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Mon Sep 18 04:00:06 GMT 2023


重訪烏茲別克斯坦“絲綢之路” -

Armenia -[..]

大山的另一邊 塔吉克邊境蘭加爾 -

戰爭烙印之國 揭開納卡鬼城面紗 -

尼泊爾旅遊FAQ (2018.12版) -[..]lian-taiga-with-tsaatan-reindeer-herders

Trouble lurks for Afghanistan’s beloved ‘goat grabbing’ national sport -[..]afghanistan-goat-grabbing-national-sport

The daring journey to reach Afghanistan’s famous Buddhas—before they were lost -[..]ney-to-reach-afghanistans-famous-buddhas

We Are What We Eat: The High Altitude Diet of Afghanistan’s Nomads -[..]igh-altitude-diet-of-afghanistans-nomads

Silk Road -[..]g/projects/out-of-eden-walk/the-journey/

Across Kazakhstan by rail – a photo essay -[..]/across-kazakhstan-by-rail-a-photo-essay

The Gates of Hell, Turkmenistan, A fiery crater has been burning in the Karakum Desert since 1971. -[..]om/places/the-gates-of-hell-turkmenistan

Walking the Earth for 9 years plays tricks on your mind -[..]th-for-9-years-plays-tricks-on-your-mind

The UNESCO World Heritage Trans-Iranian railway crosses four distinct climates—and challenges stereotypes of this long isolated country. -[..]-scenic-railways-in-the-world-spans-iran

Five Great Places to Go Scuba Diving in Pakistan -[..]at-places-to-go-scuba-diving-in-pakistan

In Nepal’s fabled Mustang region, the Kingdom of Lo houses priceless relics. Will a new road to China save its unique culture or destroy it? -[..]al-mustang-kingdom-lo-road-china-feature

See the relentless beauty of Bhutan—a kingdom that takes happiness seriously -[..]

This new trail reveals the wonders of Armenia—a country at the crossroads of the world -[..]le/armenia-trail-ancient-churches-hiking

An unprecedented look inside one of Jerusalem’s holiest—and most controversial—landmarks -[..]ling-jerusalem-landmark-dome-of-the-rock

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