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Sun Jun 20 13:03:57 GMT 2021

work from home

work from home guideline from sun -[..]y=designing_from_anywhere_best_practices

Comment about working as independence consultant, a good reading that discuss some issue at HK or China limited this area of jobs -

10+ productivity tips when working from home, in summary, treat is as office -[..]productivity-tips-when-working-from-home[..]work-from-home-do-it-better-f33dd0e150d1

I’ve Worked From Home for 22 Years. Here’s What I’ve Learned. -[..]years-heres-what-ive-learned-11585354640

Stanford researchers identify four causes for ‘Zoom fatigue’ and their simple fixes -[..]2/23/four-causes-zoom-fatigue-solutions/

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