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Tue May 31 06:54:10 AEST 2022


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Tue May 31 06:54:10 AEST 2022 From /weblog/health/sport


The P.O.L.I.C.E. Principle Emergency Treatment for Acute Injuries -[..]le-for-acute-sprains-and-strains-2696549

【香港運動醫學及科學學會】 「拗柴」過程逐步睇 -

【體路專欄】暸解創傷預防運動 -

【香港運動醫學及科學學會】運動後的復原方法 -

【香港運動醫學及科學學會】血流限制訓練有助復康治療 -

Workout Injuries: How to Treat and Prevent Them -[..]s-exercise/ss/slideshow-workout-injuries

【香港運動醫學及科學學會】骨折不只是「斷骨」 -

【香港運動醫學及科學學會】水中動態恢復 促進運動復原 -

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Sun Jan 23 23:31:24 AEDT 2022 From /weblog/health/sport


tips for snow activities[..]s/how-to-stop-hydration-bladder-freezing[..]om/blogs/snow-news/ski-maintenance-guide[..]s/snow-news/why-are-sunglasses-expensive

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Sun Oct 10 22:52:47 AEDT 2021 From /weblog/health/sport


Biking map in HK -

lose weight -[..]ingtime/why-bicycle-can-lose-weight.html

The Ultimate Guide On The Health Benefits of Cycling -

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Sun Oct 10 00:42:00 AEDT 2021 From /weblog/health/sport


Standing on one leg is a sign of good health – and practising is good for you too -[..]alth-and-practising-is-good-for-you-too/

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Tue Aug 03 14:50:44 AEST 2021 From /weblog/health/sport


memorable-sports-plays-history -

stepping -[..]/cross-training/stair-training-hell.html

stretching -[..]aining/stretch-more-better-movement.html

change-your-cardio-training-plan -[..]ng/change-your-cardio-training-plan.html

彈跳床 -[..]ercise/ss/the-7-minute-workout-slideshow

自然的訓練動作—熊爬 -

What is the best time for training -[..]%84%E9%BB%83%E9%87%91%E6%99%82%E6%9C%9F/

站穩了,別倒下 ( train balancing ) -

加強天然護腰:死蟲(Deadbug) -

How to persist training -

knee-exercises -[..]ry-knee-pain-16/slideshow-knee-exercises

Workout routine -

13-best-quads-exercises -[..]xercise-to-burn-more-fat-20191020-h1j09p

Introduction: Working Out From Home -

What Olympic gymnasts can teach us about improving our balance -[..]an-teach-us-about-improving-our-balance/

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Thu Jul 08 10:25:04 AEST 2021 From /weblog/health/sport


breath-when-lifting -[..]ining-knowledge/breath-when-lifting.html

weight training for runner -[..]ing/four-weight-training-for-runner.html

Don't sit for a long time... -[..]your-office-job-is-killing-you/?view=all

training-methods-pyramid -

Push up -[..]s/the-8-best-push-ups-for-a-bigger-chest

dumbbell -

Glutes -[..]/post/four-ways-improve-your-glutes.html

背部單槓訓練 -[..]/summer-training-one-horizontal-bar.html

5x5 training -

全身減脂訓練—農夫走路 -

hiit abs -

How to Build Your Own Workout Routines –

When you hit the gym, you first train the nervous system, not muscles -[..]-science/nervous-system-training-052352/

Basic Body-Weight Exercises You Can Do Right Now -[..]ercise/ss/slideshow-bodyweight-exercises

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Thu Feb 04 09:11:10 AEDT 2021 From /weblog/health/sport

Martial arts

五祖拳 -

A Handbook To The Martial Arts -

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Mon Jan 11 00:46:02 AEDT 2021 From /weblog/health/sport


Exercise Nutrition: Whether You Should Eat Before or After a Workout Depends on Your Fitness Goals -[..]-a-workout-depends-on-your-fitness-goals

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Sat Mar 31 02:49:07 AEDT 2018 From /weblog/health/sport


Shoes -[..]slideshow-different-types-athletic-shoes

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Fri Mar 30 13:40:33 AEDT 2018 From /weblog/health/sport


首次公开拉筋术,俗话说:筋长一寸,寿长十年! -[..]type=android-17&version=25000338&lang=en[..]/use-five-movements-do-dynamic-warm.html[..]h-life/six-poses-for-a-better-sleep.html

床上懶人拉筋8式-助眠改善下背痛 -[..]b-%e5%8a%a9%e7%9c%a0-%e8%83%8c%e7%97%9b/

5 simple morning stretching -[..]ute-morning-routine-feel-better-day.html

12 everyday stretches that will help you stay flexible and fit at any age -

Before cross training -[..]aining/stretch-more-better-movement.html

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Mon Aug 31 23:51:57 AEST 2015 From /weblog/health/sport


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Sun Feb 22 12:51:37 AEDT 2015 From /weblog/health/sport


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Sat Nov 23 13:41:27 AEDT 2013 From /weblog/health/sport


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Tue Feb 19 12:37:29 AEDT 2013 From /weblog/health/sport


法拉利和他的下屬 -[..]%8C%E4%BB%96%E7%9A%84%E4%B8%8B%E5%B1%AC/

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Sat Dec 12 03:56:38 AEDT 2009 From /weblog/health/sport


Easy access wild camp site -

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Wed Sep 02 02:28:20 AEST 2009 From /weblog/health/sport


How to swim faster -

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