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Thu Aug 20 01:07:20 HKT 2015


Will experience hurt innovation? -

You Are Solving The Wrong Problem, what is the right problem? it is how to retry very quick -

Most real innovation is done by crazy people doing crazy things. The keys are:

* Learn all you can before you go adventuring.
* Don't be afraid to make mistakes.
* Only make new mistakes.
* Keep your eyes open.
* Don't just look straight ahead: develop your peripheral vision.
* It's the things that go in unexpected directions are the most important.

One of the classic stories of serendipity and invention is the color mauve. -

Translation of article from Aaron Swartz -

The most interesting things I've learned about innovation -[..]t-interesting-things-ive-learned_16.html

How should company drive innovation -

Issue from government driven society -

領導者如何激發創新? -

在我看來,人貴在敢於主動挑戰挫折。立下宏大目標;體驗巨大挫折。不止我一個人是這麼認為的。 -

From Imagination to Innovation -[..]4/03/from-imagination-to-innovation.html

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