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Sat May 04 06:34:01 GMT 2024


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Sun Apr 07 12:24:07 GMT 2024 From /weblog/ai


Deep Learning with Emojis (not Math) -[..]arning-with-emojis-not-math-660ba1ad6cdc

AI tools -[..]-today-for-personal-use-1-3-7f1b60b6c94f

Twitter timeline -[..]ning-at-scale-in-twitters-timelines.html

Google translate -[..]achine-learning-translation-96f0ed8f19e4[..]2017/08/Machine-learning-Google-ranslati[..]-suicide-prevention-tools-powered-by-ai/

換臉照怎麼做的?當紅 Faceapp 背後 AI 技術大解析 -[..]e/20184-technology-behind-faceapp-ai-gan

How companies use collaborative filtering to learn exactly what you want -[..]learn-exactly-what-you-want-a3fc58e22ad9

京东商城背后 AI 技术揭秘(一):基于关键词自动生成摘要 -

Driverless cars and the 5 ethical questions on risk, safety and trust we still need to answer -

chatbot -

Predicts Future -[..]ce/ai-light-cone-predicts-future-053252/

视频精修一帧要花 2 小时?AI 只要 5.3 毫秒 -

What does a Product Data Scientist do? -[..]a-product-data-scientist-do-16225457c483

機器學習 x 鈣鈦礦材料:讓 AI 幫你最佳化太陽能電池材料的製程參數! -

At Last, a Self-Driving Car That Can Explain Itself -[..]self-driving-car-that-can-explain-itself

Google made an annoying AI that explains why jokes are supposed to be funny -[..]ains-why-jokes-are-supposed-to-be-funny/

编程神器 Copilot 逐字抄袭他人代码?GitHub 回应:相似,但不同...... -[..]ogy/myth-bashing-daddy-longlegs-spiders/ -[..]motionally-intelligent-synthetic-speech/

Recreating Andrej Karpathy’s Weekend Project — a Movie Search Engine -[..]oject-a-movie-search-engine-9b270d7a92e4

Earning -[..]y-profitable-ai-side-hustle-d347804b1784[..]from-punch-cards-to-chatgpt-42c2a09ac01a[..]come-ideas-anyone-can-start-ac214a993f95

35 AI tools you can try for free -[..]0856183/30-ai-tools-you-can-try-for-free

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Mon Oct 23 13:09:20 GMT 2023 From /weblog/ai


Huge “foundation models” are turbo-charging AI progress -[..]on-models-are-turbo-charging-ai-progress

BigBang Transformer -

Does AI have any biases? Here’s what we know — and why this matters -

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Wed Sep 20 13:05:55 GMT 2023 From /weblog/ai


A New Link to an Old Model Could Crack the Mystery of Deep Learning -[..]k-the-mystery-of-deep-learning-20211011/

AI Chatbots are easily fooled by nonsense. Can their flaws offer insights about the human brain? -[..]-science/ai-chatbots-fooled-by-nonsense/

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Tue Sep 05 07:46:58 GMT 2023 From /weblog/ai


Browse freely moving whole-brain calcium imaging datasets -

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Wed Aug 23 14:16:04 GMT 2023 From /weblog/ai


API example -

Check if it is from chatgpt (or something similar) -

GPT-4 重磅发布,吊打 ChatGPT!编程能力牛到让我睡不着:10 秒做出一个网站,1 分钟开发一个游戏 -

人人都能懂的 ChatGPT 解读 -

ChatGPT 开源平替来了,开箱即用!200 亿参数,采用 4300 万条指令集微调模型 -

Large language Models: A Calculator for Words -[..]dels-a-calculator-for-words-7ab4099d0cc9

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Sat Nov 19 12:12:02 GMT 2022 From /weblog/ai


EasyNLP 帶你實現中英文機器閱讀理解 -

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Wed Dec 23 12:46:42 GMT 2020 From /weblog/ai


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Sat Dec 01 16:48:34 GMT 2018 From /weblog/ai


Cheat Sheets for AI, Neural Networks, Machine Learning, Deep Learning & Big Data -[..]ning-deep-learning-big-data-678c51b4b463

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Sun Nov 26 11:28:02 GMT 2017 From /weblog/ai


What AI can done -[..]om/a-tour-of-machine-learning-algorithms

How Quora do machine learning -[..]/machine-learning-quora-xavier-amatriain

And NLP -[..]on-Quora-Over-Time-through-Question-Text[..]borative-filtering-for-recommend-systems[..]mendation-system-algorithms-ba67f39ac9a3

Spotify’s Discover Weekly: How machine learning finds your new music -[..]arning-finds-your-new-music-19a41ab76efe

Artificial Intelligence, foundations of computational agents -
Deep Learning, An MIT Press book in preparation -[..]com/learning-ai-resources-links-courses/

机器学习:现在与未来 -

网站文章如何能自动判定是抄袭?一种算法和实践架构剖析 -[..]rticle-utomatically-determine-plagiarism

neural network -

Users-AI-application-cases-enter -[..]2016/12/Users-AI-application-cases-enter

Some more discussion of AlphaGO -

How self driving car work -[..]chnology/how-self-driving-cars-work.html

人工智慧 Libratus 是如何擊敗德州撲克高手的? -

Good video tutorial from facebook -[..]8519962/artificial-intelligence-revealed

MindMeld’s Guide to Building Conversational Apps -

Time Series Anomaly Detection Algorithms, The current state of anomaly detection techniques in plain language -[..]nomaly-detection-algorithms-1cef5519aef2

Data science simplified: principles and process -[..]fied-principles-and-process-b06304d63308

从模型选择到超参调整,六步教你如何为机器学习项目选择算法 -[..]1f7c33eb4703bd74762a13f6bb7a82cb5af5f#rd[..]/08/reinforcement-learning-overview.html

Difference kind of neural network -[..]how-to-read-all-kinds-of-neural-networks

From regression to neural network -

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Mon Jun 12 07:00:14 GMT 2017 From /weblog/ai


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Tue Feb 07 11:07:19 GMT 2017 From /weblog/ai


Prediction API -

How google predict parking -[..]2/using-machine-learning-to-predict.html

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Tue Jan 17 14:36:35 GMT 2017 From /weblog/ai


Amazon Introduces Rekognition for Image Analysis -

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Thu Aug 07 15:04:29 GMT 2014 From /weblog/ai


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