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Sun May 01 13:32:30 GMT 2022


Summary: In this column, David Gelperin presents a problem familiar to many of us?what is the best way to record requirements? Given the limitations of static templates, how can we best manage high-volume, multidimentional requirements information? Read on and then share your experiences. -[..]bjectId=5936&tth=DYN&tt=siteemail&iDyn=2

Why specs matter - Most developers are morons, and the rest are assholes. I have at various times counted myself in both groups, so I can say this with the utmost confidence. -

Explain why we should share the vision with the team -[..]6/sell-your-requirements-to-development/

An OK article about scope changing management -

Using mind maps and story tree to manage requirement -[..]-user-stories-mind-maps-and-story-trees/

Interesting software for requirement management -[..]app/product/

Another angle to view requirement - not to blame, not to prevent responsible, just try to talk and solve problem is better than document -[..]com/blog/requirements_considered_harmful

Template and sample for spec. -[..]et109stru&asrc=EM_NLN_2350433&uid=703565

If you want to be a good product manager, understand unmet needs and use that insight to drive requirements. -[..]/2008/05/06/stop-gathering-requirements/

Compare user story and use case -[..]ser-stories-are-just-schedulable-change/

INVEST to user story -[..]24/distributed-agile-stories-negotiable/

What you want to do, and what other want you to do -[..]2/03/things-manga-taught-me-requirement/

1. How will this requirement or decision impact the user?
2. Are we overlooking any stakeholders?[..]asking-ourselves-and-others-abfa837db061

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