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Wed Aug 24 00:14:42 AEST 2022

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Mon Sep 12 12:55:10 AEST 2022 From /gallery/AU/Sydney/Newtown


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Mon Sep 12 12:55:00 AEST 2022 From /gallery/AU/Sydney/Newtown


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Mon Sep 12 12:54:01 AEST 2022 From /gallery/AU/Sydney/Newtown


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Mon Sep 12 12:53:13 AEST 2022 From /gallery/AU/Sydney/Newtown


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Mon Sep 12 12:53:02 AEST 2022 From /gallery/AU/Sydney/Newtown


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Mon Sep 12 00:04:20 AEST 2022 From /photo/cosmos/apod


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Sun Sep 11 00:56:52 AEST 2022 From /weblog/business


Tips for getting the most from meeting -

No meeting should ever be more than an hour, under penalty of death.
Every meeting should have a clearly defined mission statement.
Do your homework before the meeting.
Make it optional.
Summarize to-dos at the end of the meeting.[..]/02/meetings-where-work-goes-to-die.html

Good and bad thing from meeting -

「兩個披薩」和「六頁備忘錄」, meeting attendant should not eat more than 2 plazas and the discussion item should not more than 6 pages -[..]zza-rule-for-productive-meetings-2013-10[..]zza-rule-for-productive-meetings-2013-10[..]ve-signs-your-meetings-are-waste-of.html <- I like this one: "Sign 4: Someone asks: "who will document the results of this meeting?""

上班族必學-在會議中教人刮目相看的十招, I double if it working...... -[..]%B8%E7%9C%8B%E7%9A%84%E5%8D%81%E6%8B%9B/[..]7/13/meetings-are-legalized-robbery.html

A team might agree around the conference table, but then express doubts in the “safer” environment of the hallway or coffee shop. -[..]14/03/the-meeting-after-the-meeting.html

6 phrases managers need to stop using in team meetings -[..]stop-using-in-team-meetings-dd46eb73c5e5

How to run better meetings -[..]ss/2021/10/16/how-to-run-better-meetings

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Sat Sep 10 00:04:57 AEST 2022 From /photo/cosmos/apod


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Fri Sep 09 10:13:48 AEST 2022 From /weblog/business

Time management

Are you really as busy as you think? -[..]24052970203358704577237603853394654.html

Priority -[..]07/06/how-to-prioritise-quickly-and.html[..]/how-to-easily-optimize-task-management/[..]ment-is-more-than-prioritizing-features/[..]/how-to-easily-optimize-task-management/

Choose a task to be accomplished
Set the Pomodoro to 25 minutes (the Pomodoro is the timer)
Work on the task until the Pomodoro rings, then put a check on your sheet of paper
Take a short break (5 minutes is OK)
Every 4 Pomodoros take a longer break -

Try not spend time on admin work -

Defer reply email -[..]6%86email-%E8%A6%86email-%E8%A6%86email/

Use Timebox -[..]5/job-search-tip-timebox-everything.html[..]/how-to-easily-optimize-task-management/[..]e-mapping-charting-our-lifes-course.html

Use calendar to block a time -

Measure interruption -[..]nything-else-you-want-to-accomplish.html

總覺得時間不夠用?Elon Musk 的 10 個生產力訣竅 -[..]-productivity-secrets-for-insane-success

Tips For Managing the Nebulous Flow of Life and Work -[..]aging-the-nebulous-flow-of-life-and-work

Wasting time solution -[..]021/04/waste-time-thoreau-walden/618732/

How to Stop Wasting Time -

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Thu Sep 08 23:35:02 AEST 2022 From /photo/cosmos/apod


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Thu Sep 08 21:55:54 AEST 2022 From /weblog/web


Why your website should be under 14kB in size -[..]ur-website-should-be-under-14kb-in-size/

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Thu Sep 08 09:38:45 AEST 2022 From /weblog/science/animal


Bats’ superpower: they innately know the speed of sound -[..]r-they-innately-know-the-speed-of-sound/

Why bats can carry so many virus -[..]cience/news-science/bats-dont-sick-42432

Meet the hammer-headed bat: the flying mammal with the head of a puppy -[..]-flying-mammal-with-the-head-of-a-puppy/

A bat traveled 2,486 km and broke all previous records -[..]s-science/bat-traveling-record-07092022/

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Thu Sep 08 09:27:32 AEST 2022 From /weblog/business



Inventing sample -[..]ason-fried-talks-about-competing-on-easy

Issey Miyake saw clothes in a completely new way -[..]yake-saw-clothes-in-a-completely-new-way

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Thu Sep 08 00:04:05 AEST 2022 From /weblog/history


找個理由不革命--黎元洪們的第一選擇 -

解除黨禁:大政治家的無奈與膽識 -

China: The Virtues of the Awful Convulsion -[..]ina-the-virtues-of-the-awful-convulsion/

城市哈哈鏡──老上海的新式百貨文化 -

「把六四事件告訴全世界,人們是這麼說的」 回到8964這一天 -

【世界公民】「康熙」的英文 -

行走江湖的「保標」,真的存在嗎?官方公文找答案 -

穿越大清拚國考!清代科舉教戰守則 -

沈括 -

你今天吃蛋了嗎?回到鴨蛋風行年代,揭開雞蛋崛起之謎! -

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Thu Sep 08 00:03:20 AEST 2022 From /weblog/science


Now the richest man of China is the scientist who research on solar cell

Biodiesel -

菠菜發電 -[..]h?q=%E8%8F%A0%E8%8F%9C%E7%99%BC%E9%9B%BB

Nuclear battery -

如何開采頁岩油 -[..]ics-environmental-risk-fracking-18052018

關于可再生能源的六個謬誤 -

Solar plant -

香港工廠如何將地溝油變廢為寶 -

Energy facts -[..]-energy-that-will-surprise-you/?view=all

About gas and oil -[..]y-didnt-know-about-gas-and-oil/?view=all

petroleum -

Transparent solar technology could provide 40% of US power if deployed across all glass surfaces -[..]ology/transparent-solar-us-poewr-0432432

electricity hum -[..]ature-post/why-electricity-hum-07112017/

How quick charge work -[..]science/physics/microwave-oven-from-ww2/

沒停電不代表系統穩定:台灣電力調度 -[..]16068-electricity-power-system-in-Taiwan

Rust and salt water — the new way to generate electricity -[..]st-water-producing-electricity-31072019/

Scientists develop battery that taps into ‘blue energy’ formed when freshwater meets seawater -[..]y-formed-when-seawater-meets-freshwater/

Who really discovered electricity? -[..]e-post/who-discovered-electricity-96363/

The most powerful renewable energy -[..]00713-the-most-powerful-renewable-energy[..]crowaving-water-silver-adaptor-23521421/

Use iron as fuel -[..]herlands-first-iron-fuel-world-26435745/

What was electricity up to before we discovered it? -[..]vironment/energy/reference/fossil-fuels/

nuclear-reactors -[..]e-nuclear-reactors-and-how-do-they-work/

nickel-iron battery -[..]-the-battery-invented-120-years-too-soon

Biodiesel -

菠菜發電 -[..]h?q=%E8%8F%A0%E8%8F%9C%E7%99%BC%E9%9B%BB

How wireless charging works — and why it can be a game changer -[..]/wireless-charging-explanation-17052021/

How wind turbines work — here’s what you need to know -[..]ure-post/how-windturbines-work-21072021/

What is a Faraday cage and how does it work? -[..]/feature-post/what-is-faraday-cage-0532/

Nuclear reactors need not be dangerous — just look at molten salt reactors -[..]e/nuclear-reactors-molten-salt-20012022/

What is the Strategic Petroleum Reserve? -[..]/what-is-the-strategic-petroleum-reserve

As gas prices hit record highs, one renewable alternative to fossil fuel gas comes from food waste, farm sludge and sewage. -[..]w-biogas-can-help-europe-cut-russian-gas

Nuclear fusion could provide plentiful energy without inflaming climate change.[..]ctor-that-may-herald-a-new-energy-future

Lithium-Ion Batteries Are Your Friends -[..]/lithium-ion-batteries-are-your-friends/

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Wed Sep 07 23:01:36 AEST 2022 From /photo/cosmos/apod


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Wed Sep 07 11:50:04 AEST 2022 From /gallery/AU/Sydney/CBD/Martin+Place


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Wed Sep 07 11:48:25 AEST 2022 From /gallery/AU/Sydney/CBD/Martin+Place


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Wed Sep 07 11:48:19 AEST 2022 From /gallery/AU/Sydney/CBD/Martin+Place


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Wed Sep 07 11:48:15 AEST 2022 From /gallery/AU/Sydney/CBD/Martin+Place


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Wed Sep 07 11:48:01 AEST 2022 From /gallery/AU/Sydney/CBD/Martin+Place


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Wed Sep 07 11:47:37 AEST 2022 From /gallery/AU/Sydney/CBD/Martin+Place


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Wed Sep 07 01:34:04 AEST 2022 From /photo/cosmos/apod


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Mon Sep 05 13:31:06 AEST 2022 From /gallery/AU/Sydney/CBD


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Mon Sep 05 13:31:01 AEST 2022 From /gallery/AU/Sydney/CBD


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