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Wed Aug 23 14:10:07 GMT 2023


Discussion about using monday as prize -

bullying -[..]-about-bullying-you-probably-didnt-know/

Learn how to learn. Creativity, on-the-fly learning, and critical thinking skills are going to be what matters. Your grandchildren may live in a world without work, but you won't; instead you will live in a world that is rapidly changing. Whatever you choose to do, learning to code will be a very valuable skill, even if you don't do it for a living, because knowing the basic logic of machines will be critical in thriving in our society as it adapts to the ever-growing powers of machines. -[..]i-until-we-build-systems-that-earn-trust

兒童期望的是大人了解自己的步調,明白自己的需求,認識真正的自己。 -

Gardening can help children grow life skills as well as fruits and flowers. Here are some ideas to get started. -[..]-kidsand-not-just-because-of-the-veggies

Participating in crowd-sourced science projects isn’t just a learning experience—it can empower children to protect the planet. -[..]ticle/how-to-raise-a-volunteer-scientist

Kids Are Learning, Even When They're Not Paying Attention -[..]ng-even-when-theyre-not-paying-attention

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