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Thu Apr 06 06:33:18 GMT 2023


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Sat Apr 23 17:44:47 GMT 2011 From /weblog/java/fundamental


Here is a mailing list message that tell why we need to serialize logger, sometime there are more need to have for sometime, but we need to do it very careful:[..]

A link that discuss various aspect of binary or xml (i.e. plain text) serialization, worth to keep as reference[..]f?entry=java_serialization_binary_or_xml

Basic question about serialization -[..] , a long article explaining that

Why we have to put serialziation id in serializable class... -

Show cast of test if all object in session can be serialized -

Interview questions -[..]top-10-java-serialization-interview.html

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Thu Dec 03 07:23:22 GMT 2009 From /weblog/java/fundamental


An article show how java treat enum internally -

Look like it is "replace switch with polymorphism -[..]working-with-java-enumerated-types-enums

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Mon Jan 07 07:03:59 GMT 2008 From /weblog/java/fundamental


Some problems of cloning, include using copy constructor / clone() method -

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Mon Sep 10 16:20:10 GMT 2007 From /weblog/java/fundamental


Two nice basic tutorial about classpath -[..]rary/j-classpath-unix/index.html?ca=drs-[..]y/j-classpath-windows/index.html?ca=drs-

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Fri Jun 22 10:10:12 GMT 2007 From /weblog/java/fundamental


You can ignore the last comma in arrays -

When you try to case an Array to other Type, you will get funny exception like
Exception in thread "main" java.lang.ClassCastException: [B

Which, showing that if you call new byte[0].getClass() , you will get "[B".

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Tue Feb 06 09:28:38 GMT 2007 From /weblog/java/fundamental


Interesting aspect of Integer.valueOf()

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Wed Jan 10 06:54:38 GMT 2007 From /weblog/java/fundamental


A blog that cover some basic concept of javabean -[..]air/archive/2007/01/properties_in_j.html

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Mon May 22 08:33:35 GMT 2006 From /weblog/java/fundamental


In short, only call private methods from a constructor.[..]005/05/calling-abstract-method-from.html

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