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Sun Oct 07 23:59:51 HKT 2018


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Tue Sep 18 01:57:53 HKT 2007 From /weblog/business/stock


Sound like stock market for Funds[..]

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Wed Jun 27 01:19:31 HKT 2007 From /weblog/business


Eric have release 3 article about putting advertisment at development magazine:

I don't think this is really useful for me, but this can be a reference as the discussion is in depth


Few links about how to earn good money using online advertiment, don't know if they work or not, but look like the investiment is not that less

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Sat Mar 03 13:07:40 HKT 2007 From /weblog/business

web site

Here is a Web site that does what a professional's Web site is supposed to do!

Do you agree?

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Sat Mar 03 13:02:12 HKT 2007 From /weblog/business

sample agreement

This agreement between ______ (the "ISV") and ______ (the "Reseller") is effective as of _________, 2004.

1. The ISV agrees that all resellers are dinosaurs and will be extinct very soon.

2. The Reseller agrees that since it can add no real value to the business endeavors of the ISV, it will stop nagging and trying to slurp a percentange of the ISV's sales.

3. If any portion of this agreement is found to be unenforceable, the enforceability of all remaining portions will remain intact.[..]iscussTopicParent=18500&ixDiscussGroup=5

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Sat Mar 03 12:52:15 HKT 2007 From /weblog/business


If you are interested in shareware you should check these blogs:[..]iscussTopicParent=16563&ixDiscussGroup=5

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Thu Mar 01 15:34:11 HKT 2007 From /weblog/business

How to reach top executives

4. Either way, craft a letter that starts with the specific benefits a
competitor has achieved using your solution. Then ask if they would like
similar benefits, and get into why (based on what you know about them from #2)
you think they would. Get the book "Selling to VITO" by A Parinelli for a
template letter to use.

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Fri Feb 23 18:25:21 HKT 2007 From /weblog/business

Don't ask employee have passion to company

A very nice article that discuss the role and benefit difference of employer and employee lead to have difference view of a fact.

It is probably silly for an employer that request employee share same view with him. In fact difference role have difference view and difference target may be better.[..]onate_users/2007/02/dont_ask_employ.html

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Sat Dec 09 18:10:02 HKT 2006 From /weblog/business

Million Dollar Homepage

Update: he finally done it, great, in fact it is more easy to earn money than you expected... He new move is , the news come from[..]html?part=rss&tag=2547-1_3-0-5&subj=news and I most like the last sentence - "I'm not going to spend my whole life selling pixels," he added.

This is kind of wonderful that it is really work: [sold: UK$699,800] (at the time of writing)

Which, a lot of people try to copy the idea:

Also, a lot of comment about it also[..]

Will it really work? For the advertiser I think it is definitely NOT, if there is not much people advertise on it, there is not much link reference so not much people will come and see those adv. However, if there is a lot of people buy the pixel (like now), the page will become a mess that nobody will bother see it or click it. Even if anyone does, the chance that your adv. being click is 100/million....

The lesson I learn from this idea: never too soon to invest on new fancy idea. May be it work, but need time to proof. On the other hand, try to be more creative, there exist simple trick and easy to make a lot of money.

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Fri Nov 03 15:13:54 HKT 2006 From /weblog/business

AC Nelson

A complaint to AC Nelson -[..]/2006/11/03/how-itunes-saved-the-office/

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Wed Oct 11 16:15:18 HKT 2006 From /weblog/business/stock


Oil price resource -

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Mon Oct 09 14:52:05 HKT 2006 From /weblog/business/stock


How to determine release or not - not sure if it really make sense??

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Thu Jul 06 00:52:58 HKT 2006 From /weblog/business

Patent cases

Firestar sues Red Hat over Hibernate as Firestar hold Patent of ORM...

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Tue May 16 14:43:23 HKT 2006 From /weblog/business

Scan book online help book sell?

Here is the proof, see if you argee about it:[..]05/long_tail_evidence_from_safari_1.html

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Wed Apr 12 17:39:37 HKT 2006 From /weblog/business

The finest discussion about Redhat JBoss case

I will also think that Redhat try to enlarge their asset via buying something they claim worth a lot of money

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Sat Apr 01 00:28:30 HKT 2006 From /weblog/business

Good developer cannot be good manager?

How do you think?

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Tue Mar 28 12:56:53 HKT 2006 From /weblog/business

myspace success

1) They made sure influentials in Hollywood (stars, bands) were among the first users.
2) They listen to their users and add features frequently (usually noticeable new features every week).
3) They let the users tell them what to do. He mentioned that other services, like Friendster, tried to tell their users what not to do.
4) When MySpace visitors first log on they already had a friend: the founder Tom. That was in contrast to other services where you had to work to find your first friend. His page also gave you a template to get started.

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Thu Mar 09 12:09:35 HKT 2006 From /weblog/business

xp work place

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Sun Feb 12 19:58:13 HKT 2006 From /weblog/business

How to measure software

A nice article, in concluse, measure the money is the best way:

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Sat Dec 17 21:20:34 HKT 2005 From /weblog/business

Andrew Neitlich blog

Some nice message from sitepoint:

Summary of a successful startup:[..]2/15/from-0-to-1-million-in-only-a-year/

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Fri Aug 12 03:01:10 HKT 2005 From /weblog/business

how bitorrent go business

Some comment of this blog saying that bitorrent can make money similar to google that can host adv on their client. Sure they can do that but I highly suspect that bitorrent can really make huge money like what google or yahoo does.[..]ittorrent-seeded-now-waits-for-vc-funds/

Because bitorrent is just a software and google/yahoo is software + data + user behavior, there are already a lot of bitorrent clone, google like search engine. User is a lot easier to switch from bitorrent because they can find the data somewhere else and they don't need to change the way they work. In google case, their competitor not only need to catch up with the technology, but also the data (no. of page indexed). And more important is, user are so used to use google that they are too lazy to type other url to search.

Similar story occur on media player (how media player win winamp) and instance messager (how MSN taken ICQ market). Seem to me that pure software inductory is already monopolize by big company. Even if you have good idea, it is easily beaten by big company's clone. But if you have good idea of service, seem it somehow more difficult for the competitor to catch up with you.

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