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Mon Aug 20 22:11:12 AEST 2018


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Mon Dec 16 15:45:02 AEDT 2019 From /weblog/photographic/tools


If you using mac and like to have post editing of digital photo, Definitely worth to try:[..]n/entitlement/index.cfm?e=labs_lightroom

A free (until beta period finish) competitor of Aperture. The auto tuning work excellent. However, there is no plugin yet and require highend machine to work smooth. It take 400MB RAM for just a few RAW photo and it work like a dog on my poor mac mini. This is the first time of this 5 years I wish to have a better machine


Lightroom教學: 進階設定七件事 -[..]%AD%E5%AE%9A%E4%B8%83%E4%BB%B6%E4%BA%8B/

裁剪與校正 -[..]ching-lightroom-late-foundation-lesson-6

如何用自然光拍攝有溫度的逆光照片? -[..]klight-photo-6-big-questions-once-solved[..]ure-backlight-photo-post-processing-next

輕鬆搞定大光比,8步驟打造青海經幡唯美人像 -[..]the-qinghai-sutra-fan-beautiful-portrait[..]to-pull-out-a-nice-black-and-white-photo

讓後製處理效率事半功倍的快捷鍵 -[..]ing-more-efficient-and-do-more-with-less

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Sun May 28 23:19:36 AEST 2017 From /weblog/photographic/tools

free image processing

A nice article about image processing at Linux, seem all tool are cross platform[..].php?node=Digital+Photography+with+Linux

After some research, see neat image is the best tools for noise reduction. See if it able to use with GIMP

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Mon Dec 21 22:07:51 AEDT 2015 From /weblog/photographic/tools


漸變灰 Out!Sony 新 App 將相機變成風景王! Sony’s New Sky HDR App Replaces the Graduated ND Filter for Landscapes -

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Tue Apr 08 23:10:16 AEST 2014 From /weblog/photographic/tools


用智能手機或數碼單反拍電影 -

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Mon Oct 24 14:53:18 AEST 2005 From /weblog/photographic/tools

free mac os x image processing tools

And localized to Chinese

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