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Sun Apr 01 10:38:36 GMT 2007

About Mustang

Some information worth to know about new java 6

Resource control , control fallback action if resource not found, and other feature -[..]pi/java/util/ResourceBundle.Control.html

A shell like console that allow you to manage JVM intern :[..]jan?entry=using_script_shell_plugin_with

Top 10 features:[..]an?entry=observability_top_10_in_mustang

New tools come with JDK 6 that help your development:

Examples about various tools -

dynamic compilation -[..]x.php/2006/12/13/java-se-6-compiler-api/

More detail of Out of memory error (OOME):[..]ntry=outofmemoryerror_looks_a_bit_better , this one show how is that better OOME stacktrace as well as wildcast classpath -[..]pu?entry=java_se_6_outofmemeoryerror_and

Fix java bug by you!!

Scripting support:[..]6/04/11/scripting-for-java-platform.html

Use scripting support as bridge of java and jruby -

List of enchancement:[..]dannycoward?entry=the_10_things_you_need

dtrace support:[..]rarajan?entry=dtrace_java_turning_on_off[..]sundararajan?entry=using_dtrace_java_api

Compilation interface -[..]tball/archive/2006/09/hacking_javac.html

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