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Mon Dec 20 00:06:15 AEDT 2021


List some common causes of memory leak in application restart. -[..]/Weblog/your_web_app_is_leaking#comments[..]/20/the-top-java-memory-problems-part-1/

Incorrect use of threadlocal -

Memory leak if load JDBC class incorrectly -

Serialization and ResourceBundle issue from core library (fixed) -

PermHeap bloat in and only in server VM -

String.subString() still held a big big char[] -

One pitfall of URLClassLoader, it cause leak from classloader, which is not obvious from the code -

Steps of finding out a memory leak by native code -[..]e/v/Dp7Rf33tij5BFBNRpVja#YnJRjM4IVyt54TV

Interesting Garbage Collection Patterns -[..]interesting-garbage-collection-patterns/

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