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united-states-postal-service -[..]ited-states-postal-service-then-and.html

surprising-facts-about-the-united-states-military -[..]-facts-about-the-united-states-military/

about-the-revolutionary-war-you-might-not-know -[..]tionary-war-you-might-not-know/?view=all

About White house -[..]e-house-you-probably-never-thought-about[..]ite-house-facts-you-probably-didnt-know/

Civil war -[..]s-that-will-change-your-view-on-history/

New York -[..]ting-facts-about-new-york-city/?view=all

Lincoln -[..]ught-you-about-abraham-lincoln/?view=all

Alaska -[..]interesting-and-craziest-state/?view=all

native-americans -[..]n-facts-about-native-americans/?view=all

Ali -[..]s-you-might-not-know-about-muhammad-ali/

珍珠港事件的歷史照片 -

25-biggest-screw-ups-that-completely-changed-history -[..]rew-ups-that-completely-changed-history/

george-washington -[..]story/magazine/2015/12/george-washington

Indian -[..]most-endangered-historic-places-for-2020[..]apital-11-most-endangered-historic-sites[..]tory/league-nations-doomed-before-began/[..]gynaecologist-who-fought-for-black-women

Decades ago, this pollution disaster exposed the perils of dirty air -[..]a-smog-disaster-exposed-perils-dirty-air

joe-biden -

Who owns America’s history? The answer will define what replaces fallen monuments. -[..]-what-replaces-fallen-monuments-feature/

In 1921 rioters killed as many as 300 people, devastating a prosperous area for generations. Now the city is trying to reckon with the disgrace. -[..]-mob-destroyed-a-black-community-feature[..]assacre-black-business-booming-greenwood

What Benjamin Franklin’s battles with a deadly virus that swept Colonial America can teach us about our own struggles with anti-vaxxers -[..]min-franklin-lessons-from-smallpox-0423/

The Ugly Election That Birthed Modern American Politics -[..]sidential-elections-1824-corrupt-bargain

Arrested and tortured, the Silent Sentinels suffered for suffrage -[..]article/silent-sentinels-womens-suffrage

Ancient solar storm pinpoints Viking settlement in Americas exactly 1,000 years ago -[..]ttlement-americas-exactly-1000-years-ago

Harriet Tubman Is Famous for Being an Abolitionist and Political Activist, but She Was Also a Naturalist -[..]-but-she-was-also-a-naturalist-180979689

Cutting ties with a king might have seemed like "Common Sense" in the 1770s, but the desire was not unanimous among the colonists—until the Declaration convinced them otherwise. -[..]ndependence-wooed-americans-from-britain

Life, both big and small, returns to NYC’s 500 miles of coastline -[..]l-returns-to-nycs-500-miles-of-coastline

From sweeping views of the Grand Canyon to stunning waterfalls in Yosemite, these vintage photos capture timeless beauty of national parks in the United States. -[..]l/national-parks/article/historic-photos

'Hispanic'? 'Latino'? Here’s where the terms come from -[..]panic-latino-heres-where-terms-come-from

A leader of the indigenous Caribbeans known as the Taíno describes how his people’s history was erased—and what they’re doing to get it back. -[..]eet-survivors-taino-tribe-paper-genocide

How Tecumseh fought for Native lands—and became a folk hero -[..]-for-native-lands-and-became-a-folk-hero

How mail-in voting began on Civil War battlefields -[..]n-voting-began-on-civil-war-battlefields

Why the 1876 election was the most divisive in U.S. history -[..]ed-states-history-how-congress-responded

80 years after the Montford Point Camp was established to train enlisted African Americans, relatives and other Marines fight to document their contributions before it’s too late. -[..]-the-stories-of-the-first-black-recruits

These 5 ancient cities once ruled North America—what happened to them? -[..]s-cities-north-america-archaeology-sites

Take a road trip through Alabama’s civil rights history -[..]-rights-trail-history-martin-luther-king

Here Is How The Pentagon Comes Up With Code Words And Secret Project Nicknames -[..]-code-words-and-secret-project-nicknames

This Black artist’s vibrant quilts inspired generations of U.S. artisans -[..]k-artist-woman-art-quilts-harriet-powers

The first Black U.S. senator lived an extraordinary life -[..]-senator-extraordinary-life-hiram-revels

The surprising history of Hawai‘i’s hula tradition -[..]rising-history-of-hawaiis-hula-tradition

From Chinese railroad workers in Utah to Filipino shrimpers in Louisiana, here are tales of immigration, struggle, and belonging. -[..]an-americans-deep-roots-in-united-states

Oppenheimer -[..]rld-war-ii-atomic-bomb-manhattan-project[..]er-historical-accuracy-christopher-nolan

What is the Feast of the Seven Fishes? -[..]le/what-is-the-feast-of-the-seven-fishes

National Geographic partnered with the For Freedoms artist group On A Series of Photo Essays inspired by American History. -[..]om/magazine/graphics/the-past-is-present

Martin Luther King Jr.'s -[..]68/i-have-a-dream-speech-in-its-entirety[..]-in-the-crowd-share-stories/70233565007/

Artifacts pulled from the rubble of 9/11 become symbols of what was lost -[..]-of-9-11-become-symbols-of-what-was-lost

In 1967, a Black Man and a White Woman Bought a Home. American Politics Would Never Be the Same. -[..]higan-suburbs-american-politics-00131386

How Christmas Became an American Holiday Tradition -[..]tion-with-a-santa-claus-gifts-and-a-tree

Harriet Tubman, the spy: uncovering her secret Civil War missions -[..]ium/article/harriet-tubman-spy-civil-war

Hidden features in old colonial money reveal how Ben Franklin outwitted counterfeiters and shaped America’s first currency -[..]-franklin-colonial-counterfeiting-money/

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