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Sun Jun 22 17:35:32 HKT 2014


Overview of Erlang memory model, per thread heap and low thread footprint -[..]/erlang-vs-java-memory-architecture.html

Concurrency is an area where Erlang shines -[..]gView?showComments=true&entry=3364027251

And then, note the flatness of Erlang CPU-time curves and decent C (coroutine) performance compared to abysmal Java 6 and C++ (Pthreads) data in this benchmark -[..]ge&p1=hipe-2&p2=gpp-2&p3=gcc-2&p4=java-0

Another article about Erlang, contains pointers to useful site and reference large scale project -[..]201001928?cid=RSSfeed_DDJ_ArchitectDebug[..]2007/08/erlang-java-for-concurrent-futur[..]og/archives/2007/10/functional_prog.html

Mnesia , DBMS powered by Erlang -

Comment of OO from Joe Armstrong, , that tell why Erlang look like this, and why me and my college feel uncomfortable with it....

Some issues of Erlang -

Map reduce at Erlang -[..]/06/exploring-erlang-with-mapreduce.html[..]ly-500-million-users-11000-cores-an.html

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