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Wed Aug 24 00:14:42 AEST 2022

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Sun Oct 23 23:44:36 AEDT 2022 From /weblog/trip/travelling

south america

阿根廷的觀鳥天堂 -[..]

magnificent-torres-del-paine-national-park-photos-you-absolutely-have-to-see -[..]tos-you-absolutely-have-to-see/?view=all

Hotel next to Perito Moreno Glacier -


世界獨一無二 哥倫比亞彩虹河奇觀 -

【一生人一次】阿根廷最美行山路線 2日1夜無導遊欣賞Mt. Fitz Roy絶景 -[..]yle/20200304/M24ENXKLYKI7GI5VSDYIDC3LUQ/

【南美自由行】自駕遊阿根廷小瑞士40號公路 一次過睇晒七湖國家公園絕景 -[..]yle/20200310/3CTQQFMALEXULELXU2CAXBDTXY/

galapagos -[..]climate-change-impacts-iconic-creatures/

Peru -[..]/travel/destinations/south-america/peru/

Where on this warming planet, you ask, is the southernmost tree? Look no further: National Geographic sent a team to hunt it down. -[..]the-wind-blasted-trek-to-find-it-feature

Discover 10 secrets of Machu Picchu -

Archaeologists discover forgotten structures in Peru’s Machu Picchu -[..]n-structures-peru-machu-picchu-21012022/

An intact tomb revealed royal secrets of an ancient people in Peru -[..]yal-secrets-of-an-ancient-people-in-peru

Untouched by time, this pristine world soars high above the Amazon -[..]orld-soars-high-above-the-amazon-feature

Tepuis -[..]outh-americas-islands-in-the-sky-feature

Here’s why every foodie you know is heading to Peru -[..]c-dining-experiences-sacred-valley-cusco

Pakal the Great transformed this Maya city into a glorious center of power -[..]maya-city-was-a-glorious-center-of-power

Explore Inca life beyond Machu Picchu on this South American trail -[..]a-life-beyond-machu-picchu-on-this-trail

Saddle up for stellar views and gaucho culture in Patagonia -[..]f-the-grid-at-horse-ranches-in-patagonia

Visit the best beaches in South America -[..]/travel/article/best-beaches-where-to-go

The paradise in Brazil you don’t know—yet -[..]e/paradise-in-jalapao-state-park-cerrado

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Sun Oct 23 23:16:14 AEDT 2022 From /photo/cosmos/apod


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Sat Oct 22 23:54:14 AEDT 2022 From /photo/cosmos/apod


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Sat Oct 22 17:28:12 AEDT 2022 From /weblog/health/food


Zombie fungus could help develop new anti-viral medicine and cancer drugs -[..]ence/zombie-fungus-cancer-drug-21102022/

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Sat Oct 22 17:08:09 AEDT 2022 From /weblog/ai


Deep Learning with Emojis (not Math) -[..]arning-with-emojis-not-math-660ba1ad6cdc

AI tools -[..]-today-for-personal-use-1-3-7f1b60b6c94f

Twitter timeline -[..]ning-at-scale-in-twitters-timelines.html

Google translate -[..]achine-learning-translation-96f0ed8f19e4[..]2017/08/Machine-learning-Google-ranslati[..]-suicide-prevention-tools-powered-by-ai/

換臉照怎麼做的?當紅 Faceapp 背後 AI 技術大解析 -[..]e/20184-technology-behind-faceapp-ai-gan

How companies use collaborative filtering to learn exactly what you want -[..]learn-exactly-what-you-want-a3fc58e22ad9

京东商城背后 AI 技术揭秘(一):基于关键词自动生成摘要 -

Driverless cars and the 5 ethical questions on risk, safety and trust we still need to answer -

chatbot -

Predicts Future -[..]ce/ai-light-cone-predicts-future-053252/

视频精修一帧要花 2 小时?AI 只要 5.3 毫秒 -

What does a Product Data Scientist do? -[..]a-product-data-scientist-do-16225457c483

機器學習 x 鈣鈦礦材料:讓 AI 幫你最佳化太陽能電池材料的製程參數! -

At Last, a Self-Driving Car That Can Explain Itself -[..]self-driving-car-that-can-explain-itself

Google made an annoying AI that explains why jokes are supposed to be funny -[..]ains-why-jokes-are-supposed-to-be-funny/

编程神器 Copilot 逐字抄袭他人代码?GitHub 回应:相似,但不同...... -

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Sat Oct 22 01:00:10 AEDT 2022 From /photo/cosmos/apod


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Fri Oct 21 23:30:48 AEDT 2022 From /weblog/unix


Web base vim as tutorials -

History of VIM -[..]f-productivity-vims-20th-anniversary.ars

Guide for editing text object, most already familiar with using 'w' for word editing, this blog discuss more about using 'p' for paragrahy and other related stuff. -[..]7/vim-text-objects-the-definitive-guide/

Seven habits of effective text editing , a lot of nice tip of using vim, like hlsearch , omni-completion

vimdiff tips -[..]cles/2008/04/30/vim-as-a-diff-merge-tool[..]9899-uid-36931-do-showone-type-blog.html

How to regex with line number -

cheat sheet of jumping around source code -[..]inux-HOWTO/C-editing-with-VIM-HOWTO.html

Nice analysis of good programming environment -[..]why-i-switched-from-textmate-to-vim.html

Creating macros in vim - <- introduction to Command-T and FuzzyFinder

Some VIM tips:

Essential Vim editor navigation commands
Vim search and replace – 12 powerful find and replace examples.
How To add bookmarks inside the Vim editor
How To record and play inside the Vim editor
Correct spelling mistakes automatically inside the Vim Editor
Automatic word completion using Ctrl-X
Enable thesaurus option in the Vim editor
Vim autocommand magic. Add custom header to your files automatically.
Convert Vim editor to a beautiful source code browser.
Use the Vim editor as a bash IDE, or C/C++ IDE, or Perl IDE.[..]com/2016/04/19/vim-commands-cheat-sheet/

ctrl+w, ctrl+w , vimdiff switch folder -

tutorial -[..]editor-in-unix-example-tutorial-and.html[..]s/3mfvdg/how_do_i_go_about_learning_vim/

Compilation plugin -

Highlight multiple searches at the same time, each with a different color. -

C/C++ IDE -[..]10/vim-plugin-for-navigating-c-with.html

Evil, putting vi in emacs -

Fixing syntax at solaris, "export TERM=xtermc", ":syntax enable" -

Graph your Vim undo tree in style. -

Introduction to Selecta and Command-T, tool for fuzzy mapping and open files easier -[..]d-the-vimrc-file-be-located-on-windows-7

Open Visual Studio config as XML -!topic/vim_use/HzVM9tjJP08

Snippert library ( e.g. function template ) -[..]3h7lca/which_snippet_library_do_you_use/[..]t_are_your_musthave_configs_and_plugins/[..]mments/2w22gf/edit_google_docs_with_vim/[..]nts/3ijsi2/original_post_a_vimrc_primer/[..]an_autocomplete_plugin_if_yes_which_one/

gUU to turn whole line upper case, and guu to turn whole line lower case -[..]_guu_makes_an_entire_line_lowercase_and/

can use :TOhtml to turn a text file to HTML -

set encoding=utf-8 -[..]how_to_reliably_switch_to_using_utf8_by/

If you like to test the regex for vi, can refer to this -[..]/blog/vim-creator-champions-charityware/

Another blog about using vim as IDE -

vim cheat sheet -

Write Code Faster in Vim -[..]om/write-code-faster-in-vim-c564ff9b9f6c[..]d_using_spacemacsevil_and_made_this_vim/

How Vim works internally? -[..]omments/hpt9l9/how_vim_works_internally/

Sample example of a VIM plugin -

Vim has a built-in Emoji Picker! -[..]s/ioewb0/vim_has_a_builtin_emoji_picker/

Fast Typing: vi -

Vim as HTTP client -

Vim team -

How To Password Protect Text Files Using Vim Editor In Linux -[..]

Learning Vim: What I Wish I Knew -[..]ning-vim-what-i-wish-i-knew-b5dca186bef7

How to format/sort/aggregate text in shell, and also vim -

Inserting incremental numbers for each key in a JSON file? -[..]g_incremental_numbers_for_each_key_in_a/

It’s time to Edit effectively in Vim, a visual article -[..]ely-in-vim-a-visual-article-76f9d0b45938

Completion tips -

Vim's life-changing c% -

Vim Sessions -

How to set up Vim in 2021? -[..]ng-vim-like-an-ide-1-3-vimrc-d484cc41fc2

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Fri Oct 21 12:02:15 AEDT 2022 From /weblog/health/food


Vitamins and Minerals From A to Z -[..]ss/slideshow-vitamins-minerals-overviewa

Supplement Smarts: Best Ways to Take Different Vitamins -[..]how-best-ways-to-take-different-vitamins

The task force even made a specific recommendation against taking vitamin E and beta-carotene supplements. Studies suggest that beta-carotene — strongly colored red-orange pigment abundant in fungi, plants, and fruits, which the human body converts into vitamin A — may increase the risk of lung cancer. Vitamin E supplements had no net benefit in reducing mortality, cardiovascular disease, or cancer whatsoever. -[..]f-money-for-the-vast-majority-of-people/

Melatonin: What to Know -[..]plements/ss/slideshow-melatonin-overview

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Fri Oct 21 11:58:05 AEDT 2022 From /weblog/design/pattern

Best pattern

Discussion about which pattern is most important -[..]page/abien?entry=most_important_patterns

Pattern Language Titles -

10 Design Patterns every Software Architect and Software Engineer must know -[..]oftware-architect-must-know-b33237bc01c2

Strategy, Singleton, Observer -[..]very-developer-should-learn-71a51568ac9d

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Fri Oct 21 11:44:29 AEDT 2022 From /media/laugth

WhatsApp Video 2022-10-21 at 11.43.16

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Fri Oct 21 11:41:30 AEDT 2022 From /weblog/misc


Practical Steps when it comes to writing a technical book -[..]to-writing-a-technical-book-976f094654ab

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Fri Oct 21 00:16:16 AEDT 2022 From /weblog/java/concurrency


There is a little bit performance cost for threadlocal variable -[..]ost-of-accessing-thread-local-variables/

Look like a useful but less known API -

Forward up discussion -[..]d_id=41473&asrc=EM_NNL_406677&uid=703565 pointing out some problems of using this technique, include similar effect of GLOBLE , possible memory leak

Another discussion in higher level -[..]04/thread-local-a-convenient-abomination , Key is "An object is an abstraction of function. A thread is an abstraction of schedule" , you can read further conclusion at

Protential issue of using threadlocal, one is memory leak and the other is it is that local -[..]hreading-stories-threadlocal-in-web.html[..]shoot-yourself-in-foot-with-threadlocals

The beauty of the design of threadlocal, how it prevent locking and memory leaking -

JEP 429: Extent-Local Variables to Promote Immutability in Java -

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Fri Oct 21 00:12:35 AEDT 2022 From /weblog/design/pattern


Non-Software Examples of Software Design Patterns -[..]vers/nonSoftwareExample/patexamples.html[..]hain-of-Responsibility-Pattern-in-C.aspx

Patterns to replace switch -

Design pattern in JDK -

Pattern examples in java -

How to use the Command pattern in Java -[..]-to-use-the-command-pattern-in-java.html

static factory -[..]-instead-of-public-constructors-in-java/

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Thu Oct 20 23:42:32 AEDT 2022 From /photo/cosmos/apod


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Thu Oct 20 10:22:20 AEDT 2022 From /weblog/health/sport


breath-when-lifting -[..]ining-knowledge/breath-when-lifting.html

weight training for runner -[..]ing/four-weight-training-for-runner.html

Don't sit for a long time... -[..]your-office-job-is-killing-you/?view=all

training-methods-pyramid -

Push up -[..]s/the-8-best-push-ups-for-a-bigger-chest

dumbbell -

Glutes -[..]/post/four-ways-improve-your-glutes.html

背部單槓訓練 -[..]/summer-training-one-horizontal-bar.html

5x5 training -

全身減脂訓練—農夫走路 -

hiit abs -

How to Build Your Own Workout Routines –

When you hit the gym, you first train the nervous system, not muscles -[..]-science/nervous-system-training-052352/

Basic Body-Weight Exercises You Can Do Right Now -[..]ercise/ss/slideshow-bodyweight-exercises

And a note on time: more is not more in strength training. A good workout can be done within 30 minutes, so clock watching isn’t necessary. In fact, a 2018 paper found that less than 45 minutes of exercise a week lead to “marked increases in strength and endurance”. The study, in Medicine and Science in Sport and Exercise, found that just three, 13-minute weekly sessions over an eight-week period led to “gains that are similar to that achieved with a substantially greater time commitment.” Researchers did note that longer training led to more muscle growth, but it’s important to remember that no high-intensity exercise over 90 minutes is really ever recommended – especially without food. -[..]gns-you-ve-trained-hard-enough-explained

How Strength Training Can Help You Live Longer -[..]rength-training-can-help-you-live-longer

Basic Body-Weight Exercises You Can Do Right Now -[..]ercise/ss/slideshow-bodyweight-exercises

Lift heavy or smaller weights with high reps? It all depends on your goal -[..]h-high-reps-it-all-depends-on-your-goal/

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Wed Oct 19 19:09:24 AEDT 2022 From /photo/cosmos/apod


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Tue Oct 18 00:33:46 AEDT 2022 From /weblog/google


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Mon Oct 17 23:22:22 AEDT 2022 From /weblog/house


【地球放大鏡】除了台北101,世界上還有哪些知名防震建築? -

澳洲建筑垃圾怎样处理?其实很有讲究 -

How India's lattice buildings cool without air con -[..]s-lattice-buildings-cool-without-air-con

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Mon Oct 17 23:20:03 AEDT 2022 From /photo/cosmos/apod


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Mon Oct 17 23:08:52 AEDT 2022 From /weblog/house


How to Garden Through Climate Change -[..]/01/how-to-garden-through-climate-change

为春夏花园作准备 !澳洲8月需要做的几件事 -

The people resurrecting India's ancient fruit trees -[..]obal_future_rss&utm_source=pocket_mylist

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Mon Oct 17 23:07:04 AEDT 2022 From /weblog/business

starting business

Some tools from google for starting biz -[..]iness/international-small-business-week/

Speed of deliver rule -[..]up-suicide-%E2%80%93-rewriting-the-code/

My boss say that it brilliant, see if it good -

The other reference -

Joey recommendation -

And how to set price -[..]rd/Weblog/demand_curve_for_java_software

Successful case of home made game -

"You want to do your best, or you want to do the best of this world?" -

The cost and risk of starting business, may be as high as you thought - ; meanwhile, as an high paid employee may not that nice -

Fire startup staff??? -[..]tartup-lessons-i-learnt-at-protoinday-1/

How to parening software product and team?

Ideas are nice, but technical is still the key -[..]linator-and-not-death-by-popularity.html

Comment mistakes -

Haha, very true: 有一個重點我想說, 必須要有人願意付錢給你做你喜歡做的事情 -[..]dex.php?op=ViewArticle&articleId=2862620

Few examples of teen starting their own business -[..]ive-learned-from-founding-4-technology-2[..]ive-learned-from-founding-4-technology-b[..]y/feeding-a-startup-your-next-500-ideas/

Build something that do something you don't want to do -[..]2/paul-graham-how-to-get-startup-ideas-c

Confidence -[..]ence-is-the-pass-badge-for-entrepreneurs[..]efore-starting-their-very-first-business

Suggestion about starting business -[..]ting-meaningful-work/?fromcat=all#!sxLsH[..]e-learned-about-creating-meaningful-work[..]t-fab-ceo-learned-from-operating-company[..]014/01/21/success_entrepreneur_qualities[..]o-start-talking-about-what-you-want.html

Story of starting business in Japan -

*TA 就在身邊的好處,是可以快速 Iterate,更快找到PMF
*需要教育市場的新產品,要善用YouTube 的力量
*向下相容很重要 (美國小孩間本就有編織友誼手鍊互送的習俗)
*正向力量很重要 (與其打電動,父母更希望孩子動手)

How stock option work -

A Complete Guide to Startup Advisors and Mentors -[..]tartup-advisors-and-mentors-5d5704dc7e84

8 Brutal Questions to Ask Before Quitting Your Job to Become an Entrepreneur -[..]b-to-become-an-entrepreneur-396936cdfbe3

Startups go from Search to Build to Scale -[..]ups-stumble-at-40-employees-66312ac70fba

About how to validate and build idea -[..]ounders-need-to-be-aware-of-3a5f8c3acb76

burn-rate-101 -[..]rtups-a-15-min-introduction-6755936efc88[..]ing-i-learned-from-startups-5c27146ef0e1[..]torytelling-in-your-startup-d8b57db375fd

entrepreneurship is a calling -[..]nnovators-and-entrepreneurs-a430602ff8ea

Why I chose customer-funded growth over taking VC money -[..]growth-over-taking-vc-money-f1eba37e44a4[..]ings-to-do-as-a-startup-ceo-a22a0caec41f

他如何靠 15000 元卡債,建立市值 7 億的咖啡品牌?藍瓶咖啡的故事 -[..]7%9A%84%E6%95%85%E4%BA%8B-061200433.html[..]ld-a-billion-dollar-company-b0c31d7db0e7[..]article/18245-5-suggestions-for-startups[..]-from-experts-entrepreneurs-f6862778bee1

也因為之前 LinkExchange 的「失敗」經驗,第二次創業謝家華特別在乎 Zappos 的公司文化,這次他致力於打造一家讓自己願意一直待下去的公司,他認為公司要找的是想法相同的人,而不是找一群想法很多元的人。 -

The Importance of Ongoing Education to Grow Your Startup -[..]cation-to-grow-your-startup-fdc8735aa998

Some nice message from sitepoint -[..]2/15/from-0-to-1-million-in-only-a-year/

Five Things I Wish I Had Known When I Started My First Company -[..]-i-started-my-first-company-1cc79a687c54

Idea Validation — how do you know if your startup idea is a good one? -[..]-startup-idea-is-a-good-one-b43b98854ec8

It Only Takes 5-minutes To Know If a Startup Has a High Probability of Success Or Not -[..]obability-of-success-or-not-5c4adddb7b04

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Mon Oct 17 22:53:18 AEDT 2022 From /weblog/child


美国人带孩子的17个秘笈 -

How to Motivate Your Kids (Without Bribery!) -

Baby Bottles: What Type Is Best? -

What really happens when babies are left to cry it out? -[..]220322-how-sleep-training-affects-babies

Instead, parents can talk about exercise as being important for general health and wellbeing, rather than a way to lose weight. Families can also normalise eating healthy meals, rather than overtly talking about specific foods being bad for you. We all like a treat, after all, so it seems counter-productive to teach children to feel guilty about having one. In fact, enjoying treats is known to be key to a healthy attitude towards weight. Watching TV cooking programmes featuring healthy food, can also subtly encourage children to eat healthier foods. -[..]e-best-way-to-teach-kids-body-confidence

Baby Development: 12 Ways to Help Your Infant Learn and Grow -[..]nting/baby/ss/slideshow-baby-development

How to Support Your Child's Mental Health -[..]how-to-support-your-childs-mental-health

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Mon Oct 17 22:52:20 AEDT 2022 From /weblog/web


香港機場每天有多少人出入境?——網絡爬蟲自學示例 -[..]%a1%e7%88%ac%e8%9f%b2%e8%87%aa%e5%ad%b8/

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Mon Oct 17 00:24:09 AEDT 2022 From /weblog/%E6%97%A5%E5%B8%B8%E7%94%9F%E6%B4%BB


life-hacks-that-could-save-your-life-in-a-catastrophe -[..]ave-your-life-in-a-catastrophe/?view=all

survival-myths-that-could-actually-hurt-you -[..]grooming-hacks-to-make-your-life-easier/[..]eful-home-remedies-that-you-should-know/[..]websites-that-you-wish-you-knew-earlier/

掌心Feel漏水 唧膠防墜機 詹Sir教路四招家居風後執漏 -[..]local/realtime/article/20180919/58696871

Surprising Uses for Tea Bags -

Slideshow: Bust Your Clutter Hotspots -[..]/ss/slideshow-bust-your-clutter-hotspots[..]ps-what-they-are-and-should-you-use-one/

Surprising Uses for Cornstarch -

砂纸竟然有这么多妙用!99%的人都不知道! -

Want Your Jack-o’-lantern to Last Longer? Stop Cutting a Hole in the Top! -[..]es/how-to-make-your-pumpkins-last-longer

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Mon Oct 17 00:20:27 AEDT 2022 From /weblog/%E6%97%A5%E5%B8%B8%E7%94%9F%E6%B4%BB


Some tips about refrigerator -

冰箱的中間架子是溫度最冷和最穩定的地方。 根據施萬的說法,寒冷會減緩腐敗(導致食物變質)和病原生物(讓你生病)的生長。 出於這個原因,她說牛奶、雞蛋和奶酪等乳製品應該儲存在那裡。 -[..]31/how-to-organize-foods-in-refrigerator

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