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Wed Jun 23 23:53:07 AEST 2021


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Wed Nov 22 22:38:38 AEDT 2006 From /weblog/java/concurrency


An article introducing using K-mean algorithm in Java -

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Sun Nov 12 02:43:25 AEDT 2006 From /weblog/java/discussion


Some interesting points, but I guess this guy will improve his productivity after familiar with java environment? -[..]tsort=0&tid=156&mode=thread&cid=13845934

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Sat Nov 11 21:03:05 AEDT 2006 From /weblog/java/hacks

bitwise operation on boolean

bitwise operation on boolean

The solution to the puzzle is given in the Java Language Specification, chapter 15.22.2:
15.22.2 Boolean Logical Operators &, ^, and |
When both operands of a &, ^, or | operator are of type boolean, then the type of the bitwise operator expression is boolean.
For &, the result value is true if both operand values are true; otherwise, the result is false.
For ^, the result value is true if the operand values are different; otherwise, the result is false.
For |, the result value is false if both operand values are false; otherwise, the result is true.

Someone mentioned that there is no boolean, byte and short in byte code level, all just integer

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Tue Nov 07 16:11:24 AEDT 2006 From /weblog/java/hacks


Prevent System.exit() being call - Usually security manager forbid it

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Tue Oct 31 20:16:31 AEDT 2006 From /weblog/java/network

low level tomcat io

If you really stick to tomcat, then it might be useful for you

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Fri Oct 20 18:17:39 AEST 2006 From /weblog/java/annotation


An idea to transform annotation at runtime -

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Fri Oct 20 18:00:52 AEST 2006 From /weblog/java/swing

drag and drop

How to be done at SWT -

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Thu Oct 12 20:20:38 AEST 2006 From /weblog/java/performance


Improving performance in distributed Web applications

* Keep the session minimal - generally a bad idea to store shared objects in the session.
* Don't bypass setAttribute - if you just call getAttribute() to retrieve the Vector and then add something to it without then calling setAttribute again, the container might not realize that Vector has been changed.
* Use fine-grained session attributes - finer-grained objects in the session rather than one big monolithic object.
* Invalidate when done - call HttpSession.invalidate()
* Keep the session clean - remove reference to unuse thing to help GC

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Thu Oct 12 19:08:54 AEST 2006 From /weblog/java/network

post at java code

Optimizing HTTP downloads in Java through conditional GET and compressed streams


URL url = new URL(BASE_URL);
URLConnection con = url.openConnection();
// inform the connection that we will send output and accept input

// Don't use a cached version of URL connection.
con.setUseCaches (false);
con.setDefaultUseCaches (false);
con.setRequestProperty("Content-Type", "application/x-www-form-urlencoded");
// define a new PrintWriter on the output stream
PrintWriter outWriter = new PrintWriter(con.getOutputStream());

// send data to the servlet

InputStream input = con.getInputStream();

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Thu Oct 12 17:29:34 AEST 2006 From /weblog/java/concurrency


An example of using Future API which availabe upon 1.5 JVM

The other example, make a method timeout and interrupt for sure

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Wed Aug 09 02:59:46 AEST 2006 From /weblog/java/concurrency


There may be more issue rise at concurrency code, althrough I don't know why JVM can't/shouldn't take care all hardward change...[..]d_id=41602&asrc=EM_NNL_430426&uid=703565

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Thu Aug 03 13:16:24 AEST 2006 From /weblog/java/j2me


A list of j2me benchmark tools[..]small-guideto-j2me-benchmarktest-midlets

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Tue Jul 25 21:50:13 AEST 2006 From /weblog/java/network

Setting user agents

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Wed Jul 12 18:09:26 AEST 2006 From /weblog/java/hacks

Cracking class files

No sure if that still valid, but look like encrypt class file don't help on protecting class.[..]ld/javaqa/2003-05/01-qa-0509-jcrypt.html

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Fri Jul 07 16:17:14 AEST 2006 From /weblog/java/libraries


An article introducing various APIs of using java to access USB device

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Thu Jul 06 18:23:59 AEST 2006 From /weblog/java/libraries/ant


An nice articles about various issue of ant: involving ant with various scripting frontend of java may be a nice solution?[..]&hs=f13&hl=en&lr=&client=opera&rls=zh-tw

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Mon Jun 26 16:32:59 AEST 2006 From /weblog/java/hacks

trick for java 5

New look of resultset, WebRowSet, , but I personally don't think this is something useful

Some information how using jmxagent:[..]nus/archive/2006/06/going_beyond_jd.html

Just come across a nice article that discuss about various new features of 1.5 and provide tips on how to use them:

Create collection quick

List programmingLanguages = CollectionUtils.newList("Java", "C++", "Ruby");

Or this:

Map langs = new HashMap(3) {{
put("Java", "Wicked");
put("C++", "Ok");
put("Ruby", "Interesting");

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Fri Jun 16 23:36:39 AEST 2006 From /weblog/java/features

scripting support

A pretty clever way to work with database and xml with groovy and springs

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Sat Jun 03 18:27:54 AEST 2006 From /weblog/java/features

javaone slides

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Fri Jun 02 01:03:02 AEST 2006 From /weblog/java/features


Is it have to support so much? Not sure for me...[..]air/archive/2006/05/the_unknown_jav.html

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Mon May 29 13:58:43 AEST 2006 From /weblog/java/discussion

comment of final

I personally like to declare everything in final and immulatable so that it give me feel it more safe (e.g.: variable won't be replace with other value unexpected; method won't be override unexpected). The following is some discussion, see if you interested.[..]/2005/06/how-often-do-you-use-final.html[..]rd-particular-in-javautilconcurrent.html

Here is a few update that against using final, mainly against using final class but not final method and variable:[..].MichaelFeathers.ItsTimeToDeprecateFinal[..]gView?showComments=true&entry=3325667363

And here is some support using final:
Prevent security and memory leak in rare case:[..]a-tip-10-constructor-exceptions-are.html

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Mon May 22 18:33:35 AEST 2006 From /weblog/java/fundamental


In short, only call private methods from a constructor.[..]005/05/calling-abstract-method-from.html

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Fri May 19 16:41:12 AEST 2006 From /weblog/java/discussion

speed of sun

Also, top 25 bugs seem always the same?

Here is one nice blog about opensource java, see if anyone agree his position:

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Tue May 16 17:30:58 AEST 2006 From /weblog/java/hacks

equals() at proxy generated instance

At least need to test on the interface level. And more complicate if you don't want to expose the internal structure to interface

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Tue May 16 13:47:04 AEST 2006 From /weblog/java/deploy

Hard to upgrade

See the problem when updating JDK:[..]/05/google-desktop-and-java-install.html

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