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Wed Sep 06 13:46:21 GMT 2023


An API to get the state of a thread, but someone say it is not reliable -[..]5.0/docs/api/java/lang/Thread.State.html[..]readed-programs-tf3627394.html#a10128844

Having said that, I have to note that using Thread#getState() is not
something you can absolutely rely on as the behavior isn't guaranteed
to be the same on all platforms. That is, it can be a useful tool for
debugging and test-driving but not ideal for regression (unit)

Overview of Java thread -[..]t-thread-and-javalangthread-in-java.html

Loom -

How will we debug Loom applications? -[..]drv/how_will_we_debug_loom_applications/

Question: Why exactly are fibers cheaper than platform threads? -[..]ion_why_exactly_are_fibers_cheaper_than/

Handling Virtual Threads -

1. Avoid Synchronized Blocks/Methods
2. Avoid Thread Pools To Limit Resource Access
3. Reduce ThreadLocal Usage[..]o-avoid-when-switching-to-virtual-thread

Exploring the design of Java’s new virtual threads -

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