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Wed May 11 10:30:36 HKT 2016


l10n resource for Mideast

Amazing result from google translate -[..]W%26client%3Dopera%26rls%3Den%26hs%3DA5O

What is the right way to do ignore case comparison... -

Why sometime "& nbsp" will turn to "?" -[..]uke/archive/2008/01/a_and_nbsp_myst.html

Some issues about Turkey -

Comphensive Unicode decision -

Trend of using unicode -[..]ect-the-encoding-codepage-of-a-text-file

The Absolute Minimum Every Software Developer Absolutely, Positively Must Know About Unicode and Character Sets (No Excuses!). -[..]om/printerFriendly/articles/Unicode.html

Take a look if you don't externalized non-acsii character to resource bundle[..]chneller?entry=java_source_file_encoding

Fun cold fusion issue,[..]-our-website-stopped-working-for-norway/

Experience sharing for software localization -[..]1/six-things-i-learned-for-software.html

Check unicode characters -[..]erence-between-utf-8-utf-16-and-utf.html

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