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Sat Apr 22 13:16:57 GMT 2023


水底攝影入門(一):水底光線的考慮 -

Undersea macro -

The Best Camera Settings for Underwater Photography -[..]mera-settings-for-underwater-photography

Ten Tips for Taking Great Videos Underwater -[..]-tips-for-taking-great-videos-underwater

Six Animal Aggregation Dives to Add to Your Scuba Bucket List -[..]n-dives-to-add-to-your-scuba-bucket-list

How Fins Can Impact Your Underwater Photos -[..]nderwater-photos?dom=rss-default&src=syn

In today’s newsletter, an unlikely Met Gala spotlight; the rocket that blasted above a swamp; hope and a hibiscus flower and … from capturing crickets to an award. -[..]e-the-worlds-underwater-wonders-20210918

10 Tips for Winning Underwater Photo Contests -[..]ps-for-winning-underwater-photo-contests

seahorse -

How to Take an Uncommon Photo of the Common Clownfish -[..]-take-an-uncommon-photo-common-clownfish

Say Cheese! How to Orchestrate Stunning Fish Portraits -[..]w-to-orchestrate-stunning-fish-portraits

Critters on Critters: A Photographer's Guide to Looking Closer -

How to Photograph Florida's Goliath Fish -

Lobsters, crabs and shrimp, oh my! Learn how to find and capture striking images of crustaceans. -[..]nderwater-images?dom=rss-default&src=syn

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