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Thu Jun 24 13:58:59 GMT 2021


From java code to java heap, detail of how java use memory -[..]rks/java/library/j-codetoheap/index.html

Algorithm of determine suitable thread pool size -[..]reading-stories-about-robust-thread.html

Detail of how to analysis how much memory you need -[..]m/2012/12/how-much-memory-do-i-need.html

Chinese introduction of memory model -

Difference between PermGem and MetaSpace -[..]02/java-8-from-permgen-to-metaspace.html

How many bytes a boolean value takes in Java? -[..]many-bytes-a-boolean-value-takes-in-Java

🚀 Demystifying JVM Memory Management -

Quest to the OS: Java Native Memory -[..]o-the-os-java-native-memory-5d3ef68ffc0a

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