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Wed Jan 20 17:46:26 GMT 2010

Inversion of Control

When these containers talk about how they are so useful because they implement "Inversion of Control" I end up very puzzled. Inversion of control is a common characteristic of frameworks, so saying that these lightweight containers are special because they use inversion of control is like saying my car is special because it has wheels.[..]ticles/injection.html#InversionOfControl

This guy think IoC is going to use is more and more place as GC. However, I will think quit a lot of time IoC is use incorrectly, somebody even try to use it everywhere and replacing constructor... -[..]endency-injection-mirror-of-garbage.html

IMHO jetty is the first widely used program about IoC idea, even before spring -

Explain when IoC is overkill -[..]010/01/17/dependency-injection-inversion

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