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Sun Apr 05 17:25:04 GMT 2009

Testometer Triangle Test

This is probably one of the most common question in software testing interview. This problem was first introduced by Myers, who was one of the first person to treat Software Testing as a different subject all together. This test check your ability to think about generating test data in a given condition.
Suppose your program accepts input as three sides of a triangle and gives output on what type of triangle is this i.e. Scalene (no sides are same), Isosceles (any two sides are same) or Equilateral (All the three sides are same). You have to come up with different test cases to test this program.
You can write your test cases here, by giving side of the triangles and evaluate your test data. Once you are done with all the test cases you can think of, check your performance. If you want to restart your test anytime, just click on the restart test button. I have not covered all the possible test cases here as idea is to give you sufficient information to get started.[..]er/154-triangle-test-in-software-testing

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