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Mon Sep 18 00:29:39 GMT 2023


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Wed Dec 13 15:44:26 GMT 2006 From /weblog/fun


Some information -

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Fri Nov 10 10:00:26 GMT 2006 From /weblog/fun


How to unlock your door -

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Wed Oct 18 07:01:40 GMT 2006 From /weblog/fun/entertainment


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Thu Oct 12 10:49:01 GMT 2006 From /weblog/fun

Nice office design

A nice office design :-)[..]seaction=project&lang=e&locale=e&id=2160

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Thu Oct 12 09:34:18 GMT 2006 From /weblog/fun


The native linux UI (bash) has been steadily evolved for thirty years to maximize the productivity of people using it. The standard Windows UI (explorer) has been steadily evolved for twelve (?) years to minimize the number of support calls.

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Thu Oct 12 08:14:29 GMT 2006 From /weblog/fun


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Fri Oct 06 18:26:06 GMT 2006 From /weblog/fun

Toliet rule!

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Fri Sep 29 09:40:51 GMT 2006 From /weblog/fun

Complaint Publicly

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Thu Aug 31 07:30:33 GMT 2006 From /weblog/fun

Solar washer

Via changing the dirt into carbon dioxide and water... not sure if that real[..]/overseas/2006-08/22/content_4990264.htm

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Fri Aug 25 08:30:14 GMT 2006 From /weblog/fun/entertainment


It is funny -

Some clip about it at youtube :
All your snake are belong to us -
I Want These MotherFuxkin Snakes Off This MotherFuxkin Plane -

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Fri Aug 04 06:52:29 GMT 2006 From /weblog/fun

funny icon

From golden forum -

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Wed Jul 26 10:00:59 GMT 2006 From /weblog/fun


Would you think of better trick?[..]m/summation/2006/07/why_do_bands_do.html

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Wed Jul 19 07:52:13 GMT 2006 From /weblog/fun

Connection of ability of programming with consistence

Thus, we start by testing the very first hurdle novice programmers will encounter: assignment. The test results divided the students cleanly into three groups:

44% of students formed a consistent mental model of how assignment works (even if incorrect!)
39% students never formed a consistent model of how assignment works.
8% of students didn't give a damn and left the answers blank.

The test was administered twice; once at the beginning, before any instruction at all, and again after three weeks of class. The striking thing is that there was virtually no movement at all between the groups from the first to second test. Either you had a consistent model in your mind immediately upon first exposure to assignment, the first hurdle in programming-- or else you never developed one!

The authors found an extremely high level of correlation between success at programming and forming a consistent mental model.....

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Wed Jul 12 08:42:42 GMT 2006 From /weblog/fun

vbram fingers

It look cute~

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Tue Jul 11 10:55:28 GMT 2006 From /weblog/fun

United Fool

How do you think about that?

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Tue Jul 04 04:36:27 GMT 2006 From /weblog/fun/development+related

Over complication

Web service:

Redefine true:

Boolean is hard...:

Encryption the function:

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Tue Jun 27 07:28:37 GMT 2006 From /weblog/fun/development+related


A very very long sessionid -

Validation at XML -

Use shell script at web application -

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Wed Jun 21 09:51:50 GMT 2006 From /weblog/fun/entertainment


Very cool~

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Fri Jun 16 13:38:53 GMT 2006 From /weblog/fun

How to cancel internet service

I think this also apply at HK telecommunicating company??

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Thu Jun 15 07:48:26 GMT 2006 From /weblog/fun


A robot remind if you do too much![..]-request-the-yagni-development-assistant

I don't want framework

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Tue Jun 13 04:30:50 GMT 2006 From /weblog/fun

Six sense

A very nice picture:

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Tue Jun 13 03:55:28 GMT 2006 From /weblog/fun


A nice blog:[..]onate_users/2006/04/animals_love_ex.html which I get it from

So, start to keep on exercising and having ergonomic tools

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Fri May 26 03:24:10 GMT 2006 From /weblog/fun/development+related

Hard code

hard code role permission into code:

Strangle problem of sybase, try set WORKAROUND2=8192

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Thu May 25 06:49:46 GMT 2006 From /weblog/fun

Fun about customer

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