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Fri Jun 16 01:16:44 GMT 2023


The Indian Bullfrog: a colorful sight in the wetlands -[..]es/animals/invertebrates/indian-bullfrog

What do frogs eat — and other froggy facts you never wanted to know -

Some frogs have the ability to become transparent. Here’s how they do it -[..]become-transparent-heres-how-they-do-it/

This frog’s babies erupt out of its back—and other surprising ways animals give birth -[..]sing-ways-animals-give-birth-live-young/

goliath -[..]cience/goliath-frog-largest-frg-0432432/

These tiny Latin American tree dwellers are stellar fathers and masters at camouflage, recent research reveals. -[..]ough-frogs-are-full-of-surprises-feature

The axolotl: the salamander that defies science -[..]ibians/animal-files-paradoxical-axolotl/

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