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Sun Oct 01 16:19:43 HKT 2017


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Wed Dec 21 21:30:43 HKT 2011 From /weblog/design


Compare related words -[..]011/12/11/reflections-for-the-perplexed/

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Wed Oct 19 21:04:52 HKT 2011 From /weblog/design/interview


Discuss about C and C++ -[..]int?articleId=184408272&siteSectionName=

Discuss about history of C, UNIX and GO -[..]rint?articleId=229502480&siteSectionName

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Sun Oct 16 23:52:23 HKT 2011 From /weblog/design/interview

Continuous Delivery

Overview of CD, and some Q & A -

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Sun Oct 16 23:51:03 HKT 2011 From /weblog/design/interview

Kent Beck

Passion of coding make a lot of difference -[..]/07/interview-with-kent-beck-circa-2001/

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Sun Oct 09 10:09:16 HKT 2011 From /weblog/design


Discussion about racing condition -[..]smatter/cqrs-race-conditionsandsagasohmy

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Mon Oct 03 01:04:16 HKT 2011 From /weblog/design


Robustness, list of general design principle -[..]2/robustness-the-forgotten-code-quality/[..]tics-of-a-robust-application-or-service/

How to write readable code -[..]net-framework/writing-maintainable-code/

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Thu Sep 15 00:44:48 HKT 2011 From /weblog/design


Top 10 mistake that cause poor performance Java EE - which, the concept apply much more than enterprise[..]the-architecture-for-a-software-project/

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Thu Sep 15 00:39:54 HKT 2011 From /weblog/design


A comment about jsch library, discuss about how the author compare this with commerice library, how easy to use, what make it easy or not easy to user, and how to make it easier a nice reading for writing library[..]?permalink=jsch_a_SFTP_java_library.html

A simple implementation of cache -

Good examples of bad codes -[..]ike-a-senior-developer-about-clean-code/

Design of recommandation engine -

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Wed Aug 24 00:39:31 HKT 2011 From /weblog/design

Object Calisthenics

Object Calisthenics is an idea suggest by Jeff Bay in The ThoughtWorks Anthology , and lists 9 rules to writing better Object Oriented code. For those who haven’t seen the book, the 9 rules are:

# Use only one level of indentation per method
# Don’t use the else keyword
# Wrap all primitives and strings
# Use only one dot per line
# Don’t abbreviate
# Keep all entities small
# Don’t use any classes with more than two instance variables
# Use first-class collections
# Don’t use any getters/setters/properties[..]1/06/object-calisthenics-first-thoughts/

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Sun May 15 03:02:16 HKT 2011 From /weblog/design


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Sun May 15 03:01:25 HKT 2011 From /weblog/design/pattern

Best pattern

Discussion about which pattern is most important -[..]page/abien?entry=most_important_patterns

Pattern Language Titles -

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Sun May 15 02:59:23 HKT 2011 From /weblog/design


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Sun May 15 02:52:07 HKT 2011 From /weblog/design/pattern


Suggest use to take a fresh look of original "pattern language" - , in his opinions, it is more about separate design to difference groups than create reusable design.

Some more...[..]007/5/17/design-patterns-are-code-smells

Some say pattern should be language feature ...

Closely related, there are no golden rules and silver bullet, Design Pattern can help us in some design problem and provide some design suggestion. However, we need to know what it good for and bad for[..]est-practice-vs-pattern-vs-standard.html[..]ndard-approach-does-not-necessarily.html

Use pattern in hello world, sample of over engineering:

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Sun May 15 02:40:40 HKT 2011 From /weblog/design


Arguement of overuse interface, I trend to support -[..]ramming-to-interfaces-strikes-again.html

A very long discussion related, Test-friendly, but not caller-friendly? -[..]ring-your-development--t2039307i120.html

Comparison of interface vs. abstract class -[..]ry/api_design_interfaces_versus_abstract

Some issue of marker interface, may be annotation can help. However, I don't think those so call issue are really problem, those just poor usage of marker interface -

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Sun May 15 02:19:55 HKT 2011 From /weblog/design


The 37signals manifesto was our original site from 1999-2001. It's a collection of 37 nuggets of online philosophy and design wisdom. It's a great introduction to the 37signals' school of thought and a fun, quick read to boot. -

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Sun May 15 02:11:54 HKT 2011 From /weblog/design/concurrency


Deadlock detector sample -

Deadlock in J2EE, explaining deadlock in various place, e.g. DB, VM, code,... -

A blog comment about database deadlock very detail -[..]2007/04/java-wish-list-2-retry-code.html

Technique to prevent deadlock: Automatic Lock Releases, Timeout, automatic detection -

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Sun Apr 24 01:07:07 HKT 2011 From /weblog/design


Introduction to Saga -[..]sistence-and-event-driven-architectures/

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Sun Mar 13 00:24:49 HKT 2011 From /weblog/design/pattern


Non-Software Examples of Software Design Patterns -[..]vers/nonSoftwareExample/patexamples.html[..]hain-of-Responsibility-Pattern-in-C.aspx

Patterns to replace switch -

Design pattern in JDK -

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Fri Feb 11 00:48:54 HKT 2011 From /weblog/design

when api design rule conflict

2 best practices of API design confilct each other, and how to find out the solution -

What exactly simple mean?[..]s-that-pass-for-simple-i-cant-understand . In my opinions, a more concrete interpretation of simple is first define what is most important to you, then find the quickest way to get there.

Iceberg Classes, if encapsulation is good, how about having more private method? Or actually the logic should be split? -

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Tue Feb 08 00:38:32 HKT 2011 From /weblog/design/distribute


Implement ping-pong play between two nodes on the cloud using GridGain Distributed Actors -[..]11/01/26/distributed-actors-in-gridgain/

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Sun Jan 16 01:51:29 HKT 2011 From /weblog/design


Discussion on TDD algorithm -

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Tue Dec 14 00:57:34 HKT 2010 From /weblog/design


Issues of annotation dependence test framework, usually new language feature come out to solve some problem people get excited. However people found that the problem it bring are not less than the problem it solve, it take time to proof the value -[..]tmotion?entry=annotations_suck_a_lot_and

Compare OO feature of difference language -[..]ral/comparingObjectOrientedFeatures.html

Comparing C# and Java -

Discussion about extending standard API -

Few good suggestion when thinking of design a language, Consider using ML, Don't be afraid of being the same -[..]programming-language-design-is-hard.html

Design Principles Behind Smalltalk, see how idea of inheriance, polymorphism originated -[..]/design_principles_behind_smalltalk.html

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Thu Dec 09 02:55:30 HKT 2010 From /weblog/design


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Thu Mar 25 02:07:15 HKT 2010 From /weblog/design


Date handling look simple but easy to fail in trap. Even worst is this is easy to have bad data which hard to fix. Here is an example -

One tip for testing application with time dependence, treat it as random -[..]

Explanation of issues of Joda-time, basically it still haven't map the human view of time close enough than machine view of time -

Screencast of how to driven a fluent Date API -[..]-apis-in-java-episode-1-comparing-dates/

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