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Sun Oct 07 23:59:51 HKT 2018


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Tue Jul 30 00:01:22 HKT 2013 From /weblog/business


You Need Competitors

The big problem with avoiding competition is that you are also avoiding customers. The existence of a competitor indicates the existence of paying customers. If you can't find anyone who is making money with your idea, you really need to wonder if there is any money to be made there at all.

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Sat Mar 02 16:49:01 HKT 2013 From /weblog/business


How to Master Influence Skills to Sell More Web Design Services -

The programmer's definition: Quality = Stability
The marketer's definition: Quality = Pretty GUI
The CEO's definition: Quality = Sales[..]iscussTopicParent=14217&ixDiscussGroup=3

This article argue that use time to research on customer is more important than make sale... may be true, if you know how to research in a good way?[..]stomer-visits-to-understand-not-to-sell/

Will you make assumption base on yourself? -[..]1/does-slow-growth-equal-slow-death.html

Discussion about sale without commissions -

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Thu Jan 31 10:47:10 HKT 2013 From /weblog/business


Less is more, cheaper earn more -[..]tware-pricing-are-we-doing-it-wrong.html

Don't try to lie -[..]e-best-way-to-announce-a-price-increase/

The ability of pricing is the key[..]%82%E6%A5%B5%E8%AD%B7%E5%9F%8E%E6%B2%B3/

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Mon Jan 21 07:52:49 HKT 2013 From /weblog/business



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Mon Jan 07 22:06:16 HKT 2013 From /weblog/business


How to promote your idea, step in other ppl's shoes -[..]ously-large-organisations-dont-like.html

Intel's proposal -

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Mon Nov 19 23:27:35 HKT 2012 From /weblog/business



Inventing sample -[..]ason-fried-talks-about-competing-on-easy

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Mon Nov 19 23:27:02 HKT 2012 From /weblog/business


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Tue Oct 23 13:01:04 HKT 2012 From /weblog/business


2012諾貝爾經濟學獎得主詳細介紹 -

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Tue May 15 07:44:13 HKT 2012 From /weblog/business


Some techniques -

Claim threaten is more useful -

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Sat May 12 19:39:43 HKT 2012 From /weblog/business

customer experience

Little thing can change a lot -

Crafting a user experience? Rather than demo your abilities, leave them with
the "I Rule!" feeling![..]onate_users/2005/01/crafting_a_user.html

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Sun Mar 04 23:48:52 HKT 2012 From /weblog/business

Recommendation of some senior people

See if you get any insight from them? -[..]wsmakers/goldenrule_biz20_1205/index.htm

How Dr. Reddy's Laboratories Ltd. manage people -

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Wed Dec 21 21:25:48 HKT 2011 From /weblog/business


one suggestion about layout of presentation -

Some nice tips of having presentation

Do not spend half of your talk "motivating" your topic.
Have a rhythm. Let's be honest
Tell a story.
Make sure you solve an actual problem.
Not everything you say has to be brand new.
Never let anyone touch your slides after you have last seen them.[..]/how-to-get-better-at-presenting-in.html

The secret of Steve Job presentation -[..]-to-give-a-presentation-like-steve-jobs/

Don't just start slamming slides together
Don't be a compulsive bullet-pointer
Don't do live demosDon't do live demos
Don't darken the room
Don't use age-old clipart
Don't drone[..]6-mistakes-you-should-never-make-as.html

An average is better than an arbitrary point
A range is better than an average
A histogram is better than a range
A time series is better than a histogram

Tip, try to distrace yourself??? -

Tip for using online tool for presentation -

Compare about doing slide for presentation and information sharing - also tips about creating infodeck ( e.g. user guide ) -

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Fri Dec 31 00:52:14 HKT 2010 From /weblog/business

Feature request

Jeff Lash blog about features request, I think his inspection is nice. I think the success is more about what you choose to not do more than what you choose to do[..]2/track-customer-requests-appropriately/[..]getting_real_forget_feature_requests.php

How to balance need ( driven by client ) and want ( team vision ) -[..]duct-development-needs-versus-wants.html

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Wed Jan 27 11:05:10 HKT 2010 From /weblog/business


IBM experience of outsourcing -[..]247424/wwhelp/wwhimpl/js/html/wwhelp.htm

Think so, always say yes cause more problem than say no when needed -[..]evelopers/real-reason-outsourcing-fails/

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Tue May 05 00:18:36 HKT 2009 From /weblog/business

negative to postive

A nice post that how a good response to complaint save the sell, and more important, the fame.[..]ves/2005/08/17/negative-into-a-positive/

Be honest, don't lie in order to make sale -[..]006/07/29/dont-read-your-prospects-mind/

Change focus and resell the product -[..]s/2006/09/07/the-beauty-of-re-purposing/

How to overcome negative atomsphere within team -

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Tue Dec 02 12:19:25 HKT 2008 From /weblog/business/stock


Explain -


一、一旦形勢不利便「Run for your life」,唔好等。




五、買Put贏咗錢後,最好立即計數,然後用較少量金錢買另一隻遠期Put。如股價繼續下跌,則可繼續賺錢,萬一股價止跌回升,亦可袋袋平安(只係賺少咗)。呢種方法叫做Rolling a position。

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Fri May 09 23:36:52 HKT 2008 From /weblog/business


Interesting discussion of how to put middle man in office -

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Tue Mar 18 01:25:22 HKT 2008 From /weblog/business

Consideration of developing software product

A very nice article about consideration of developing software product, here is a quote:

Most projects carried out by internal IT organizations suffer from budget overruns that occur for two reasons: excessive customization and changing requirements. In an effort to keep external customers—especially big, powerful ones—happy, many IT groups end up overcustomizing solutions and adding needless costs and complexity. One large consumer credit company almost doubled the time and money originally allocated to a new platform for institutional customers by trying to satisfy all of their operational and technology needs.[..]m/article_print.aspx?L2=13&L3=13&ar=1697

The other recommendation of developing good product for mobile device -[..]velopers_Guide_To_Marketing_Software.php

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Tue Mar 18 01:25:22 HKT 2008 From /weblog/business

How Berkshire Hathaway operate

Adopt from yahoo
【明報專訊】過去數十年,有股神之稱的巴菲特一直依賴他的膽量和直覺去管理上市公司巴郡(Berkshire Hathaway)。看?他的工作,你會發現到一些不會在其他金融大亨身上看到的東西。他每日大部分時間都會呆在那沒有電腦的辦公室內。他會迅速做出投資決定,但會避開會議和顧問,從不制訂程序,甚至不會要求經理們經常提交報告。他偶爾會拿起電話聽筒,指示他的經紀落注,交易總額至少1億美元。

廣 告

75歲高齡 未擬找繼承人

最近一個星期三,他全日收到了13個電話,其中1個是撥錯號碼的。所有電話,都沒有急促和緊張的對話。當天,他可以騰出時間,為情歌《Love Me Tender》譜上新詞,用來在好友蓋茨(微軟主席)的生日會上送給他。他又會親身示範少年派報時學到的拋報紙絕技。






步進公司後,他與助手閒聊幾句,就走入面積不太大的辦公室,鎖上門。他的辦公室沒有電腦,沒有股票報價機。他把電視扭到報導最新金融消息的CNBC 台,但就把聲量調到最小。他的桌子上沒有計數機,因為他喜歡心算。他稱,大部分投資決定,都沒有必要做出準確的計算。他書桌後一個小櫃上,放?兩台黑色的電話,可直接聯絡他的經紀。



進行交易時,巴菲特會給予經紀很大的自由度。2003年,巴菲特決定買入中石油(0857)股份。當時他的「御用經紀」、在花旗投資銀行部工作的 JohnFreund經常在香港開市、即美國時間晚上9時致電巴菲特。這段時間,正是巴菲特在家中穿?運動衣,玩網上橋牌的時候。Freund形容,他時常打斷巴菲特的休息時間,詢問他的意見。

經紀代買中石油 不用覆盤



明報記者 李凱茵

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Tue Mar 18 01:25:22 HKT 2008 From /weblog/business/stock


Investiment? or Gambling? or just seek for excitement?? ( 壹號專題 : 炒股炒到癲 )

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Tue Mar 18 01:25:22 HKT 2008 From /weblog/business/stock


股票孖展的風險問題 -

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Thu Jan 31 10:42:24 HKT 2008 From /weblog/business

Free Market

Myth that Free Market save everything -

Well... then anything better than free market??

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Thu Jan 03 11:30:12 HKT 2008 From /weblog/business


The current economics of Consulting -[..]d.tss?thread_id=41750&asrc=EM_NLN_476673

the trick you learn being a consultant: "I never said to do it this way. I said 'do it sort of this way'." -

Tips of writing consultant contract -

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Thu Nov 08 01:31:28 HKT 2007 From /weblog/business/stock


Some resource of US stock investment in HK -

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Fri Oct 26 00:26:45 HKT 2007 From /weblog/business

Nice pictures

Nice pictures to show some concepts, like more control == less innovative -[..]onate_users/2007/04/my_favorite_gra.html

Great peoples -

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