to spare time to learn diving[..]07/11/video-diving-safari-im-roten-meer/

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Tue Jul 04 14:46:01 HKT 2006 From /weblog/photographic

Canon CMOS page

Somehow informative

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Thu Jun 15 17:26:22 HKT 2006 From /weblog/photographic

Photo of North Korea

Poor country

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Wed May 10 02:03:30 HKT 2006 From /weblog/photographic

The power of Tiffen Diopters

Look excellent! Don't if I can buy it at Hong Kong

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Wed Nov 23 14:16:30 HKT 2005 From /weblog/photographic

focus after shot

It is VERY VERY useful if it really work. Most delay of shoting cause by the time taken for auto focus. If it really work then it simplify a lot of taking moving object.

By the way, it is possible to use this technology to convert all lens to Marco enable lens, I guess.

This, if work, will be a new breakthrough of digital camera

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Mon Oct 24 12:53:18 HKT 2005 From /weblog/photographic/tools

free mac os x image processing tools

And localized to Chinese

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Mon Oct 10 20:00:53 HKT 2005 From /weblog/photographic

1st DC

Handshaking is not a problem for this DC!

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