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Mon Jan 07 18:52:55 AEDT 2008


If you do not have permission to create RMI client, like setting RMISecurityManager, instead of throwing SecurityException, RmiProxyFactoryBean of spring will just return NULL to client... -

And there is an issue before spring 2.0rc4, The toString() method of bean will be called after bean created (finished constructor call) and before setting properties (call setter to press beans to properties). If any methods of those properties called at the toString() method, you will get NullPointerException -

Blog about session scope -

refresh config without restarting -

Possible multi-thread issue -[..]te/archive/2006/09/are_your_beans_1.html , basically this just mentioned the fact that most spring base injection is through setter, which make the object mutable, and you need to take care about that

spring mvc web framework tutorial -[..]-spring-aspect-oriented-programming-aop/

testing with spring -[..]akes-unit-testing-easy-with-annotations/

if need to use hibernate with jdbc directly, need to flush hibernate session first -[..]rnate-session-includes-tse-example-code/

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