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Mon Mar 17 17:25:25 GMT 2008 From /weblog/fun/development+related/story

Beautiful Code in the Real World

Comment 1:

“I have read a few chapters of Beautiful Code. It’s a great book, but in my job I have to maintain a steaming pile of legacy code. I don’t have many opportunities to think about beauty because I barely have time to keep the existing code functional. The best I can do it to keep crappy code from getting worse.”

Comment 2:

“Very interesting book. I wish I had an opportunity to think about cool algorithms for tough problems, but I am working on a boring enterprise application. I read stuff from a database, do something trivial to it and then I generate some reports. There aren’t that many opportunity for clever algorithms and beautiful solutions in business logic.”

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Sat Jan 12 08:28:39 GMT 2008 From /weblog/fun/development+related/story


The Brillant Paula Strikes Back -

The reason that version no. at Help/About is bad -

The Digital Donkey, , some say it is

In fact we don't need to do something before making sell -

Most Ridiculous Outsourcing Story of the Year - [..]iscussTopicParent=15297&ixDiscussGroup=3

Don't try to cheat programmer :-) -

Development life is suck!!! Really??? -

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Mon Nov 12 07:03:47 GMT 2007 From /weblog/fun/development+related/story


Don't let validations kill your business -

Funny blame from american of outsourcing -

saving at enterprise -

How to make front door look good: Don't allow employee pass it... -[..]

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Fri May 04 07:16:18 GMT 2007 From /weblog/fun/development+related/story


This should go along with the bomb-targeting device used in Afghanistan. The solder on the ground set the GPS coordinates for the bomb drop. Then he noticed the battery was low. So he swapped out the battery, then pressed the 'Fire' button.

Unfortunately, the device reset itself when he swapped the battery. It reset itself to its current position, *not* the offset position he had entered.

The soldier and 4 others died in the bomb drop.
True story -- see Software Development, November 2004.


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Fri May 04 07:14:03 GMT 2007 From /weblog/fun/development+related/story

development flow

> In the software world, picking icons and taking screen
> shots are not critical path tasks compared to writing
> the save data to file routines.

One shop I'm acquainted with, the sequence is
- Programmer designs an awesome GUI because he
felt like it
- Customer passing through sees it and says
"That's cool! How soon can I have it?"
- Management answers "Six months"
- Programmers code furiously (no time for design!)
- Seven months later, code review meeting is called
for thousands of lines of code. Six or more people
say, "I haven't had time to look at it. You
tested it, right?"
- Ship it.
- Start debugging.

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