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Wed Jun 13 17:14:39 GMT 2007

check or uncheck

Checked or unchecked? Not sure, seen all exception is unchecked are ok for me

To summarize Java orthodoxy: checked exceptions should be the norm. Runtime exceptions indicateprogramming errors.
I used to subscribe to this view. However, after writing and working with thousands of catch blocks, I've come to the conclusion that this appealing theory doesn't always work in practice. I'm not alone. Since developing my own ideas on the subject, I've noticed that Bruce Eckel, author of the classic book Thinking in Java, has also changed his mind. Eckel now advocates the use of runtime exceptions as the norm, and wonders whether checked exceptions should be dropped from Java as a failed experiment

Other discussion of checked or unchecked -[..]2007/05/removing-java-checked-exceptions

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