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Sat May 02 13:23:20 HKT 2015


Introduction of 10 useful commend: objdump, file, od, xxd, strings, nm, time, ps, fuser, strace, ctags

Install a Visual OS server at Linux , may be useful later -[..]-feisty-fawn-the-complete-newbies-guide/

Hello world of driver development -

Commands cheat sheet -

Tutorial of build various servers -

# !!- run the previous command.
# !ls - run the last command that started with ‘ls’.
# !ls:p - This will display the command instead of running it.
# !$ - run the last word of the previous command. (for substitutions)
# !$:p - Instead of running the last word of the previous command this will print it out.
# !* run the previous command without the first word. (for substitutions)
# !*:p - print, again

Tutorial of system logging under unix -[..]mmon-linux-log-files-name-and-usage.html

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