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Tue Mar 18 01:25:15 HKT 2008


Implementations of GoF Design Patterns in Java and AspectJ
Code base documentation


The goal was to provide parallel implementations in AspectJ and Java that
allow for direct comparisons. It has to be noted that most patterns offer
variability in the implementation approach. We choose the one that appeared
to be the most general. Sometimes, the AspectJ version implements a slightly
different (or additional) case(s). This is because AJ sometimes
allows for additional functionality. Please refer to the web page for a
detailed description of this work.

Example Setup

All pattern examples have a class called Main. This class is the test driver
for the particular example. The Main classes are extensively documented using
ajdoc, usually describing the experimental setup and the assignment of roles
to participants. In most cases, the differences between Java and AspectJ
implementations are also mentioned.

Documentation (ajdoc)

It is possible to generate the ajdoc documentation for either all examples,
for only the reusable library aspects, or for one particular example. Since
ajdoc shows type names without their package (on the left hand side), multiple
types with the same name (but residing in different packages) may be confused
when the documentation for all examples is generated.
==> Generate documentation for all examples: use the makeDocs batch file.
(1) Change to the directory that you extracted the ZIP archive into. (2)
Type "makeDocs" to generate the HTML documentation in the docs
==> Generate Documentation for the reusable library aspects: use the provided
makeLibraryDocs batch file. (1) Change to the directory that you extracted
the downloaded ZIP file into. (2) Type "makeLibraryDocs" to generate the
HTML documentation in the docs subdirectory.
==> Generate docs for a single example: use the makeSingleExampleDocs batch
file. (1) Change to the directory that you extracted the downloaded ZIP
file into. (2) Call the batch file. It needs two arguments: the name of
the pattern and the language used. For example, type:
"makeSingleExampleDocs singleton aspectj" or type:
"makeSingleExampleDocs templateMethod java".
Within the ajdoc documentation, we tried to separate type names from our
examples and role names (as presented in GoF). We show roles names in italics
and actual type names in code font. This is reflected in the ajdoc

Questions, feedback, suggestions, etc.
The AODP web page is
Please send all questions, feedback, and suggestions to Jan Hannemann
( We are very much interested in improving our code.
Please do not hesitate to drop us a line.


This appendix outlines how to compile and run the examples provided, and how
to generate ajdoc documentation. A number of DOS batch files exist that
automate these tasks somewhat. Note that they only work in Windows
environments. The following is a list of tasks and a description of what
commands accomplish them. For compiling, running and generating documentation,
two options are given. The first one is using a provided script; the second is
the standard command-line option (longer, but will work on all operation

Set up your system:
1. Install Java and AspectJ
2. Make sure your CLASSPATH contains the current directory (denoted by a
period), e.g. CLASSPATH=.;C:\...
3. Extract the ZIP file into a directory of your choice
4. Change to that directory

Compile Java and AspectJ versions of a design pattern example (e.g. observer).
Choose one:
� makePattern observer
� ajc @examples\observer\files.lst

Run a compiled example (e.g. observer). Choose one:
� testPattern observer (this runs both Java and AspectJ versions)
� java (for the Java version),
java (for the AspectJ version)

Generate documentation for all examples. Choose one:
� makeDocs
� ajdoc -private -d docs @allPatterns.lst

Generate documentation for the library aspects. Choose one:
� makeLibraryDocs
� ajdoc -private -d docs ca.ubc.cs.spl.pattern.library

Generate documentation for a single example (e.g. the AspectJ version of the
observer example). Choose one:
� makeSingleExampleDocs observer aspectj
� ajdoc -private -d docs

View the generated documentation:
� Open the file index.html (located in the docs/ subdirectory) with your
favorite browser.

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